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LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Sign-Up | Shelle RiversLOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Sign-Up | Shelle Rivers

Loctober 2023 Chastity Sign-Up


Product SKU: Loctober 2023 Chastity Sign-Up

Sign Up for My LOCTOBER 2023 Chastity Challenge.


It's time to be HORNY!  I'm going to lock you up and HOLD the key to your arousal for the month of OCTOBER.

With this Sign-Up you AGREE to give Me all control of your c*ck for 4 weeks.

Beginning this weekend, you relinquish all rights to your C*ck over to Me!


Contact Me if you do NOT have the LocTober sessions from 2022 (NOT INCLUDED in this sign-up).  Or go to SPECIAL DEALS and download the series NOW for the package DEAL.

Note:  There is no download associated with this sign-up. Only those who have signed up will receive Free TEASERS, etc for October.


Sunday, 01 October 2023
I am in chastity for Domina Shelle. I am excited to be obedient to Her, and anxious about my ability to please Her.
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