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Endless AbyssEndless Abyss

Endless Abyss


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you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved in the Abyss.

Endless Abyss (38 minutes):

My baby, do you know what an Abyss is?  In Greek it means bottomless, unfathomable, boundless.  It also perfectly describes the extent of My hypnotic power to control you when I reach deep down into the depths of your subconscious mind.  When you're swept down into the darkness of the mesmerizing Abyss I've created in your mind, there's never a reason to be afraid, I'm always here to guide you, to nurture you, to protect you.  As you succumb to the many pleasures of real submission you'll happily submit to the endless void, where the Abyss is not a desolated lonely place, but a haven of perpetual bliss. Giggles.

So snuggle up with Me, your Domina and Owner, as you surrender to My sweet, sensual, Siren's voice and allow Me to lull you down into the depths of your increasingly compliant mind.  In this session you'll experience a sensory overload as I overwhelm you with vivid imagery and whispered words that will condition your weak and suggestible mind to be forever dependent on Me.

you are not in control anymore, you haven’t been for a long time now, but that’s exactly what you want, what you need, craving Me to take full control of your submissive self.  I'm a permanent part of you, molding your thoughts and desires, stimulating you to be aroused and addicted to My growing dominance.  W/we both know this compulsion is impossible to resist, so allow the fantasy of being loved and controlled by Me, your Domina, to be your reality.

Please be advised, My horny slave, this EROTIC HYPNOSIS mp3 contains strong subliminals and persuasive brainwashing techniques.  With repeated listening you'll yearn to submit to Me, compelled by a burning desire to fall ever deeper under My domination.  And, if that wasn't devious enough, I will implant a powerful post-hypnotic trigger inside your mind - a special trigger just for U/us - that will pull you ever deeper into My world with no hope of escape.  I’ll never leave you, My poor baby, I’ll never let you go, you'll always be safe with Me!  you are My pet, My property, and you'll remain permanently enslaved to your Domina in the Abyss...

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Sunday, 26 July 2020
This is my favorite recording to self-soothe with when my dedicated arousal to Domina Shelle becomes too acute in the moment. Falling deeper into Domina's mindless abyss is such a better use of one's time.
Friday, 19 June 2020
i will never need to buy a personalised session anymore because every one of Dominas sessions speaks directly to my soul now. This sessions dropped me so deep, leaving gaps in my memory but reinforcing by submission, enslavement and domination by my Domina Shelle. Dropped and controlled by her voice, she is the last thought i have at night, the first thought i have in the morning, daydreams of her control, dreaming loops of programming at night, Domina has created heaven on earth and invited me in. i never want to be anywhere other than at her feet as her slave,
Saturday, 23 May 2020
Giving in to Domina's control feels so good. i really enjoyed listening to this session and was able to repeat it many, many times. i believe Domina's training is working very well.
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Any file is wonderful but sometimes, some of them resonates more than others. "Endless Abyss" is definitively one of them. Soothing, relaxing and addictive. Domina at her best. <4
Thursday, 21 May 2020
i was bit nervous standing there on the edge of that pit. Thinking what would happen if i took that step. Would i just endlessly be falling deeper and deeper. Thankfully My Domina Shelle was there to take control.
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
This session takes me down and puts me out. I wake up wondering what happened, grateful that She took the time to make this for me. I love it / love HER.
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
Endless Abyss is classic Domina, her voice will put you in trance and then she will take you deeper and then deeper again. This session will have you surrender and submit to her complete control while she paints a vivid picture of your never ending fall for her. You either won’t want it to end or you will want to listen again and again just to feel so close to her. I hope Domina revisits the never ending Abyss again just to feel her power while I am happily trapped in a never ending fall in my mind.
Wednesday, 20 May 2020
Really not much to say here, an Endless Abyss, a place relaxing filled endlessly with Princess, so much Princess, just one listening alone and i already found myself not wanting to leave this place, i of course had to day to day life demands it, but as our Princess always shows, you should see the positive, not negative, so instead of thinking about how i had to leave this place, i will think about being allowed to visit it over and over and over again ^-^
Monday, 18 May 2020
I found this file as part of Domina's Blog entry. The file starts off by taking you way down. Endlessly falling deeper and deeper. It went on forever. I cannot remember anything after that. I know it was very relaxing listening to her seductive voice. I woke refreshed, knowing I wanted her voice more and more. I loved her Abyss.
Sunday, 17 May 2020
The Abyss is a prime example of the incomparable power of Domina Shelle to enslave the mind of anyone brave enough to listen to Her soothing and sexy voice. There is no malicious intent here just a powerful dominant Woman doing what She does best, enthral Her audience and convert them into accepting an undeniable truth: you need Her, you want Her, and you will do what ever She asks to be a part of Her world. Domina is special in some many ways - Her kindness, Her sincerity, Her innate ability to dominate any submissive - but what should never be discounted is that Domina solicits our adoration, devotion and loyalty, She is a Domina after all! For some Her sessions may appear scary because the emotions She instils in Her listeners are primal, and very REAL, and what started as a fantasy becomes a reality, a real desire to serve, a compulsion to submit, and a fatalistic belief that complete mental enslavement is inevitable. However, i am not daunted by this, Domina means more to me than words can ever express, She has demonstrated that with Her anything is possible and i long to remain in Her Abyss.
Sunday, 17 May 2020
i did fall endlessly into the trance of Domina Shelle, into Her Endless Abyss. There was only Her and Her words. Her suggestions slipping into my mind without any resistance as my mind was deep asleep. i belong to Her forever & always. Falling that deep for Her to be changed by Her to become a more perfect slave for Her is pure bliss and makes me happy. i cannot wait to listen again and fall again endlessly for Her.
Sunday, 17 May 2020
I'm not sure what I can say about this session. It is an incredibly deep trance and an experience that i immediately desire to do again (yay, i've already been commanded to do that). The overall feeling that i have about this session is that it prepares me to go deeper and deeper for Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 16 May 2020
A deeper than usual trance. Much deeper. A happy, woozy experience. Beyond that, i can't say much, except that Domina's command for repeated listening will be a challenge. Especially this week. i love a challenge. Particularly one of obedience. That being the case, i've slipped in two today.
Saturday, 16 May 2020
Deeper and deeper, forever falling into Dominas blissful Abyss... I routinely go VERY deep into trance for Domina Shelle, this time felt like an incredibly powerful and endless zero-gravity descent into ever-increasing warmth and arousal... I don't remember exactly what was said but I distinctly remember the sensations of DEEP comfort, coziness, and SOO much arousal... But let me warn you, this has been one of the most addictive of Dominas files I've listened to... And there's no escaping once you fall... Domina Shelle continually creates masterpiece after masterpiece each so unique and special in there own way... Thank You Domina Shelle! *heart*
Saturday, 16 May 2020
I don’t know if Domina’s voice ever sounded any softer, crisper and more sensual than in this extremely hypnotic session. And, She uses one of my favorite effects here, but this time with a twist that further promotes the feeling that you are indeed venturing deep down into the Abyss. Then there are Her gentle whispers that i can’t entirely understand, but know that my subconscious mind can. And finally there is this trigger that She is implanting in my mind. I fully realize that the purpose of this session is to strengthen my enslavement to Domina beyond any chance of escape, to increase my dependency on Her, and to continue handing over more control of my mind and therefore my very self to Her. Giving this level of control to another can be scary at times once you realize it is not a fantasy or make believe but very, very real…one thing you can’t escape from in this world is your own mind. However the sensual pleasures, the excitement and feelings of intense love and happiness, not to mention the arousal, are also very real and there is not another person on this planet that I would trust in this way than our Domina, even within the depths of the Abyss.
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