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Get Healthy-Lose Weight


Product SKU: Get Healthy Lose Weight

Get healthy. Lose Weight with Shelle's hypnotic influence.

Get healthy.  Lose Weight with Shelle's hypnotic influence.

Sometimes we just need a little Shelle BOOST---yes off that couch and get healthy.  A healthy slave is a good slave.  I am into kick boxing, belly dance, RUNNING, and being overall HEALTHY.  Healthy is NEVER a number, but the way you feel.  Do you feel HEALTHY?  I want to motivate you and help you make good choices.  Just think, what would Shelle do or choose for me---GIGGLES.
Get MOTIVATED---let's do this!!!!  Feel My STERN suggestions take effect.

**I have included 2 versions---One for GENERAL Public---One for MY PETS ONLY (with triggers).

**Although My goal is to HELP you lose weight---I can NOT guarantee results.

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Wednesday, 29 March 2017
Domina's concern for Her slaves is just one more reason to love Her, as if we needed any. Although i tried Her smoking cessation recording years ago without success, i am now so deeply in Her power that i am confident i will be able to accept and follow all suggestions. Plus, every time i obey, i know i am pleasing my Mistress by falling deeper under Her control, and what better incentive could there be?
Wednesday, 24 August 2016
This file again shows how concerned Princess is about the health of her listeners. I'm very thankful for this opportunity to lose weight for her and get fit. Very recommended file.
Friday, 25 March 2016
"If you're motivated enough to buy a motivational book, do you need the motivational book?" If you are like me then the answer is yes. i found that this file was useful for keeping my focus on not only my end goal of losing weight but on how i was going about it. The hardest part about losing weight is not breaking from my diet and exercise plan and this file helped keep my mind and will power on track.
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