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Forever slave | Shelle RiversForever slave | Shelle Rivers

Forever slave


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I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

Forever slave (31 minutes)

My pet, never underestimate the power I have to take full control of your future, conditioning you to be My loyal obedient "forever slave".  W/we both know that My hypnotic trances are intensely arousing and that obedience is your pleasure, but with repetitive training I will have the authority and power to bring you in and out of trance effortlessly, controlling your reasoning and critical thinking without your conscious awareness.

Every day W/we all drift in and out of trance hundreds of times, switching from full alertness to being laser focused without conscious thought or recollection.  Now imagine what it would be like if I controlled your suggestible mind to such a degree that I could trigger this at My command.  you would listen and fall, sink and relax, releasing stress fully expecting to be rewarded with the pleasure of your obedience to Me.

Isn't that level of control so arousing and so addictive for your open suggestible mind, knowing that you'd be totally focused on Me, your erotic hypnotist, only craving more of My domination and control?  Mmmm - I like that thought, a pliable and agreeable subject who would rise and fall from trance at My command, knowing that every time he falls it would be faster and deeper than before, rewarded with the immense pleasure of being hypnotized, and the erotic desire to be manipulated and subjugated by Me.

Take this a step further and imagine being consumed by your arousal to obey Me in all things.  If that thought of powerlessness arouses you, as I take more control of your future, then this is the session for you!  I am going to teach your conscious and subconscious mind the pleasure of obeying Me until you are My hypnotized slave always and forever, My "forever slave".

Be warned, this session is very draining (giggles) but I think you'll agree the erotic reward of deeper submission to Me will be worth your (sexual) sacrifice.  So prepare yourself to enter a passive restful state as I'm going to hypnotize you to be the obedient compliant submissive slave you so desperately need to be...

Brainwashing, Mind Control, ERUPTION, fractionation...Mind BLOWING Binaurals.

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Tuesday, 25 July 2023
It starts out so slow and relaxing, but by the end it works you into a real frenzy of obedience, pleasure and desire.
Thursday, 20 October 2022
Fuck me. That was super erotic in nature. It comes at the wrong time though, since it's LocTober and i can't release. But oh there were moments i wanted to, but i resisted. Obedience to Domina is pure pleasure. i will forever be Her toy to play with. i can't say no to the pure pleasure of obedience that cums with obeying Domina Shelle. you should listen to this too and see what i mean. 5 fucking stars for a wonderful file. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thursday, 13 June 2019
Awesome, awesome, awesome. There are no real words to describe how great this file is I cant give and spoilers but you will really love this file.
Tuesday, 11 June 2019
Sometimes one seems to find a perfect moment or a perfect place and wants to preserve it forever. This file is the perfect moment under Domina's JOIful guidance i am massaged into deep trance and highest pleasure. I want to remain here forever! I start to follow her commands and whisper the words she is whispering – just to stay here. It is the small price to pay for so much pleasure. Obedience is pleasure at the perfect place. Forever pleasure forever obedience forever slave. *****
Monday, 10 June 2019
i am the obedient compliant submissive slave that i need to be for my Domina.
Monday, 10 June 2019
So hot and sexy. Domina gets deep in my mind. Her voice the sexiest of all sexy, takes me deeper and deeper as She reaffirms and strengthens Her absolute power and control over my mind and my life. Never has enslavement been so beautiful. I wish I could listen to this file 24/7
Monday, 10 June 2019
What is there to say about a session with a title such as this? The listener is obviously fated to eternal slavery, and yet i can't imagine anyone who would arrive at the ending of this session and not wish to immediately begin again. And again, and again... Forever. My media player says that this session was almost 32 minutes long, and yet it felt so very quick. I loved it, and i love my Domina ever more.
Sunday, 09 June 2019
Dominas voice flowed into my aroused mind smoother than the sweetest velvet nectar, transforming my thoughts into her own... Emptied and blissfully enslaved -- forever *heart*
Saturday, 08 June 2019
I am always flawed by the immense power Domina has to coerce me into doing whatever She wishes. Her skill and creative use of words are very compelling and, if your are submissive like me, it has a profound affect on your reaction to Her powerful hypnotic suggesti can quickly train our submissive pers i find myself complying with Her suggestions irrespective of my own preferences. And why? Because obeying and submitting to Domina is both my duty and pleasure, and its now impossible to imagine not hearing Her beautiful voice and surrendering again and again, just to get a little bit closer to the Goddess that rules my mind. Believe Her when She says that You should never underestimate Her power but also do not fear Her since She can give You a joy and happiness few can. Simply put, She is a blessing to the erotic hypnosis community and i so happy i surrendered to Her authority...
Monday, 03 June 2019
What a wonderful idea. Going to sleep every night, dreaming of Domina. Then waking up to my life, forever Her slave. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.
Saturday, 01 June 2019
Erotic and powerful probably doesn't come close to describing this session. I love being brought up and dropped again and again. It is a smooth induction and before you realize what is happening you are unable to resist the commands of your Mistress Shelle. As an Owner and a Hypnotist She just gets better and better. Now if you will excuse me, I need to put my headphones on and push play...
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