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Unconditional | Shelle RiversUnconditional | Shelle Rivers



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I'll empower the beta (real) you to follow Me as I lead you on this journey into true submission...

Unconditional (25 minutes):

My subject, do you know what it means to have Unconditional trust in Me, to open up completely, accepting and believing whatever I suggest everytime you enter My world of submission?  Being hypnotized is not a battle of wills, My sweet, it is about focused relaxation (trance) and a receptive (suggestible) mindset allowing the subconscious mind (the inquisitive you) to explore your inner desires.

The power of My words (your TRUTH) is built upon a solid foundation of O/our Domme/sub relationship where you (the submissive) crave My domination and control, and Me (the Dominant) desires to transform the submissive you to be My loyal, faithful servant, focused on My wants and needs, befitting a beloved and benevolent Domina.  The key to O/our mutually beneficial power exchange is TRUST and only by believing in Me, and accepting My words, can W/we accomplish great things together.

Being HARD to trance is really just a state of mind, a mental block (resistance) to the many opportunities that deep hypnotic relaxation offers to the submissive mind.  The conscious reluctance to willingly let go is just a manifestation of your suppressed fear of the unknown, the inhibition of being out of control countered by your earnest desire to submit to Me, Domina Shelle, the powerful, dominant Woman you have longed to serve.

But, My sweet, as a loving, caring Domina I am here to guide you, to nurture you, to extend an invitation into My world of submissive bliss where anything is possible to those open to a novel experience.  Whenever you enter into trance with Me you are never alone, I am always here with you, whispering in your mind, tugging on your heart, and playing with your... (giggles)

So, My baby, allow Me to share with you what it means to Trust Me, to relinquish all thoughts and fears, and empower the beta (real) you to follow Me as I lead you on this journey into true submission.  Allow My sweet words to replace any lingering fears with a calm, resolute confidence to be My open and suggestible slave, free to the possibilities of submissive trance, and open to whatever I have planned for you as My submissive servant.  And, who knows, My pet, if you are a GOOD BOY I may even make your wildest (erotic) dreams CUM true!! (giggles)

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Thursday, 25 January 2024
i really enjoyed this session as it took me to a deeper level of letting go and sinking deeper. Submission is bliss in Dominas arms the way Her Voice and words weave their way into the mind is so unique, so relaxing, no one compares!
Thursday, 21 December 2023
Unconditional is a training session that will make it easier for the subject to submit to the inimitable power of Domina Shelle's Voice. Domina may not be at her most seductive here, but over the course of the file's length it is made clear just how impossible it is to resist Her will, Her Voice and Her trance. Thank You Domina Shelle.
Tuesday, 05 December 2023
Wow that was one deep fucking trance. It was only 25 minutes long and it took me so frikin deep. It felt so damn good to let go and let Domina have all control. i trust in Her to do whatever it is She wants to do. She knows what is best for me. i love Her brainwashing sessions, you will to. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 02 December 2023
Domina Shelle is the just the BEST! Sessions like this are perfect examples of just how wonderful and amazing Domina Shelle is to all of Her faithful servants. Every time i listen Domina finds a new way to take me even deeper and more completely into Her inescapable arousing embrace…. i can’t resist Domina Shelle at all… if You still can (or think You can) this session is perfect for helping to understand just how much better it is to give up complete control to Domina… it’s simply just worth it! Domina uses my power and control far better than i!!!
Saturday, 02 December 2023
This session encapsulates why i adore Domina Shelle and it is a session you will want to listen to again and again to remind yourself why She has become the center of our world. The beautiful cadence of Her voice, the subtle yet powerful suggestions that sink deeper into my mind, and that comforting feeling that I am, and forever will be, Her faithful servant. These are just some of the ways this session touches me and i believe it will touch you too. Domina is simply an amazing person, honest, sincere, caring, and considerate, but most of all She believes and lives a life a domination and control, and when She says you'll be Hers, She really does mean it (in a mutually beneficial way). :-)
Saturday, 02 December 2023
Mandatory listening for all followers of Domina Shelle, this is a great session for novices and a wonderful refresher for Her more experienced subjects. Domina knows what is best for me and i am grateful for the bliss that comes with this.
Friday, 01 December 2023
i immediately listened 2x and found Domina's voice so deep in my mind as i fell into a blissful trance. Her words so dominant yet so loving. i felt completely submissive and of course aroused as i was focused only on Her words. It feels so narural and normal to completely trust Her. i woke up happy and smiling. Thank You Domina!
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