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Hypnotic Vibrations | Shelle RiversHypnotic Vibrations | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Vibrations


Product SKU: Hypnotic Vibrations

the VIBRATIONS send waves of pleasure up your spine and into your brain...

Hypnotic Vibrations (46 minutes):

I am the Queen of EROTIC HYPNOSIS.
I am the QUEEN of BRAINWASHING and MIND control.
I easily manipulate you into doing all I want.
As the VIBRATIONS send waves of pleasure up your spine and into your brain.
My words so SLIPPERY and sexy, you will let your guard down.
This leaves you open to My hypnotic control.
your body will be weak, your mind weaker and you will be putty in My sweet little hands.
I feed on your strength, I suck it away.
I feed on your will...I suck it away, leaving you unable to resist.
Listen NOW, I am speaking to your hard throbbing c*ck.

NOTE:  There are two versions for this mp3 session.
1. Release Ending

WARNING:  Because I know you love DANGER...My HYPNOTIC sessions are POWERFUL and sneak up on you and will leave you open and vulnerable to My every whim.

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Monday, 27 July 2020
This session is incredibly arousing, Domina's bubble made me feel so extremely aroused, which made completely obedient
Sunday, 26 July 2020
It's so easy to listen to the surprise version over and over becoming more and more adsorbed by Domina's bubble.
Thursday, 21 May 2020
I'm a little ashamed to admit that i chose the release ending. I've just been in chastity listing to Dominas silken voice, that washes over me with waves of sexual bliss. My arousal building more and more every time i listen to Her or look at Her perfect feet and Her beautiful Goddess like body. I couldnt resist. I had to explode listening to Her voice and deep in Her hypnotic control
Wednesday, 06 May 2020
i chose the surprise ending and well, My Domina had me vibrating from pleasure in it and after it. It was so hot! She makes me so horny. i loved it.
Tuesday, 05 May 2020
My mind. The void. The bubble. The mist. It is so difficult to tell the difference towards the end of this session and it's such a great feeling. Honestly, i'd love to say more or be more descriptive, but i can't put into words what this session does. Just buy it and experience it.
Sunday, 03 May 2020
This is an extremely sexy and relaxing journey back into Dominas world... My mind felt soo light, empty, and PINK... giggles I went soo deep the first time it's hard to recall... I know it felt SOO amazing... Domina Shelle knows exactly what my submissive and obedient mind craves...
Sunday, 03 May 2020
This has been quite a ride to me, a really confusing one, i don´t remember to much, just helplessness, absolut lose of control and sooo much pleasure. i kinda feel as if i am still listening this feelings not going away, don´t get me wrong i always had this feelings, but it feels so much more real since i listened o this File, like i said i am mostly confused, that´s on me though, part of me always trys to understand or figure out what exactly happened and yeah i just can´t, i have no clue what exactly she did, all i know is i love it, to keep things short and save you from my mumbling all i can do is recommend this File to anyone, it´s an outstanding one ^-^
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