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Loctober 2022 Week-I - The Keyholder | Shelle RiversLoctober 2022 Week-I - The Keyholder | Shelle Rivers

Loctober 2022 Week-I - The Keyholder


Product SKU: Loctober 2022 Week-I - The Keyholder

LOCKING you up in My mental chastity.

Loctober 2022 Week-I - The Keyholder (42 minutes):

Pay ATTENTION:  If you participated in the 2021 Loctober you should already have this session.  Nothing has changed within the audio.  But, if your fingers accidently slip and you purchase the session again, well, let's just say THANK you for the TRIBUTE.  Giggles!!!

Time to push those boundaries, My sweet, and demonstrate to Me (and yourself) that your submission to Me is very real and tangible.  Being locked in Chastity by a beautiful Domina in an experience you'll never forget, living in pure erotic ecstasy as you savor your sacrifice knowing you are doing this to please Me.

Just imagine fantasizing while being locked up, My painted fingers and toes caressing that bulge in your pants as you are driven to insanity with passion, need, and desire!  Ummm, now envision Me as your deviant and decadent Keyholder, dangling the KEY to your locked Chastity device from a chain that is nestled between your Domina's perfect cleavage...

Sexy, I know, but now imagine that feeling steadily growing day after day, the teasing, the denial, and the euphoric sensation as you submit ever deeper to My intoxicating control.  This is what I offer if you willingly allow Me to LOCK you up in mental Chastity, a form of Chastity that is arguably more effective and very discrete.  For those seeking a more visceral experience, mental Chastity can be complemented with the use of a physical device too, providing an enhanced sensual experience.

My Strict Chastity will bring your deepest submissive feelings to the surface as you selflessly surrender to the authority I have over your sex, OBEYING every command enthusiastically and with a fervent desire to please Me, your Owner.  Obedience to Me is your PLEASURE, and Chastity will bring you a lasting satisfaction that no orgasm can ever surpass.

Through your submission and sacrifice you will learn the true power of mental Chastity, observing, first hand, how it brings U/us closer together as I manage your day to day activities with daily assignments that keep you focused on your TRUE PLEASURE:  Thinking and dreaming about your adorable Domina. (giggles)

So, open your mind and surrender to this life affirming experience as My Chastity slave, immersing yourself in the emotive feelings of ownership, submission, and obedience, trained to please Me knowing this is the key to your own pleasure.  Unlock your submissive desires and LockDOWN for Me now...

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Tuesday, 18 October 2022
First week of chastity is often difficult one and so it was this time. Maybe it is the build up of anticipation that gets me so horny knowing that i will be locked for a long time. Domina Shelle makes me so eager to be locked and denied for Her.
Tuesday, 11 October 2022
The first week is always difficult! And although I've been subjecting my lust to Domina's total authority for the fourth year now, I'm still not well prepared for the strict abstinence she rightly demands. The only support is listening to this recording multiple times a day: over and over again Her sweet logic and Her seductive promises bring me back on the path to find release in serving only Her.
Wednesday, 05 October 2022
The review below this one really says it perfectly! There is no better place to experience such profoundly powerful and pleasurable submissive bliss then right here with Domina Shelle as a thought totally focused on her control… Mmmmm… Domina will own ALL if you before You know it… She’s rendered me so incredibly helpless and mindless… all i want to do is serve and please Domina… to Love, Honor, and Obey her forever!
Wednesday, 05 October 2022
There is no better place, none, to experience the most profound submissive, deeply pleasurable experience than Loctober, under Domina's control. Domina tests your will until you will find yourself totally and utterly a thought focused on Her control. So intimate, so exhilarating and so, very unexpected as Domina will eventually, without your control, own all of you. you will never feel better!
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