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Subjugated zombie | Shelle RiversSubjugated zombie | Shelle Rivers

Subjugated zombie


Product SKU: Subjugated zombie

See yourself BLANK, EMPTY, MINDLESS, a complete zombie...My zombie toy.

Session: 39 minutes
Category: Mind Control-Brainwashing
Level: Powerful

Have you ever thought about how closely a hypnotized subject resembles a fictional zombie?  Oh, I am sure you have seen a zombie before in some form or another.  A person who has become mindless, thoughtless, brain-dead, and easy to control.  These beings are unable to function normally since they have no thoughts of their own.
Hmm... Sounds familiar doesn't it, My pet?

This powerful trance will prepare your mind for my special zombification process.  your mind will be rendered thoughtless and as brainless as those zombies of fiction, only better... this is real.  you will become my willing zombie toy, available at my beck and call.  The addiction you will feel will increase day by day and it will feel so good for you to think...about nothing at all. ~~~GIGLES~~~  you will become free of all mental activity and be made a passenger in your own mind and body.  your c*ck will stiffen as My seductive words continue invading your free will.  your body is Mine and your c*ck is Mine to play with.  your mind will be lost to the maze of My voice, your body forever changed by My zombification process.  At the end of this session, you will wake up with a reminder of My power.  One that you will not be able to ignore :)

There is no escape, My zombie.  your forever Mine....

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Thursday, 09 June 2022
Domina Shell's voice is Pure Perfection. In this Blank Mindless file, She goes a stage further and empties your mind completely, making you Blissfully blank while She seductively mindfucks you describing intricately how She fucks your mind using your own cock. i just can't get enough of this beautiful Woman, Her erotic hypnosis is world-class!
Saturday, 10 February 2018
The term “zombie” is so overloaded from the popular movie genre with images of dead, gray, cold, flesh eating creatures that I had difficulties to follow Domina into this fantasy trance. Sure - Her Zombie is different – it is warm, smooth but mindless. Slowly Her sweet voice and the things she describes help me to relax and carefully give in to the trance. I am a dehumanized, empty shell That Domina can manipulate as Her toy. I do not feel arousal as I usually do in Domina's trance! Am I still too perturbed to let go or am I already transformed and my numb flesh cannot feel anything? I wake up - unsure if all has happened what I think has happened.
Monday, 06 March 2017
Why would any body want to be a Zombie Slave to Domina Shelle ? I do because I love being mindless and blank and being control by her Domina Shelle plus she so sexually arousing to be Slave Zombie
Monday, 27 February 2017
Even as longtime hypno-fetishist, the absurdity of desiring such a fate as this strikes me from time to time: why would anyone want to be reduced to such a state? The dangerous thing about Domina is that even if one didn't want to submit, She just makes it so pleasurable and appealing that you inevitably cave in, thinking what harm can it do? Of course, once Domina Shelle has Her way with you, you won't see being Her zombie slave as harm at all, which is as it should be.
Saturday, 06 August 2016
This was a fun one from what i remember of it. Princess Shelle has made an amazing mind control file here that left be feeling totally blank and empty and aroused. my mind took a while to come back to reality after, as i was left feeling dazed for at least 2 hours after i came out of trance. Definitely worth getting and listening to.
Monday, 30 May 2016
This session is so hot! I don't remember much, but I was incredibly horny after I woke up. I need to listen again...
Monday, 09 May 2016
This was a file that strangely attracted me but that i resisted furiously. Even though controlled already by Domina Shelle, becoming a mindless zombie was scary. Yet the compulsion just got stronger to experience such total surrender. It was no surrender... it was a take over leaving only the memory of hands dangling in front of a body responsive only to Domina Shelle's voice.
Thursday, 10 March 2016
This one left me in intense desperation. Becoming Domina's zombie was fun for the both of us, I'm sure. I am just a mindless toy in need of his puppeteer.
Saturday, 30 January 2016
This File exactly got me into the State i always should be in and i absolutly have no memory how i ended up there, no seriously i just listened to this lovely lovely Princess and her sweet voice and all of the sudden i was in this State not knowing how this even happened, but i surely loved this and kinda hope to be like this more often, there is nothing better as to be her Mindless Puppet, i mean Zombie that she can play with however she feels like ^-^
Friday, 29 January 2016
So subtle, gentle, slipping inside and within so easily, Domina's voice disolving my control word by word, can I say forcing ? so beautiful and yet so final, so irresistible.. before You realise the danger it is too late, you are too deep, too weak, too under Her spell.. It needs a Red Warming symbol on the cover, a disclaimer about the loss of ones self... the need to be a puppet, mindlessly moving, blank and at one with Domina... Her will grips more each listen, each surrender, each submission, there is no hope after the first, i really did try and stop, butthe pleasure and control is too much, Her will to strong, Her words calling like a siren, when the surrender is eased, just a raw need to trance again, addicted, needing more, craving more, craving that closeness, that link...Beautifully Perfect Mind Control... all i wabt to do is submit and slide for Domina, Mindless Obedience and Pleasure... Puppet has no resistance.. Puppet jon loves Domina...
Thursday, 28 January 2016
Uuh, this was so hot. Like some kind zombie hypno porn :). Domina Shelle is right. Being in hypnosis does look like being a mindless zombie. And this zombie's body responded very well to what Domina was doing to it.
Wednesday, 27 January 2016
What an incredible thrill to be turned into a helpless zombie in the service of Domina Shelle. i learned that Domina's control over me is stronger than i imagined, and i love her even more for it.
Tuesday, 26 January 2016
Have you ever had this fantasy to be removed of your identity of your own existence and only reacting to the influence of a stronger woman. this file it goes beyond obedience. You will find yourself being so deep, it will like you are brain dead. With only enough electric wave in your brain to barely move your body. This file brings you to a place where you are in complete reaction, to everything your Domina might told you. Not because you need to obey, but becauuse you are pulled by a force stronger than you. Her voice. Imagine being a zombie without any thought, any conscience, this is what this file is all about. You will react to her voice, like a mindless zombie, but you will not remember anything at all. This file is for those who wants to not think at all.
Tuesday, 26 January 2016
i don't remember anything but the sound of Her sweet alluring voice in my mind, leaving no traces of what Domina did to me but waking me in a deep submissive arousing state. But ooooh boy.. when i fell asleep after this i had the most wildest crazy highly arousing dreams about Domina driving me utterly bananas...
Sunday, 24 January 2016
What a wonderful mix of deep deep deeeeeep mindlessness followed by something so sexy, it nearly made me release without hands! Obviously what would have been bad, without permission, but that's just how good this session is!!!
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