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LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 | Shelle RiversLOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 | Shelle Rivers

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 - Chastity Pleasures


Product SKU: LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 - Chastity Pleasures

Locked down only for one week and you're weaker for Me...

LOCTOBER 2021 WEEK-2 - Chastity Pleasures (39 minutes):

Hi darling,

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the heat between you and Me?

Locked down only for one week and you're weaker for Me.

I'm in control...My hands are between your legs.  My panties are moist and I can c*m if I want to.  But you can't.  All you can do is wait and hope and follow My instructions.

Isn't it hot to obey and not think?  Isn't it sooo sexy to know that you do not have to decide?

I'm in control, just the way you wanted it.  I always give you what you want...Hot, wet, hard, horny and so submissive.

Follow My voice, I'll take you where you need to go.  Listen to Me now and obey, obey, obey, obey.

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Monday, 25 October 2021
The second weeks file is Chastity indoctrination! I love these deep relaxing files that start at the beach and Domina teaches me about Love, Power and Obedience in between the sand and waves. All nude and exposed Domina guides me down in Her secret realm. As my mind is filled with the positive and motivating facts about chastity Domina starts to massage them in with the slow movements of my hand on my private parts. There is no edge - just increasing waves of pleasure. The session is perfect as stand alone session to start a journey into chastity for Domina or as fresh up motivation to continue.
Friday, 22 October 2021
This is quite the tranquil, relaxed recording. It's the perfect thing to melt away the day's stresses and just sleep for the amazing Domina Shelle. Even if you missed out on Loctober, this is still worth the pickup.
Thursday, 21 October 2021
An extreme arousal file that made me all so wet for my beloved Owner and Keyholder in this second week of LocTober chastity. With the ongoing and intensified control by denying me any release, my natural submission to my beloved Domina Shelle and the need to obey Her perfectly is strengthened once more. Serving and pleasing my beloved Owner is my greatest pleasure, i love to be chaste for Her.
Monday, 18 October 2021
An extremely sexy continuation for week 2 of LocTober. Domina Shelle is going the extra mile in training Her slaves for this loctober and the power of this session should not be underestimated. Loctober is meant to be a challenge. I am happy to obey.
Sunday, 17 October 2021
Week 2 felt reaally pleasurable after all the week 1 denial and no touching. It felt so good to stroke and ache for my Domina. It made me so horny.
Saturday, 16 October 2021
i wasn't sure how week 2 would surpass week 1, but it has. Domina knows what is best for me.
Saturday, 16 October 2021
Sometimes I just wonder how my Domina does it taking me so very deep. Making me so aroused but feeling full of energie and so happy to be Hers
Saturday, 16 October 2021
This may be one of the most important periods a slave can go through; learning to give complete control over to their significant owner. i felt so helpless giving over my body to someone so kind and supportive. Even on its own, this a file to pick up and enjoy to the fullest.
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Being under her control, is where i always was meant to be, never was i as happy as i am now with her in my life and even if you aren´t doing this Assignment, this File is amazing on it´s own, so much truth spoken that can´t be denied, chances are high that if you listen to this on it´s own, you might find yourself wanting to start the Assignment if you haven´t yet
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Wow what a session. That was one deep trance. Domina makes so much sense out of being chaste. Chastity is good for me. Obeying Domina is deep pleasure. i want to prove to Domina that i want to obey. i want to be in chastity because Domina wants me in chastity. i want to be in chastity because being in chastity makes me so happy. Chastity is good for me. Obedience is good for me and makes me happy. Obedience makes me happy because it makes Domina happy. i love being chaste, because being chaste is being happy. It all make so much sense to me. i loved listening to Domina explain it all. i can't wait to listen to this again and hear Dominas sweet voice explain it all over again. I love being in chastity for Domina Shelle, it makes me so happy and obedient.
Monday, 11 October 2021
A profoundly sexy masterpiece of a session for week 2 of Loctober! Every once in a while, Domina Shelle will drop me into such a profound deep trance that my conscience mind can’t even remember what just happened… Like NOTHING… I just came out of trance suddenly EXTREMELY horny and stroking and feeling AMAZING… I know Domina changed something profoundly in me… I can feel it inside and all around me… I can’t wait to revisit this session everyday!
Monday, 11 October 2021
Thank You Domina, for letting Your slave play with Your toy - it felt so good to stroke at Your command. My excitement or arousal or pleasure was so high I can't really remember anything else about the session. Which just makes it even hotter. I can't wait to listen to this every day this week.
Sunday, 10 October 2021
Who knew the chastity and orgasm delay could be immeasurably more pleasurable than meaningless, quick gratification. Domina's voice, control, programming and commands are beyond ecstacy! Addiction to Domina's voice and Her magnificent brainwashing is soooooo incredibly pleasurable!
Sunday, 10 October 2021
HOT HOT HOT! Domina's Sultry Sexy voice leading me into trance, reminding me of my place and showing me a wonderful truth, that chastity is good for me. This session is about trust, about the dynamic of the relationship and above all else, the need to truly submit to Domina to find the pleasure She offers to those who "choose" to serve Her. For any true submissive this session is a must have, for any submissive fortunate enough to be Her property, this is reinforcement of trust, submission, obedience, pleasure and the love for a Perfect Mistress. For anyone just starting to explore Domina's world, there will only be one outcome, another willing slave for Domina.
Friday, 08 October 2021
Have to say, i love the theme that Domina has gone with this week, talking of the beach, while She is at the beach, that's just a perfect play for Her to make. The softness, and slipping away, how things become firmer as they get wet, oh my, Domina, what are You doing to this poor slave's brain? Lots of talking of trust and pleasure from obedience, which again, is something i love from our sweet and beautiful Queen, and those things are what makes it so easy to surrender to Her. i doubt anybody will be disappointed with this, even if all they are seeking is a relaxing trance; dropping deep for the more delightful Domina in the multiverse. For Her chastity fans though, i think that this will be extremely pleasing. She is sexy, She is sweet, She teases, and She is the Queen of denial in this. Another wonderful example of Domina's work, a brilliant expression of Her beautiful personality, and another all round winner in helping Her achieve Her goals. Let Her voice slip in to your ears, slip into trance for Her, and let Her slip into your mind, and take complete control, and lead you where She wants you to go. ♥
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