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Love Honor Obey | Shelle RiversLove Honor Obey | Shelle Rivers

Love Honor Obey


Product SKU: Love Honor Obey

you crave to be dominated by Me, to be completely powerless in My presence...

Love Honor Obey (33 minutes):

It is time, My sweet, to fall under My spell again.  Imagine an intimate encounter with Your Domina as you rest in My arms after a long tiring day, rapidly forgetting about the rest of the world as you listen intently to the soothing cadence of My voice, allowing it to lull you down into deep restful SLEEP.

you fall for Me because you trust Me, letting My words replace your thoughts as they touch you DEEP at the core of who you are.  I know you, the real you, the you that is enslaved to My will, that loves and adores Me, surrendering mindlessly to My authority.

This is your reality, My sweet, because you crave to be dominated by Me, to be completely powerless in My presence.  My voice triggers you to reflect on your submission, why think when you can listen, why hold on when you can let go, why resist when you can surrender, why think when you can just obey?

What I offer you is commitment so strong, and enduring, it redefines your whole perception of self whenever you think of Me.  Let Me be your everything, My love making you weak as your desires feed your surrender.  With My guidance you will learn the true meaning of Love, Honor, Obey.  They are more than just three prophetic powerful words, they are a solemn vow of your submission to Me, granting you the pleasure of obedience with the knowledge that you will always be MINE!

So, if you truly love your Domina Shelle, let Me hold your heart close as I control your mind and, in return, you'll experience a rapturous pleasure so euphoric you will be compelled to stay close to Me, serving My needs and My pleasures as only a true love slave can... (giggles)

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Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Looking back - this is maybe the most important training file of 2021 There is no more to say!
Monday, 14 June 2021
First off i just want to thank Domina for releasing such a beautiful file as she always does but this is a very special session. In my own words i feel like i was unlocked in all the love, desire to serve , to honor and to obey. i also feel locked in with a deeper connection to Domina with my submission being only to Her, the love she shares with all of us in a very special way, my will and commitment to please. A new favorite vow was given, i will hold these moments very deeply in my heart forever and i will also forever Love, Honor and Obey Domina Shelle the one and only!
Sunday, 18 April 2021
Love, Honor and Obey is a love story that only Domina Shelle can tell. It touches the heart, mind and body in every way possible that could bring two people together in such a deep connection in a very special way.
Tuesday, 06 April 2021
Every one of Dominas files has gone above and beyond to be not only sensual, not only erotic, but intimate and beautiful. Love Honour Obey is just the right mantra I was waiting for and I only want to serve with all I can just so I can make my Domina feel the same way she’s made me feel. The task seems impossible, but my heart still wants to serve.
Monday, 05 April 2021
Wow wow wow wow. Just wow.i love my Domina so much. Love Her. Honor Her and obey Her. i will be Her slave forever.
Thursday, 01 April 2021
How wonderful and exciting to have Domina spell out so clearly who i need to be for Her and how i can live out My purpose to Love Honor and Obey Her.
Monday, 29 March 2021
I love Honor, and Obey you FOREVER my Queen... Your last session was very emotional and I felt it at the core of who I am... I am yours forever and always and I work SOOO very hard everyday in YOUR honor... You are my prime inspiration to be the best I can be and you are my inspiration to become better and better all of the time to Love, Honor, and Obey you better and better everyday... *heart*
Friday, 26 March 2021
Wow what a wonderfully relaxing, erotic file. I will always and forever LOVE, HONOR and OBEY my Queen Domina Shelle.
Friday, 26 March 2021
i thought i knew what to expect with this session, but even with Domina's previous sessions this one is mind blowing. This is perhaps the most sensual, loving and erotic session i have ever heard. i was already Domina's before listening to this, but this session has shown there is even more to love, deeper to submit and a much stronger and more meaningful relationship to be built as Her willing slave. Deeply emotional and completely life changing, Domina's soothing voice in this session easily breaks down any remaining barriers and delivers a wonderful gift of pure loving bliss, in every sense of the word. No matter what stage in your journey with Domina you are at, this session is a must listen to, proof that you can only ever go deeper for Domina Shelle, proof that now you know Her you can only fall more in love with Her.
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