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Hypnotic Trap | Shelle RiversHypnotic Trap | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Trap


Product SKU: Hypnotic Trap

you will become entangled in My devastating hypnotic web.

Session Length: 44 minutes
Level: Powerful
Category: Brainwashing-Confusion-Mind Altering
Sample: LINK

"your mind will be ensnared and entangled by this devastating hypnotic web".  MY voice will weave its way around your mind and can NOT be resisted by anyone who listens.  Trying to resist will only make you weaker.  My suggestions are not to be taken lightly.

Feel the BLISS of Domina's Dangerously WICKED CONTROL.

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Monday, 05 March 2018
I think I can be hypnotized. Sometimes it is easier to go into trance sometimes it is more difficult. In this file Domina is questioning everything. It is challenging me to try to resist. Think of this and think of that – following Her words closely or not listening at all – Domina guides me through the strategies of resistance until I am tired and just end up: hypnotized. I have earned erotic dreams of my hypnotist and the desire to resist again.
Thursday, 01 June 2017
This was very relaxing. It felt like i had good long sleep. Woke up feeling refreshed. Also kinda aroused, but that often happens with Domina's files.
Saturday, 04 April 2015
Yes, be prepared to be trapped. Domina traps you and you will love it.
Wednesday, 25 March 2015
OMG what has happened while i was asleep? my mind is flooded with hot arousing thoughts of my Domina seducing me. So horny craving to break my chastity, afraid of the punishment. i try to restrain myself from touching but every time i do not pay attention my hand start to stroke while my mind is fantasizing about Her.
Sunday, 02 February 2014
How can I resist Doctor Shelle ? This file made me so horny, fantasizing about her even if I don't remember much, I don't care what She did to me. She is too beautiful and irresistible !
Tuesday, 28 January 2014
This powerful brainwashing file will leave your conscience mind guessing, what was that all about? Something about a doctor? Doctor Shelle? Meanwhile Domina's control strengthens all around you. This is a TRAP that you will want to fall into.
Wednesday, 03 July 2013
This file might have started a breakthrough for me. I had something in mind to say, but even now it seems to get muddier when I try to organize the thought. Wow, I have no idea what is in this one even though I tried to write immediately after listening, but I know it will rush back about a minute or two into listening again. It is funny to say that this is one of my favorites when I can't even tell you why right now. I know I remember better at some times than at others, but I hate to "break the spell" by writing it down when I do remember.
Friday, 31 May 2013
this file has has a deep effect on my brain, the way i think and the things i think about on a daily basis. These are wonderful, healthy, peaceful changes that benfit everyone, most importantly Princess Shelle.......
Tuesday, 09 April 2013
What a pleasant relaxing drowsiness... and then sleep. i rather suspect that Dr. Domina Shelle is having a party in my mind... which suits me fine... seems i'm always dreaming of being with Her... permanently thinking of Princess. mmmmmmmmmmmmm....
Wednesday, 03 April 2013
What can i say.. or more like what can't i say... don't know don't remember either.. only that Her voice is like music in my ears..
Monday, 01 April 2013
This file is incredible! i think. i can't actually remember any of it. But that's how you know it's working, right?
Monday, 01 April 2013
Being covered by a silky hypnotic web while I sleep warm and cosy, is how I felt while listening to this file. My Princess voice is sweet, calm, relaxing and comforting . But her words are maybe dangerous. I can't say it, I don't remember anything, only that I drift inside her trance trap. It feels so good, but in the process I think I left my mind behind, under the control of my Domina.
Monday, 01 April 2013
it's hard to tell you what happened or to write a review cause i actually don't know!
Monday, 01 April 2013
I am relaxed and happy, and think that i enjoyed something i have no pressing desire to recall. I don't have anything specific to say, but that i loved it.
Sunday, 31 March 2013
Princess Shelle is brainwashing bliss. Do you ever wonder what is going to happen between the time that click play and the session is over? Yeah, so do I and I just listened. All I can say is that I feel amazing and refreshed, and the sense that Princess Shelle has become my mind. Whatever She put into this brainwashing cocktail all that I know is that I want more of it!
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