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Clearly you are in need of a stronger lesson by The Evil Twin...

Virtues (26 minutes):

Ah, I wondered if you would be back to see Me...
So, My little simp, I guess that last time simply wasn't convincing enough to prove My goody two-shoes Sister correct...
Clearly you are in need of a stronger lesson; something that will stay with you, and prove that I am indeed, The Evil Twin.

I have such special plans for that thing between your legs...
Oh, don't look so excited, I haven't told you what the plans are yet.
Although, perhaps it is good that you look so aroused right now...
That's it, get on the floor, spread your legs, and display yourself.
Now, start to stroke...

I will give you just this one last warning.  This one last chance to flee back to the sweet embrace of My Sister...  If you stay here and listen to Me, it may be a choice that you will regret, in ways that you haven't considered...
I have locks, I have keys, I have lots of very tight cages...  I have an insatiable craving to see cocklets locked away.
I am sure you can work out where this path leads.

I'm not so sure that you will appreciate what chastity means on this side of the looking glass, but since you are still here, let U/us begin...

you have been warned!  This session will PUSH some hard limits.
Whatever happens beyond this point rests on your own head.

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Saturday, 18 November 2023
This file should come with a warning: It is incredibly seductive! For many, this will indeed push a very hard (or should that be a flaccid) limit? Perhaps it may even make them wonder what they wandered into. However, for those who are already devoted to Domina, and understand that when She releases something like this, She will always take care of them, this is a sexy and fun file, just to explore a different possibility with Her. The scene itself, while it could be slightly humiliating in a sense, is actually a lot of sexy fun. i know that if i could be there, at Domina's feet, and She started into the scenario, i wouldn't attempt to resist. Being made to perform for Her, is all part of why any of us are here, after all. Then there's the truly seductive part... The part that is so sweetly presented, that by the time She reaches the conclusion, it sounds extremely appealing! i was already well under control, by the time that Domina released this file, but if i hadn't been, i know this would have convinced me to accept chastity. As it is, i confessed to Domina after hearing this, that should She decide it needs to be my path, i would have very little to offer in the way of resistance.
Saturday, 04 November 2023
I liked this session knowing it was pushing my limits but also training me to accept, that if Domina decided it necessary, i would accept this fate for Her knowing what it entailed. Chastity (with a cage - mental or physical) has always been a great way to focus the mind, once you get past the initial shock, and knowing the power of Domina to coerce my will i believe passionately She would unlock the true pleasures of submission and obedience that only chastity can. i agree, and understand, this path may not be for every one but, for me, i would take it if Domina required it of me just to be closer to Her such is my admiration for Her!!!
Tuesday, 03 October 2023
This is really pushing some limits! The evil twin leaves me horny and insecure with some primeval fears spooking in the back of my head. She addresses my desire to be a good boy for Domina and at the same time she turns me on and humiliates me. Finally i am talked into long term chastity and left with thoughts on the possibility that my manhood will shrink away. Now i am burning in the desire that Domina's influence shall not only leave marks in my mind but also with my body. i am horny and scared and ready to do the next step!
Monday, 02 October 2023
Ooh, this was so hot. i have had fantasies like this. Requires long term chastity planning and might lead to some physical and mental changes if starting this journey. So happy that Domina made this, but yes this might make some guys squirmish :D
Sunday, 01 October 2023
This is an advanced session for those with experience in listening to Domina. She knows how my mind works and I am proud to be virtuous for Her.
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