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Hypnotic Bliss | Shelle RiversHypnotic Bliss | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Bliss


Product SKU: Hypnotic Bliss

I take you, Dominate you and intoxicate you with a carnal desire to submit and obey.

Hypnotic Bliss (55 minutes):

My pet, I'm so happy to see you've returned for another mind bending installment of complete submission to My ever increasing authority over you.  As your divine and delectable Domina, I make all the decisions that pertain to your submissive self as I continue to perfect you, to subvert your will and dictate your fate in My world of hypnotic subjugation.

This power exchange is both beautiful and intoxicating when wielded by a sexy, erotic, hypnotic Dominant like Myself, a mischievous Mistress who enjoys exploiting all your weaknesses to brainwash you into being a loyal, compliant slave focused to tirelessly satisfy My needs.  This is because you exist to serve.  W/we both know this and as a reward for your continued dedication and devotion to Me, I have created this sexy seductive hypnosis session - Hypnotic Bliss - to accentuate the true pleasures of absolute obedience.

As you know, My pet, BLISS is a state of mind, a feeling of euphoria and incredible joy that overwhelms the senses.  It also leaves you oblivious to everything else, focused entirely on the moment, your defenses subdued, basking in the glow of submission, and that's when I'll work My magic!  Using covert indoctrination I'll rewire your brain, instructing your subconscious mind to view Me as your Absolute Authority.  My every request is a command to be obeyed without thought or question.

The true beauty of this devious scheme is you'll be oblivious to the changes.  Consciously, you'll believe this is all your idea, just another logical step in your journey of submission, another obvious demonstration of your devotion to Me.  And if you're thinking that you'll never fall into such a blatant trap, and that I've revealed too much of My plan to ensnare your mind, then I believe I know you better than yourself.  Once in deep trance, your fears and cares will drift away and you'll only crave the BLISS of hypnotic submission to Me.

So, relax, lie back, and prepare for a LONG, HARD rewarding trance as you slip and slide on the EDGE of oblivion as I take you, Dominate you and intoxicate you with a carnal desire to submit and obey.

WARNING:  My hypnotic Domination is very REAL and should never, ever, be underestimated.  If you willingly give Me access to your mind then you accept the consequences for your actions, that is if I allow you to remember them at all. (giggles)  Please know that this is intended to be fun and can lead to behavioral changes such as adoration, infatuation and a compulsion to please Me.

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Sunday, 06 December 2020
I don't remember details just this happy and aroused feeling this file gave to me me. Music was very soothing Domina's voice took me into this happy peacefule place.
Monday, 23 November 2020
This is thorough and necessary session that cements Domina Shelle’s power over all aspects of a slave’s life. Bliss shows Domina’s seductive powers to entice with ones primary need for pleasure, and implement her programming and desires forthright. She is so brilliant and incomparable with her ability to bring a willing slave to higher levels of enslavement. After listening, it will feel even better to submit to her will. She is an Absolute Divine Goddess and she is helping us realize that absolute submission to her is a better existence. Absolute is Absolute. Achievement of Absolute takes constant dedication and training. This is one that gets you closer. ❤️
Monday, 19 October 2020
This file was so relaxing. And another reminder of just how much control Domina Shelle has over me. The post-hypnotic suggestion feels a bit tedious, but not obeying it every single time I listen is absolutely impossible. And that control fills me with so much pleasure <3
Monday, 05 October 2020
Addiction to Dominas voice, that addicts me to serving, that addicts me to Her voice. All i can do is go deeper under Her absolute control.
Sunday, 04 October 2020
i still have some questions. Does Domina realize the incredible gift she has given me by falling into my arms? How long will She allow me to hold Her tenderly, before She must be on Her way? What must i do for Her next, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next? Command me, Domina, and take these questions away!
Sunday, 04 October 2020
Hypnotic Bliss is a flashback of the many erotic moments i have experienced under Domina's control. Themes of Abyss, Succubus, Zombie, Subliminal control and Behavior Modification bring back the wonderful feelings of previous Erotic trances as if with every quote wave after wave of submission is washing over me and reconditions me to be weak and obedient under her sweet voice. Hypnotic bliss is the essence of Domina's hypnotic powers, when her suggestions become my ultimate desire. I know hypnosis can be dangerous - but i guess it is too late for me - i have lost all inhibitions and all resistance long ago under Domina's voice and i know that i can trust her. In hypnotic bliss i give in to the rhythm of her caressing hands and leave my mind to Her - without question and without thought.
Sunday, 04 October 2020
After listening to Domina's voice, guidance and suggestions, i have lost the anility to resist her voice, control and ownership. Use caution it you do not want this fate. However. If you want to experience extreme pleasure and intimacy, craving to serve and obey, a Beautiful Goddess, there is no better audio in the world!
Thursday, 01 October 2020
This one is a perfect example of just how good Domina Shelle is at what She does. She doesn't need to command you or force you in order for Her to gain complete control. She speaks, you listen and before you know it you are bathed in bliss and utterly at Her mercy. It's great.
Monday, 28 September 2020
The title says it all, this session is a slow ride to total hypnotic bliss courtesy of Domina as only she could do it. The bliss is followed by programming as Domina shows everything comes at a price but any follower of or curious follower of our sweet Domina need not be concerned, obedience is pleasure and this session may deepen your feelings for her. You will want to listen again and again.
Monday, 28 September 2020
The soft hypnotic voice of my beloved Owner Domina Shelle takes me down so easily and often just lets my mind blackout. So it took me a couple of listenings to remember at least a bit from this deep & relaxing trance. i love my Domina and i will do anything to please Her, with this stressreleaving trance it will happen even more automatic, without thought and without question.
Sunday, 27 September 2020
Such an amazing and wonderful file to listen to, especially in these stressful times... This session felt like being gently and SOO pleasurably melted into a sweet paralyzing honey pot of complete bliss and ecstasy by Domina Shelles voice... I NEVER want to leave this place... I am Domina Shelles complete slave forever and I just want her to take me deeper and deeper... Every bit of playful resistance I can muster just turns me on so incredibly and sends me spiraling deeper and into Dominas erotic world of bliss and servitude... Domina Shelle is the REAL DEAL! SERIOUSLY! She will give you complete bliss... All she asks for is your mind... giggles....
Saturday, 26 September 2020
What a wonderfully relaxing file. The title is perfect. Domina took me down soooo slowly that i didn't know i was gone until She told me i was. i am feeling so taken by Domina right now. i feel so owned by Her... so much more now than before. Plus, my arm is killing me, but i don't care. i feel the urge to just be Domina's. You've got to get this file and listen to this. Its truly an art what Domina does, is capable of doing. She is very gifted. Her voice is so mesmerizing. i am glad i am Her guinea pig... a i mean subject a... her pet. i have to listen to this again. It feels too good not to.
Saturday, 26 September 2020
This could not have been better named. A long relaxing induction, not so much dropping into a deep trance as being wrapped in a loving hypnotic embrace. Domina is incredible, first tension gone, then stress gone, then awareness gone, then control gone. The result of this masterpiece is utter bliss in submission to Domina Shelle. i could spend a lifetime listening to this session, but then i would miss the next masterpiece Domina has planned. Domina's offer to the listener is very unique in this genre, true sensual, loving control with no fear of being harmed. Something that is as rare as Domina Herself. This session is a true submissive's dream, just as Domina is a true submissive's dream. Whether you are starting on your journey, or whether you have already surrendered to Domina, this file is a must have.
Saturday, 26 September 2020
This file is so true to its name and I honestly want to listen again and again. I never want to leave the bliss of complete surrender in Domina Shelle. Only she can take me this deep and it’s so real. It feels so good and right to be taken under and to open up and obey without thought or question. You may lose yourself in the process but the reward is so worth it. You don’t want to miss out on this experience !
Saturday, 26 September 2020
This session blew me away, a hypnotic erotic ride that lead to a blissful realization, i want nothing more than to surrender all that i am to Domina. The desire to serve, please and obey this truly mesmerizing Dominant is very powerful in this session and touched me at my core. It is true that no one should underestimate the power Domina has on a submissive mind since She captivates the listen, wraps them up in a web of compulsion and then systematically brakes down their subconscious mind until you are forever changed. Some may find that scary but for true submissives this is paradise and Domina will free you to be what you only dreamed was possible. She is sweet, kind, understanding and importantly open and honest. If you crave to submit to someone at a fundamental level and desire to experience what a real D/s relationship could be, the session is a window into the hypnotic world of Domina Shelle. She is everything and more to those that have surrendered to Her will and Hypnotic Bliss is an incredible session, a masterpiece of seduction and indoctrination, that you will want to experience again and again.
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