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Inner Space | Shelle RiversInner Space | Shelle Rivers

Inner Space


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Just Sleep to My pacifying words, as the beta (real) you explores all your fantasies and latent desires to be My slave...

Inner Space (36 minutes):

My darling, I know you find My velvety voice, and My whispered words, both captivating and extremely alluring, so, it's unsurprising that every time you fall for Me it feels like My words are imbued with an almost mystical power.  Each time you hear My voice, and embrace My words, they strip away all that you are, leaving you horny and hard, open and suggestible, ready and willing to obey all that I have planned for you.

But, My sweet, there is more to My words than just domination and control, with every new trance you have been trained to submit to Me at a fundamental level - mind, body, and spirit.  When you drop for Me, I allow you to relinquish the baggage from your day, casting it aside in your haven of tranquility as you eagerly surrender to the blissful feeling of ever deepening relaxation.  In this passive state you'll be unburdened from anxiety and stress, allowing a growing sense of contentment and profound inner peace to proliferate.

In this session I am going to give you a wonderful gift, the means to not only enter into a mental repose - a soothing, serene state where relaxation pervades through the very core of your being - but, I will also empower you with the means to lucidly enter into your dream-scape where W/we can spend countless time together enjoying the riches of O/our flourishing Domme/sub relationship.

Just imagine it now, in your dreams, W/we could be together walking on the beach, hand in hand, on a summer's evening as the sun sets on a night, we'll always remember as you profess your undying devotion to be My faithful servant now and forever more.  Or, you could be kneeling at My feet, in public, demonstrating to all that pass by how passionately you love, honor and obey Me, your Domina, embracing what it means to truly be MINE.  In another dream I could be training you to be My hypnotized puppy, triggered on command to behave like the good obedient pet you so desperately yearn to be, just for Me.

The possibilities are endless, and all it takes is for you to relax and Just Sleep to My pacifying words, as the beta (real) you explores all your fantasies and latent desires to be My slave, My servant, and My man, knowing every moment W/we spend together will only strengthen this special bond between U/us.

So, prepare to drop very deep into the inner-space within your mind where the boundary between reality and your dream-world intersects with My world, where W/we can spend precious time together.  These will not be dreams that will slip away when you awaken, they will linger in your heart and mind reminding you every day why you love, honor, and obey Domina Shelle, the Mistress of your mind, the Owner of your heart, and the sweet Seductress of your sex. (giggles)

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Thursday, 11 January 2024
Domina Shelle made me so sleepy with this lovely session. It was so relaxing that i just drifted away while listening Her voice.
Tuesday, 26 December 2023
Such a peaceful and relaxing session!!! My dreams where already mire wonderful and vivid my first couple listens. i can’t wait to listen more!
Monday, 25 December 2023
Wow i really needed that. This was a nice relaxing file to listen to. A total stress reliever. Domina's voice was so sexy and seductive. If i am ever feeling stressed this is a good go to file to listen to. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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