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Hands Free Orgasm Training - Session 1 | Shelle RiversHands Free Orgasm Training - Session 1 | Shelle Rivers

Hands Free Training - Session 1


Product SKU: Hands Free Training - Session 1

Shelle's HFO Training ... Session 1

Session: 24+ minutes
Category: Hands Free-Mind Control-Brainwashing

HANDS-FREE Orgasm Training - Session 1

Having a HANDS FREE Orgasm can be mind-blowing, mysterious, lengthy, and cum let Domina play with the G-Spot inside your lil mind.  Isn‘t that Hot, don't you agree?

Well you are going to LOVE this...These are some of the deepest HYPNOTIC TRANCES that I have created for you.  Can you imagine C*MMING on command?...a building up of arousal until your mind and body just give up and EXPLODE in a full body explosion so erotic, so heart pumping that you will want to do it over and over again...Similar to waking up just after having a WET DREAM.

DON'T miss this mind blowing, POWERFUL AND EROTIC training...learn about giving up complete control...feeling arousal completely taking over your mind and body.  Having your Domina‘s words TRIGGER your BODY into OBEDIENT orgasm.

The full Hands Free Orgasm Training is 5 sessions in total.  Each one MORE powerful, each one bringing you closer to the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE of a HANDS FREE Orgasm.

This First Session includes two versions... With and Without Subliminal messages.

If you are one of My CHASTITY slaves, you also require this training.  I know you yearn to C*M when I command.

P.S.  Session 1 will be listened to over and over.  I have added an additional download file that will be listened to after the first need practice. The file for PRACTICE is named Hands Free Part 1-Practice file.

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Monday, 28 October 2019
This file is good file which train your mind which having Domina training you to respond to the direction to the Climax at the training
Wednesday, 09 October 2019
I yearn and crave to give Domina this control and power over my sex... This first session took me extremely deep and began sparking my deepest desires into into reality... Obedience is pleasure and obeying Domina Shelle is the greatest pleasure of all *heart*
Saturday, 23 April 2016
i waited a long time for this to happen and oh my this wasn´t exactly what i thought she would do, but what she does is way better then what i had in Mind, this first File simply confused me, until i was mindless and obeyed without any thoughts, i may should say my Body obeyed, cause honestly i don´t knew where i was, but what i know is that with this first File she already proved to me that she surely can make me do what so many others failed at and beside this all i can say is i also know it will be fun, probably frustrating, cause it looks like she will build this up slowly and well i will be honest here after all this years of trying and failing waiting isn´t my strongest suit, but i already know it will be worth it and well let´s be even more honest here as impatient as i am on this experience...As soon as i listen to hear voice everything is washed away and my Mind and Body are here playground to do with as she pleases, without me habing a word in it at all and that´s what i sooo love about her , this total control she has over me ^-^
Monday, 04 April 2016
Domina Shelle has taken over my mind and i have to follow here words. This is a very arousing and hypnotic file. Its´just the beginning in this training and im already lost.
Wednesday, 30 March 2016
i was not a believer. i don't believe i have ever really been hypnotized by an audio file. i have listened to hundreds, maybe even a thousand. Some were very arousing, some were just plain silly. And not until now did i believe that it could be possible to trance me with just one file. The second time i listened, i knew i had been hypnotized. i knew it, and i was aroused beyond words. How can i thank my Domina enough??!! She has done what many have tried and failed. Now i know she has touched me deeply. This is a path i cannot avoid. Nor do i want to. Thank you my Domina!!!
Sunday, 27 March 2016
Promising start to new series. i went so deep, one the deepest hypnosis that i've ever been on. When i felt that i were already at the bottom, there were still new levels to discover.
Saturday, 26 March 2016
It is difficult to find the right words to truly express the depth of trance that Domina took me to with this recording. Somehow the experience was different and oh so powerful. my body has been pulled deeper in tune to each word spoken by Domina. This will be a memorable journey in pleasing Domina!
Thursday, 24 March 2016
That was incredibly relaxing. I know it's not going to take many lessons to be where my Domina wants me, but I know I will listen over and over and over again.
Monday, 21 March 2016
It's quite difficult to review this file: I honestly don't remember what happened... I remember the start was gentle, understanding... and then... I remember coming back to semi consciousness a few seconds before the recording ended. In between? Nothing. Twenty minutes without memories. I've heard people talk about this, but it had genuinely never happened to me before. I've always known what was in a recording when I woke up afterwards. Is it possible this is the first time I've ever truly gone into hypnosis?
Monday, 21 March 2016
i can't stop thinking about the idea of giving my Domina complete control to be able to make me explode with one word, my mind is a little foggy now, Her voice is in my ears, She is always leading me to be a better slave, i am proud to be Her property
Sunday, 20 March 2016
This was an extremely deep trance with a fantastic purpose. Domina Shelle already has control over my permission to release, but this series of files will ultimately give Her the power to make me cum at a word. It's an incredibly hot idea, and I can't wait for Domina's success. Due to its depth the trance feels longer than it actually is, and is very relaxing.
Saturday, 19 March 2016
With this training series Domina Shelle wants to gain the ultimate control over my orgasm and make me cum without that i touch myself. As She owns any of my orgasm and as i cum only for Her, i am very happy and looking forward for this training. The first part took me into a very deep trance and i am not sure to remember everything, but it was arousing and Domina built the fundament of very goal, to make me cum with only Her voice commanding me to do so. i can't wait for the following parts and of course to hopefully have the hand free cum at the end.
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