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Lucid DREAMS--Set | Shelle RiversLucid DREAMS--Set | Shelle Rivers

Lucid DREAMS--Set


Product SKU: Lucid DREAMS--Set

Have the Girlfriend Experience...Lucid Dreams...Set of 3 files.

GFE...Girlfriend Experience---Never feel LONELY again.  Feel so close...Head on My tummy---need ME, needing My hypnosis.  Let Me hold you close.  Resting with ME, wrapped up in MY words of heavy warmness.  I am your DREAM, I am all that you will ever need.  your love for ME will never fail.

Set includes 3 files:

Lucid Dreams
Lucid Dreams--DOMINATION
Lucid Dreams - Erotic Compulsion

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Monday, 10 June 2019
I’ve been listening and submitting myself to Domina Shelle for almost a year now. She is quite talented at lowering your guard and softly coercing you into submission. As you succumb to her power you will end up falling in love. As you become subjected to this enough you’ll begin to fantasize about her being your girl friend. I have often thought what it would be like to have a beautiful girlfriend who knew how to hypnotize you. This set of sessions is just that. A euphoric trip into love, lust and submissive bliss. These sessions are perfectly matched to this weeks new session “Distraction is pleasure “ Now if you’ll excuse me I need to put my headphones on and push play.
Monday, 16 March 2015
These files were for me the best kind of dreamy (surprise) hypnotic fantasy that more than anything allows you to feel as close to Domina Shelle as possible while under trance. They are all filled with an amazing level of intimacy that is surprising and sexy to experience just from someone's voice. There is so much love, lust, and an incredible intensity to both, that it's hard not to feel the addiction take hold almost immediately. I love the changes that each one brings and how they are all different enough to feel individually unforgettable, while still feeling part of some hazy, recurring dream as well. These are unusually powerful and impactful and in a way you might not totally expect, they more than any other file really put Domina Shelle as the one true focus inside your mind, and maybe more.
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