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Manipulative Therapist II | Shelle RiversManipulative Therapist II | Shelle Rivers

Manipulative Therapist II


Product SKU: Manipulative Therapist II

It gets Me so horny, knowing that you will do absolutely anything I tell you to...

Manipulative Therapist II (35 minutes):

Stop right there!
Where do you think you are going?
I was kind enough to ask you to step into My office, and I even allowed you to bring yourself to orgasm, and now you are planning on simply leaving?
I don’t think so...
you need to clean up your mess before you go.
What do you mean, do I have tissues or wipes?
Oh no, My pet...
you made the mess, and now you will clean it up; you have a mouth don’t you?
Then get on with it!
Whenever you make a mess in My office, you better be prepared to deal with it.
Besides, it gets Me so horny, knowing that you will do absolutely anything I tell you to...
Eat up, pet!

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Sunday, 27 August 2023
Do you, slave, have a significant other, girl friend, or wife. Perhaps you ask certain things of Her. Maybe, you are so fortunate, as was i, long ago, to have an enthusiastic girl friend who repeatedly pleased you - just to see the shine on your face? In this session, Domina may have a tall assignment for you. It is nothing you shouldn’t have already checked out - on behalf of Her, just to be sure…
Sunday, 07 May 2023
Love it. So powerful when Domina pushes my limits. i become so weak and horny. i submitted and obeyed. Thank You Domina.
Saturday, 06 May 2023
Thank You Domina for this gift. It feels perfect for me.
Monday, 01 May 2023
Everything Domina releases, I listen over and over. Her voice is now a necessity. I must program my mind for Her. This session is so powerful. This has removed one of the largest pieces of attempted resistance. I no longer understand what is happening. I just continue because it is what I need to do. This session made me acknowledge Her power over me. I had no will. My mind was only motivated to obey as if “i” was no longer present. It feels like volumes of programming was slipped in my mind.
Saturday, 29 April 2023
i have to confess that i love it when Domina makes me push my limits to train me to be a better slave to Her. Domina has pushed my limits one on one many times. i love my stern powerful demanding Domina
Saturday, 29 April 2023
If you haven't already listened to Manipulative Therapist i would highly recommend doing that. It certainly gets you into the right state of mind for this recording. With that said. OMFG! That was fucking hot. Domina is certainly on a roll with this series. This session just takes the first and adds a whole lot of erotic pleasure that only Domina Shelle can shell out. i just loved how it started and finished. The idea of CEI is one i haven't really explored. i had a friend who had throat cancer and found it actually helped him. Fortunately i don't have that specific problem. But i am on hormone treatment and well lets just say there is nothing cumming out. If there had i would not hesitate to do what i am told to do. Anyway, i have a new favorite file for sure. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Saturday, 29 April 2023
i never know what Domina will do to me in a session because i always show my trust in Her by going in blind each time. This session is a revelation of Domina's utter control over me. She warned me the file would be a hardcore mindfuck, but it is Her mind to play with and there is no reason to ever worry when Domina is in control. Domina continues to teach me about myself, each new lesson allowing me to accept my place as Her slave. This file is a real hardcore demonstration of how real Her hypnotic conditioning is and just how deeply She has programmed me. i would never have thought i could be so submissive, but Domina knows best. Is this another new fetish installed by my Sexy but Unethical Therapist? Only time will tell. Thank You Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 29 April 2023
yuk. CEI. the first of Shelle's files I haven't enjoyed. there were warnings in the file that it wasn't for those of a nervous disposition: I'll take warnings more seriously in future.
Friday, 28 April 2023
Mmmmm… Domina Shelle the incredibly sexy manipulative therapist has struck again! giggles! Be prepared to change forever and head Her warnings well… Domina will install a VERY sexy trigger that definitely will push some slaves limits… giggles… i’m far too mindf*cked to remember if it was one of mine or not… i guess it doesn’t really matter… giggles… obedience is pleasure! Mmmmmm… This sexy session will take your submission SO much incredibly further!
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