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Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease | Shelle RiversLoctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease | Shelle Rivers

Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease


Product SKU: Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease

My Chastity TEASE is going to PUSH you right to the edge and into complete submission.

Loctober 2022 Week-IV - Chastity Tease (26 minutes):

Hot, horny, and desperate for My attention, that is how I like to see My Chastity slaves!  My baby, after three intense weeks of devotion and self sacrifice, for your Domina, I can see you are increasingly desperate for some relief, particularly after I suppressed your desire to "accidentally" release, this past week, with My devious Dissociation trigger. (giggles)

Well, in this provocative TEASE session, I am going to flirt with your open and suggestible mind, stimulating it to remain FIRMLY chaste for Me as I torment you to the very EDGE of your endurance.  As you beg and plead for My touch, the FULL EXTENT of your weakness for Me will become apparent to you, and, significantly, you'll see further evidence why Chastity has the capability to amplify your GROWING addiction to please Me and the power to STIFFEN your resolve so that you are singularly focused on My happiness.

I cherish seeing you this way, deep in trance under My control, yet so wound up with adoration and passion that I am the focal point of all your sexual energy.  I particularly savor the moment, during the height your euphoric reverie, when the undeniable TRUTH of your predicament is revealed to you.  Yes, My elaborate, seductive trap elegantly locks away all pretense that your sex belongs to you, when in reality it belongs to Me now, an act of providence that underscores your powerlessness to alter this fate.

I'm not going to share any more of the wicked details in this session other than this is really going to f*ck with your mind, My horny puppy, leaving you hopelessly lost in submission to Me, your adorable Domina.  But, don't worry, My pet, while you're lost in lust for Me, with a raging arousal, you subconscious will eagerly embrace your continued sacrifice for Me, as it willingly propels you deeper into submission to My will.

Hmmm, this session is going to be so much fun, I can hardly wait to read your reviews - you intoxicated on a heady cocktail of submissive bliss, sensual overload, and erotic pleasure, while at the same time discovering the inescapable TRUTH that My complete domination and control of your sex is very REAL.  So, surrender all that you are - mind and body - and demonstrate to Me that you Love, Honor, and Obey Me - and only Me - by fully embracing your Chastity as I playfully taunt and tease you to be MINE... ~~Kisses~~

PLEASE NOTE:  If you participated in the 2021 LOCTOBER you should already have this session.  Nothing has changed within the audio.  But, if your fingers accidently slip and you purchase the session again, well, let's just say THANK you for the TRIBUTE.  Giggles!!!

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Tuesday, 01 November 2022
i crave being teased and denied by Domina Shelle. i love being in chastity for Her. Thank You Domina for this Loctober.
Tuesday, 25 October 2022
The last week in October's Chastity lockdown is by far Domina's most intense, satisfying and life changing! The funny thing is, the more She dominates my mind, the more i crave, the more addictive pleasure and i feel under Her Supreme Control!
Sunday, 23 October 2022
There is no greater pleasure than to be teased and denied by Domina Shelle - the ultimate in aural stimulation. She is the Queen of Her domain, a Domina without equal with a rare gift to soften any submissive mind but harden their resolve to devote themselves to Her significant power. This is all on show in this quite amazing session as Domina reminds us - mere mortals - how special and gifted She is. Every word She utters is laced with domination and control, and like a deer in headlights I was captivated by every word, unable and unwilling to resist Her suggestions and commands. By the end I was mentally spent but physically my body was on fire submitting all than I am at Her feet. This session, and the series in general, is more than Loctober, it is about understanding the value of Chastity - even for a shortened duration - to strengthen your bond with Domina Shelle, and once you have been tempted and tasted it, Chastity will always be a part of your future. For those fearful about being bound in long-term Chastity that is not what this series is about although some may chose that path of their own volition after experiencing the many highs of submission through Chastity. This is a series you must buy if you really want to explore true submission to Domina Shelle!
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