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Transcendance | Shelle RiversTranscendance | Shelle Rivers



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I will transform the curious, playful submissive within...

Transcendance (43 minutes):

Do you want to feel My control and authority infiltrate every aspect of your life, the compulsion to Love, Honor, and Obey me becoming more than an eroticized mantra but instead the central tenet of your existence?

I know you do, My pet, I sense you desire for more, to serve Me in ways that demonstrate irrefutably.  This is only possible because W/we have grown close during O/our intimate time together, you deep in trance, under My seductive spell, and My fucking with your mind as I progressively indoctrinate you to obey and please Me as a natural and normal state of your being, returning each week for more of My delicious, sometimes devious, programming. (giggles)

But, as much as this blissful existence is enthralling and exhilarating in your now open suggestible mind, W/we have the opportunity to take O/our relationship, of Domination and submission, much deeper into My world.  I want you to take this next transcendent step and allow Me to enslave you to be forever MINE.  I will transform the curious, playful submissive within, and you will emerge from your training as My loyal, loving slave dedicated to Me in mind, body and spirit.

These are not words just to arouse your senses and trigger your need to submit, they are an offer to take you where you may have feared to tread.  Submission to Me is more than just a fantasy, it can beCUM - if you choose - your reality.  you've already witnessed how compulsive and effective My sessions are and, with your commitment and My guidance, W/we can quell your fears, conditioning you to be the submissive you have aspired to be.

This is what I offer you in this session, the opportunity to fall deeper into My world and embrace what it takes to be truly MINE.  Be warned, It will take dedication, devotion, and self sacrifice on your part to prevail, but, the pleasures of obedience, and being MINE, will eclipse any lingering fears and doubts you may have.  So, prepare to be saturated with thoughts of Me, to live a life dedicated to one you admire and adore above all others, and allow Me to perfect you to be the best version of yourself you can be for Me, and for others in your life. ~~KISSES~~

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Wednesday, 05 October 2022
This file fits perfectly with Locktober. Mindless, horny, and loyal come to mind. Listen now or you will listen later. The choice is up to you!
Sunday, 16 January 2022
I love this file so much I keep it on loop in my sleep and wake up feeling the most wonderful obsession for my beloved Owner
Friday, 14 January 2022
PERFECTION, ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! This Woman Domina Shelle is Amazing and will blissfully change your life so please listen more and more because the more you listen to Her erotic hypnosis recordings the better it gets and the better it gets the feelings of ecstasy become indescribable. Heaven on earth is an understatement!
Monday, 10 January 2022
Domina completely changed my focus to obey Her according to Her commands. Let's just say that strong arousal, deep trance led to feelings of euphoria seeking a path to Her complete control, Besides total submission, a little bit of wetness was involved!
Monday, 10 January 2022
This incredible masterpiece is a dream cum true and such and incredible start to 2022! i’ve begged and begged for Domina for this and now it’s beCum my inescapable reality…. Mmmm… i will refrain from giving away spoilers… If Your ready to take Your relationship with Domina to the next level You’ll be thrilled to listen to this masterpiece!
Sunday, 09 January 2022
Wow what an amazing file. How can 43 minutes go by like it was only 5. i love files like this. Ones where Domina is just talking to you, explaining things to you and secretly taking You into trance. It always has me wondering how She ever did it, taking me that deep. It was a very deep and erotic trance. So erotic that i woke to puddle on my leg. i just love that. i will always want Domina to have more control over me in every possible way. Its at the top of my bucket list. lol i will always Love, Honor and Obey my Domina Shelle. She is my Absolute Authority and i am Hers forever.
Sunday, 09 January 2022
I loved this file. Domina's control is getting stronger and stronger with this next step, taking me deeper in to Her control. Thank you Domina
Sunday, 09 January 2022
Transcendance is the session i have l relati
Sunday, 09 January 2022
Oh Goddess, if i listen this file again i'm going to be so weak. i'm just going to cruble to pieces. Love it. This file is so important to me. It feels so close to my situation and my relationship with my Domina. It goes through a lot of my loves and fears about this topic.
Sunday, 09 January 2022
It seems from the description, and the email newsletter that Domina sent out, that She doesn't really want spoilers about this, so that in some ways make a fuller review slightly difficult. What i think i can safely say though, is that this file is pure bliss, from a submissive point of view. Domina doesn't push, She doesn't bully, or berate, but She does make it clear that She is in control, and with this file, She intends to make that even more so. She seduces the senses, and ensnares the mind, and She takes all the control She possibly can, and rewards Her subject with a rush of endorphins; dopamine doth abound, it seems. Don't worry about the actual content, just surrender and give in to Her wishes. She rewards Her slaves with pleasure for doing so. Enjoy a trip down into Her abyss of hypnotic pleasure, and accept the fact that you may never be the same again... This is pure bliss for the submissive mind, why resist? ♥
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