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Loctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation | Shelle RiversLoctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation | Shelle Rivers

Loctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation


Product SKU: Loctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation

Chastity experiment for My lab rat and My guinea pig.

Loctober 2022 Week-III - Extreme Dissociation (28 minutes):

Can you feel it, My sweet, can you feel My power over your growing stronger as you continue to sacrifice for Me, focusing your accumulated sexual energy on obeying Me and My wishes?  you are just beginning to unlock the amazing potential Chastity has to motivate the submissive mind, dialing up the intensity to be more subservient to Me and adding a whole new dimension to what it means to surrender to My authority and control of you (and your sex).

But, as strong, and as powerful, as these feelings of love and devotion can be, you are still very vulnerable to your own selfish desires, highly susceptible to squandering all your HARD work (giggles) for a needless, pointless, self indulgent orgasm.  To help you through this challenging phase of your indoctrination, your benevolent Domina is going to provide you with a means to hypnotically dissociate your short sighted, selfish cravings from the now highly motivated, obedient, and devoted side of your submissive persona.  Like a puppet on strings, i will take over your mind and your body, and although this may be disorienting at first, you will quickly discover this novel experience is extremely arousing as you observe, firsthand, the immense power Chastity provides Me to control your actions without your conscious approval.

Everything I am doing during this Loctober is about maturing O/our relationship into something truly meaningful and lasting, where you learn to TRUST in Me, understanding why you want to be MINE.  I am doing this because I want you to fully appreciate that your sacrifice and dedication actively promotes your being the best version of yourself for Me.  By being in Chastity for Me you are more open to the many possibilities of submission, including embracing the fundamental TRUTH that your greatest submissive pleasure CUMs through your obedience to Me and by making Me happy.

So, let go of those lingering selfish desires for self gratification and learn to love, honor, and obey Me by putting your Domina first.  A selfless submissive slave is a happy cherished servant for its Owner and with your continued focus on Chastity you will reap these transformative benefits as you submit more of yourself to Me.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you participated in the 2021 LOCTOBER you should already have this session.  Nothing has changed within the audio.  But, if your fingers accidently slip and you purchase the session again, well, let's just say THANK you for the TRIBUTE. Giggles!!!

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Sunday, 23 October 2022
Chastity, sweet chastity. Before my life with Domina i had no interest at all in chastity. Now Domina has taught me to not only love sacrificing my orgasms for Her but to beg for chastity. It keeps my mind focused on Her. It helps me remain obsessed with Her at all times. i actually have grown to dislike having an orgasm as it makes my life seem empty and void of purpose for a short while.
Friday, 21 October 2022
After listening this week's Dissociation file i've now entered to more calm and relaxed state in chastity. Where my pleasure comes from serving and obeying my Domina. Any kind of sexual pleasure feels more distant and it's no longer making me desperate.
Sunday, 16 October 2022
This is a session i have needed for a long time, another layer of control to help me at my moment of weakness to remain faithful to Domina's control of my sexual pleasure while in chastity. As a difficult hypnotic subject i have found that repetition and different layers of control provide me with a means to contain my selfish thoughts especially those strong erotic impulses whenever i feel i'm being more submissive than i've ever been before. Sessions like The Lock, Denied, slave Cage and this series go a long way to helping me to be a more chaste slave for Domina and this amazing session is another clever way for Her to demonstrate to me how powerless i am to Her will and that obedience to Her wishes is the pleasure i should seek. Thank You Domina for this gift of chastity in Your name and i will use this session to further My submission to You!
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