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Diapee | Shelle RiversDiapee | Shelle Rivers



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Mommy helps you be the perfect baby gurl as you learn to use your diapee...

Diapee (13 minutes):

This is an Adult Baby Diaper Lover (ABDL) fantasy hypnosis session.

It is time to listen to your Mommy, My baby gurl, and enter into your dream state as I teach you to accept wearing, and using, your beautiful pink diapee (diaper).  No need to worry about using the big boys bathroom anymore, My sweet, just slip on your diapee and let My voice, and nature, do the rest.

Yes, My little baby, fall back into Mommy's arms and allow yourself to accept that it's normal and natural for you to pee pee in your diapee from now on.  Just as My words flow into your brain, you will have the bliss of letting that distinctive heaviness in your body flow effortlessly into your diapee, alleviating that uncomfortable pressure and enjoying the sensation of being a good li'l gurl for Me.

That's right, My princess, trust in your Mommy and allow Me to help you be the perfect baby gurl as you learn to use your diapee more and more.  Embrace these feelings and bask in the bliss of being a good gurl for Me, always knowing I know what is best for you.

So, relax, listen to your Mommy's soothing voice, and go with the flow.  Soon you'll be dependent on your diapees as much as you are addicted to Me.  Sweet dreams. (giggles)

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