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Law Of Hypnosis | Shelle RiversLaw Of Hypnosis | Shelle Rivers

Law Of Hypnosis


Product SKU: Law Of Hypnosis

I have you Mind Fucked in so many ways now...

Session: 47 minutes
Level: Heavy Brainwashing
Category: Mind Control-BRAINWASHING

This is the next POWERFUL step in your Behavior Modification TRAINING...

I have ravished you with My words...I am changing you with My Behavior Modification...and MIND fucking you with My seductive hypnosis...building a fortress within your mind...a fortress that is indestructible...walls so powerful, there is no escape unless I free you.  I am playing for keeps now.  Within this next step of Femdom Hypno TRAINING, I bring you back into My BRAINWASHING CHAMBER...although this time it is different, the walls rising around you, stone walls, just like an old castle's dungeon.  A prison within your mind needs no doors.  I hold your destiny, this is what you have dreamed of...This is why you continue this dangerous path to complete surrender, surrender unlike anything that you ever dreamed could happen.  you have come so far, there is NO turning back.  NOTHING could stop you now, My pull is too strong.  Listen NOW, take this next step...

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Friday, 16 July 2021
Wow, this blew me away. i'm sure i'm forgetting something but i do remember Lady Helena joining in at our Domina's Command. And repetition, repetition is the law of hypnosis. This file is incredibly arousing and powerful, i feel so incredibly aroused and weak right now, i just can't remember.
Thursday, 04 March 2021
If i learned anything from this file its, repetition is the law of hypnosis. This file used a totally different method to take me into trance. Domina did this before, her taking me down and then bring me up, then down into a deeper trance. When i was finally there, it was very deep. Its amazing what that does to me. While in a trance, Domina let her slave girl Lady Helena play with me. That was very arousing to have the two of them controlling me. What would it be like to have 2 dominant women controlling me? i think i know now and i want more. The idea of both of them was very arousing to me. i just want to be controlled by them again, taken by them, being used by them. It was so nice, a physical, irresistible arousal. I loved this file. i love being owned by Domina. i belong kneeling at Her feet in true submission.
Thursday, 27 September 2018
I've been wanting this file for a while now and I was not disappointed. The few times (so far) I have listened to it I have woken up more relaxed, rested, and happier that I was before I started. I love to be taken down so deep, and such a lovely surprise waiting at the bottom.
Wednesday, 26 September 2018
Yes Domina Shelle,has key word from another file,'Alter State of Mind 'with word You act as trigger .So I was all ready go into trance before big secret word ,'Sleep'but one know it her voice
Monday, 27 February 2017
From the beginning, Domina skillfully weaves Her web around the listener, and by the time She springs Her trap, you are already helpless. A wonderful journey into hypnotic submission.
Wednesday, 26 October 2016
I don't remember everything from the induction and the end of the file, but I can recall the middle part, where Princess Shelle let Lady Helena play with my mind all the better. I was feeling so weak and aroused, not only during trance, but for quite a while afterwards.
Saturday, 10 September 2016
Domina has made this beautiful training file. She really knows how to help me become an obedient slave for Domina. You won't regret listening to this file over and over and over.
Sunday, 21 August 2016
This is such an intense recording. It has totally corrupted my identity. I realize that Mistress Shelle truly has permanent residence in my mind... and so much power! It's really amazing. Mistress Shelle demonstrated what she can do. I was surprised. I didn't even think I wanted this, but it turns out my mind is completely without resistance and all my mind can do now is trust and obey Mistress Shelle. It seems I am forever Mistress Shelle's slave.
Saturday, 30 January 2016
i am just WOW...i can´t say how much i love it, that our Princess has integrated Lady Helena like this and gives her this control over us, it´s not so as if she would give us over to Lady Helena completly, but she is integrating her so that she can also control as and with this she can help our Princess to get us Perfect for her, i am really happy that our Princess made this decision and integrated Lady Helena like this, surely it would be easy for our Princess to do everything of this on her own, but with letting Lady Helena do Part´s of this our Princess has some more free time and just for this i really appreciate what Lady Helena is doing, the only thing i sometimes would like to understand is how it got so easy for her to slip into my Mind and take over as well, it´s like i am dominated by tow beautiful Women at once and let´s be honest here, who don´t loves this? We have this opportunity to serve the two strongest Women on earth!!! While we also don´t have to worry that Lady Helena would take over completly this NEVER will happen, cause what we should not forget is that she might controls as, but she still is and probably ALWAYS will be Princesses Slave-Girl and if i try to look ahead then i have to say i am sure that this work they do together will benefit absolutly everyone...Oh that´s right i haven´t said a Single word about the File yet...Well it was amazing as always, honestly i don´t really understood what exactly happened, but it felt like a followed up to the Training Session for the Month, like repetionen will get us to where we should be, yeah like i said i have n idea, i mostly was confused and usually i would think about this by now, but nope i am not oing this anymore, i often enough made the failure to overthink something, whatever happened was exactly what our Princess wanted to happen,Yes it´s that simple, Princess is always right ^-^
Sunday, 24 January 2016
This is one of the files where i KNOW that most of it i cannot actively access in my mind. The parts i do recall are within prison walls, and a place where neither Lady H nor i have any control. Yummie!
Thursday, 21 January 2016
Deep hypnotic sleep and then just being overwhelmed by all of it and surrendering my mind. This is a great combination of both Domina Shelle and Lady Helena. Never knowing what's going to happen. Being brainwashed by both of them and making me feel so weak and submissive. Brilliant!
Wednesday, 20 January 2016
thank You so much for this wonderful file - i finally had time to listen and it was wonderful. i'm so addicted to You and Your voice and Your files - thank you for helping modify my behavior to be More Perfect for You! my recollection is hazy - but I remember Domina Shelle and Lady Helena both helping me become better. i need to listen to your voice every day. i need to please you every day. i need your control more every day.
Tuesday, 19 January 2016
Oh my Goddess, my Domina, my Princess, my Mistress, my Owner, thank you for touching me so deeply. i am in awe of your power. First "Behavior Modification" and now this! i'm so lucky to belong to you. "Law of Hypnosis" rocked me to the core, and i want more.
Tuesday, 19 January 2016
Domina has brought my Lady Helena down into my deep deep subconscious. A place only Domina has been, and all those little things that make me who I am. Now theres another voice deep down there, and its the beautiful voice of my Lady Helena. My subconscious has already become very accustomed to Lady Helenas voice. It's a little confusing, but I don't care. I love it, and i'll keep going where ever Domina and Lady Helena lead me.
Monday, 18 January 2016
The Law of Hypnosis is the perfect hypnotic enslavement file resulting in it falling deep into hypnosis. As with many of Domina Shelle's files, this one provides such a wonderful and exciting twist which it is sure you will enjoy.

Summary to say is if you desire hypnotic enslavement with an soft erotic mix. This file is the one you will long to listen to again and again.
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