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Forced Femme Series | Shelle RiversForced Femme Series | Shelle Rivers

Forced Femme Series


Product SKU: Forced Femme Series

My "Forced Femme" series will CHANGE you into My SEXY sissy slut.

Forced Femme Series (159 total minutes):

How far would you go to please your Princess and Owner?  What would you do, My helpless brainwashed pet, if Princess chooses to turn you into Her sissy?  How comfortable and confident are you?  This Four file set including over 100 minutes of powerful mind shaping, panty wetting brainwashing will have your helpless mind weak and so submissive.  I will take your mind and turn your heterosexual desires against you leaving you obsessing and craving to wear some of the sexiest lingerie you can imagine.

Whether you already feel the cravings to become My sissy pet, this file will implant such sweet compulsions which won’t be denied.  My sweet and hypnotic alluring voice will have you yearning to become My perfect sissy pet.  As My files and voice morph your compulsions to transform into My sexy slut, you will yearn to see yourself with beautiful sexy breasts in a bra, to shape your body into the perfect form using a corset not to mention the comfort you will find when you wear your high-heels.  Cum My slut, accept your desires to please and pleasure your Princess.

My pet, these powerful mp3's and their sweet suggestions will change you.  They will install cravings no “man” will be able to resist.  Accept your fate and future as My sexy sissy slut.  Imagine how much fun W/we will have together as I take you…so deep into the darkest corners of your fetish laden mind.  Submit to My desires and your future compulsions.
Accept your place, please your Princess and start your training to become My sexy sissy pet.

Note:  I highly recommend you acquire and find a nice hiding place for your silicone breasts, bra, corset and future high heeled shoes.  Once My voice takes you there will be NO escape.

Series includes:

Forced Femme--The Beginning
Forced Femme--Heels
Forced Femme--Corset
Forced Femme--Breasts and Bra

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020
A series that changed my life which has aided my journey in becoming what i never knew i was. One can't express the the power of this series and the life changing experience..
Thursday, 22 September 2016
To all the ones that want to become more feminine, this is a MUST buy for you!!
i dress up when ever i can to let my inner sissy take command... giggles ... in fact i think she never really vanishes anymore... yes i am a sissy, i am a sissy slave of Domina Shelle and i am proud of it. i enjoy wearing my huge breasts and a bra to support them. my corset is giving my a nice hourglass figure... giggles... and walking in heels became normal as i strut around in them... in fact walking with normal shoes feels strange to me. With my sissy stuff i feel happy, proud, sexy and aroused... i love it... thank You my Domina for this wonderful sissy package!
Sunday, 29 May 2016
Whenever I listen to this series I wake up completely dressed up and wanting to spend the rest of the day indulging in my femininity. The thing I crave most is reading my fashion magazines still all dressed up but I need permission for that. I also crave going shopping at the mall or relaxing with a nice chick flick. Thank you Domina for bringing out my femininity, leaving me happy and smiling, feeling like your perfect sexy sissy slut. I look forward to spending a lot my time from now on in my bras, corsets and stilettos indulging fully in my femininity. And I look forward to future sissy training our Domina has in store for us.
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