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Pleasure Trap | Shelle RiversPleasure Trap | Shelle Rivers

Pleasure Trap


Product SKU: Pleasure Trap

This session is devious, it's pervasive, and designed to elicit a rapturous pleasure...

Pleasure Trap (41 minutes):

Have I got a delicious and decadent treat for you, My pet.  I've been working on a new sexy technique to relieve stress, allowing you to focus more fully on the things that matter to you.  It's a special "pleasure" therapy for times when you need to unburden yourself from the trials and tribulations of your daily life, enabling you to elevate yourself above it all and experience a simpler, purer, existence, one dedicated and focused on Me, of course! (giggles)  So come on in and take a seat on My white leather couch.

Being hypnotized by your adorable Domina is always a seductive and arousing experience, My sweet eloquent whispered words reaching deep into your mind opening you up to all My wonderfully wicked suggestions.  I own the keys to your mind and in this session you will demonstrate to yourself how true this statement is as you fully submit and accept that I have the power to do anything I want with you.

Hmmmm, one of the TRUE pleasures of being a Dominant is to exercise and assert My authority over another, observing, first hand, My will becoming your reality, My TRUTHS becoming your desires!  As a submissive you crave whatever I want because obedience is your pleasure, as intoxicating as it is compulsive.  But, BE WARNED, My pet, My conditioning is more than just compulsive, it's extremely addictive, more potent than any narcotic, an erotic hypnotic craving that can never be suppressed.  Once you're under My influence I WILL reprogram you to identify Me as the center your universe, everything revolving around My wants and My needs, a REAL Domme/sub relationship.

Remember, while you still can (giggles), that I do not make idle claims because the power of My TRUTH should always be respected.   So, when I tell you this mp3 session is devious, it's pervasive, and designed to elicit a rapturous pleasure, a Pleasure Trap that will enslave you to My will, you need to understand the TRUTH of what I say and that you will LOVE EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF YOUR SUBMISSION TO ME!  That's why W/we are here, for Me to demonstrate the power of My will and, for you to accept the weakness of yours.

So, get naked, lie back, and allow Me to alleviate your stresses and anxieties in a way only a true submissive, like you, can truly appreciate...

INCLUDES:  Erotic Hypnosis, Edging, Tease, Denial, Mind Control, Brainwashing, Post Hypnotic Suggestion

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Friday, 25 December 2020
i can't remember anything about this file. i only remember waking to a stiff wet cock. Just edging to thoughts of one of Domina's photos. i love Her sexy legs. This is the second time i listened to this. i listened when it first came out but couldn't remember anything about it then. i had planned to listen to it again but never got around to doing it. Now i am crossing my legs because i'm getting wet thinking about it. It would probably feel so good to stroke right now. Ohhhh...yes..excuse me while i edge to Domina.
Thursday, 08 October 2020
After a sweet induction it gets wicked: Amnesia and arousal triggers combined with the appealing title of the file guarantee an endless spiral of helpless, addictive pleasures that drive me deep into Her control. I would no one else allow to do this to my mind but Domina Shelle! In the matters of mind and pleasure i fully trust Her authority!
Saturday, 12 September 2020
Just thinking of this file makes me so horny. All i just want to do is stroke and edge for My Domina Shelle. So hot!
Tuesday, 08 September 2020
One of the most incredible and mysterious trances of my Mistress. It mixes masterfully the sublime and irresistible satisfaction of obeying Domina, which is incomparable, and sexual bliss. I'm in a circular limbo of ecstasy between obedience to Her absolute authority and the sexual joy that only She knows how to provide. The mystery is how and when she is going to get me out of this limbo of permanent obedience and arousal.
Monday, 07 September 2020
Domina wrote This session with a Trap in the middle that is still a mystery to me. In the beginning which is all I can recall she is re-enforcing my thoughts are her thoughts and by the end which is when I come back from the blackout I an furiously and mindlessly edging myself. Since listening I have continued to mindlessly edge myself and have been constantly thinking about what I can’t remember. While mindlessly doing my business I imagine hearing Domina in my head making sure I know who is in charge and who is doing the thinking. That’s my theory, any other conditioning is for Domina to know and for me to absorb it because I always want to go back and listen to it again! I submit to Domina’s complete control, I don’t have to know the what because I know the why ... I am obsessed and addicted!
Sunday, 06 September 2020
How do you write a review of a session that you can't remember? By focusing on sensati
Sunday, 06 September 2020
I can't remember much about this file... And when I try to think about it... I just kinda lose track and become SOO incredibly aroused... I don't really know what happened... but ever since listening... I can't stop trying to think about it... but... I can't seem to stop myself from getting REALLY horny and losing track... Mmmm... I know Dominas implanted something VERY powerful into my mind... But I'm just too horny to remewmber... Ohh It's hard recalling this file without... Mmm... I.. cant stop stroking and edging... I feel like a mindless bimbo stuck in heat... Domina's pleasure trap is an absolutely mind-blowing MASTERPIECE that I cannot praise or recommend highly enough!
Sunday, 06 September 2020
I keep trying to think about this file so I can review it accurately, but all I have is this mental image of blood trickling out of my brain and into my cock and I find myself automatically stroking and edging, I'm not sure why, maybe Domina Shelle commanded it, I really can't remember.
Saturday, 05 September 2020
Domina warned in the title that this was a trap. i happily ran straight in to it. What Domina has done this time is a complete mystery. i can remember the bliss of listening to Domina's voice, i awoke feeling totally blissed out and the session is most certainly interactive. Beyond that i have no recollection of the session. The more i try to remember the more i think i will need to listen again, and the idea of listening again is hot and getting hotter. Domina at Her best, for sure, Domina at Her naughtiest, possibly.
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