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Hands Free Orgasm Training - Session 2 | Shelle RiversHands Free Orgasm Training - Session 2 | Shelle Rivers

Hands Free Training - Session 2


Product SKU: Hands Free Training - Session 2

Shelle's HFO Training ... Session 2

Session: 29 minutes
Category: Hands Free-Mind Control-Brainwashing

HANDS-FREE Orgasm Training - Session 2

Having a HFO can be mind-blowing, mysterious, lengthy, and c*m let Domina play with the G-Spot inside your lil mind.  Isn't that Hot, don't you agree?

Well you are going to LOVE this...These are some of the deepest HYPNOTIC TRANCES that I have created for you.  Can you imagine C*MMING on command...a building up of arousal until your mind and body just give up and EXPLODE in a full body explosion so erotic, so heart pumping that you will want to do it over and over again...Similar to waking up just after having a WET DREAM.

DON'T miss this mind blowing, POWERFUL AND EROTIC training...learn about giving up complete control...feeling arousal completely taking over your mind and body.  Having your Domina‘s words TRIGGER your BODY into OBEDIENT orgasm.

The full Hands Free Orgasm Training will be 5 sessions in total.  Each one MORE powerful, each one bringing you closer to the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE of a HANDS FREE Orgasm.

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016
Well i said in the Review to the first File that it looks like she builds this up slowly, but ähm now i am not so sure about this anymore and as much as i would like to review this File there is a small problem with this, i can´t remember anything at all...i am sure that whatever she did will be helpful in the ongoing Training, but yeah i wished i atleast would know a little bit about this, all i know is that i was deep in trance, probably the deepest i ever was, i do know that i listened to this File 3 Times, but well that´s it, that´s all i know and can say, but who knows maybe it´s helpful that she controls me so much that i was sooo gone in her control, that i don´t even know what happened, i really don´t know what else i could say
Monday, 04 April 2016
This file is taking me to the next level. Dominas voice bring me down to submission and controls my mind and thoughts. Very erotic training.
Sunday, 03 April 2016
So hot and sexy. It starts by dropping the subject to the same deep hypnosis that was in the first session, but then it takes a turn to this teasingly erotic experience. If session 1 was one the deepest hypnosis that i've experienced then this was one the most arousing ones. Such a turn on.
Sunday, 03 April 2016
I don't know how Domina does it, but She keeps taking me deeper, more obsessed, more aroused,and more addicted to Her with each and every file. If it's possible for me to have a hands free orgasm, Domina Shelle can do it. I take it back. Domina can make me do anything. So I know She can do it. No one else can, but Domina Shelle can.
Sunday, 03 April 2016
Domina has combined Her sultry seductive hypnotic voice and words with sound waves that make my fluids boil. Domina continues to take greater control of my body with this session. i feel what She is telling me to feel...exactly as She tells me to. this is dangerous. i can't believe there are not a flood of reviews...
Saturday, 02 April 2016
i have no doubt that Domina will be able to do what She says with this series. This file became an instant favorite the 1st time i listened to it.
Monday, 28 March 2016
Her voice is pure arousal and ecstasy to my weak mind. With this second session Domina Shelle manifests Her voice to arouse the slave to bring him to the edge without that he has to touch himself. i already believed it is possible to make me cum without touching as Domina always tells the truth. But after listen to this file a few times even the biggest skeptics will accept that it is possible to cum hands free. It is even possible to achieve it with this file after some training and a certain time of teasing before. So i can't wait for the next session!
Monday, 28 March 2016
Wow! There are three more sessions planned in this series after this. Domina Shelle's Voice triggers yet another response from Her conditioned slaves in this file. The end of this had me quivering and wanting to beg, but it isn't quite time yet. This series is turning out to be very powerful, and I can't wait to see how it progresses.
Friday, 25 March 2016
Her VOICE is the Most beautiful thing on earth, it's the Sweetest voice God created, Obeying Her is my ultimate pleasure, i trust Her and i believe in Her power over me, like i believe in the sun and the moon existence, i just need to keep listening and training more all the time now Thank YOU my Domina, i feel so happy after listening, i always do :)
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