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Forced Femme--The BeginningForced Femme--The Beginning

Forced Femme--The Beginning


Product SKU: Forced Femme--The Beginning

Explore My power over you while also bringing out your inner feminine side...

Length: 34 minutes
Category: Sissy--Forced Femme
Level: Powerful

IMPORTANT:  Read the description prior to purchasing.

I wonder if you sometimes forget just how much power your Domina holds over you, My pet.  This session will explore this concept while also bringing out your inner feminine side.  Listen as My sweet southern voice results in your total surrender, all the while I start coaxing your feminine nature from deep within your psyche.  Ultimately bringing it to the surface for possibly the first time.  Cum and explore this side of yourself.  Show your tender, sweet side to your Domina...W/we have no secrets.

Does this scare you, My lil pet?....of course not, My strong masculine male...giggles.  you would never find yourself wearing panties, stockings or nail polish, right?  Smile.  No worries, My pet, even if by the end of the MP3 you found yourself putting on sexy lingerie, you could always blame your Domina for commanding you.  As for My sweet sissy pets, you will love this powerful session as I take control of you and further fan your feminine side and nature.  This session will allow U/us to play and have some fun together.

Prior to listening why not do a little shopping at your local lingerie store and pick up a few things and/or pick up a few cosmetics?  How much or how little is completely your choice.  Maybe start something small such as a pair of lace panties.  Completely your choice, My pet.

This might not be for everyone, although, if you are open minded and desire to experience something new while exploring My power over your OPEN mind, you will love this MP3.

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Thursday, 07 January 2021
Firstly, i will preface my actual thoughts of this file, by saying that i already had the thoughts and feelings that Domina is trying to induce with this file. However, with that said, even if i didn’t, i would still view this is a first rate erotic hypnosis experience. In the past, i have felt no desire to actually listen to feminisation files, no matter who from, as many, if not most, actually seemed to be fairly abusive to some extent... If you think that feminisation or sissification is about repeatedly being called a queer, cock-sucking fag, who will never have interest in pussy again, as you have it drilled in to you that you are really gay, then this file is definitely NOT for you. If you think that the subject should be blissful and dreamy, as Domina shows Her true class, creating a beautiful scene that is a truly positive experience, both emotionally and mentally, as She makes you feel appreciated and cared for, whilst gently coaxing out any latent desires that you might have, then you NEED this file. From Her very first words, right until Her last, every moment spent under Her care during this file, truly is an experience that can only be described as sweet submissive bliss. If you ignore the actual subject matter, no matter who you are, this should prove to be a pure pleasure ride into a delightfully deep trance, as Domina does what She does best, and puts your conscious mind to sleep, so She can get to play. If you do have any kind of feminine or sissy desires, play She will... She knows exactly what to say, because She knows exactly what you need, and She wants you to love the experience, of that there can be no doubt. Within minutes i had gone from aroused, to damp, and then to soaking wet, as Her words spoke to those parts of me, that i had for too long, simply suppressed. At the end of the first play, i was left aching with desire to experience it again, and then again and again... i finally knew for sure, those ignored parts of my pers
Monday, 23 May 2016
This trance was the deepest I have gone for Domina. I felt completely out of control when I woke up. I couldn't resist her commands at all.
Friday, 08 April 2016
Wow. Powerful is the right word for this file. I have never gone so deep or wanted so desperately to give total control to Domina's magical voice. She is the very best! This really brought my feminine side to the surface and made me very happy. I need more files like this!
Monday, 28 March 2016
As Domina says this file might not be for everyone, BUT it is a MUST HAVE for any sissy! As the title is "Force-Femme", it is not about forcing a boy-slave into femininity... it is about forcing the inner female out of ones self, letting her take over... and it feels sooo good to be released AND have that control... giggles... Still i know i am the same person BUT when Domina release my female site from the depth of my mind, i could feel the switching of thoughts, emotions and everything else. i feel so great now after being dressed up with panties, bra, a dress. i love my silky shaved legs caressing another as i walk in my high heels. Thank You my Domina for forcing me out!
Sunday, 27 March 2016
That is one of the deepest trances i ever experienced, Domina Shelle proves Her control in that file, She knows all my secrets and She knows how to own me, wonderful file
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