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Mind Cocoon | Shelle RiversMind Cocoon | Shelle Rivers

Mind Cocoon


Product SKU: Mind Cocoon

A Mind Cocooned by Me is destined for a life of rapturous bliss...

Mind Cocoon (52+ minutes):

Are you ready to fall even deeper under My spell, to be captured in My web of submissive erotic bliss, where I will transform you into a loyal obedient pet, wanting, and willing, to do only My bidding?

W/we both know the answer, My sweet, but I get a thrill seeing My prey react to their inevitable fate, the increased heart rate, the vacant look in their eyes as surrender in that moment, and the unmistakable arousal that only I can trigger with just the sound of My soothing voice.  The TRUTH is, My words have real power over you, when I speak you are compelled to listen, to learn and, ultimately, to obey.  There is no decision-making here just acceptance that I know what's best for you and where I lead, you will follow.

And in this session I have decided to lead you deep into My web, wrapping your mind so tightly that it is immobilized and primed for some life-changing conditioning.  Like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly, I will transform the submissive you into a devoted, obedient slave utterly fixated on pleasing Me, pampering Me, and dedicated to supporting all My future wants and needs.  As your Princess, your Mistress, your Domina, and your Owner, you need to be bound to Me, to be selflessly subservient to the one you Love, Honor, and Obey, always knowing each exquisite moment you submit to Me, and My will, only increases the submissive pleasures you feel.

A Mind Cocooned by Me is destined for a life of rapturous bliss, your sacrifice of freedom and independent thought exchanged for the erotic passion I imbue in you when you surrender to My authority.  These effects are very real, My pet, and if you decide to take this path it may well be one of the last true decisions you make.  After this, you will be MINE, obsessed and addicted with serving Me, listening to My sessions, and being as close to Me as your life permits.

Be warned, My sweet, this session is captivation on a whole new level, mind, body and spirit.  I know you are eager and willing to beCUM whatever I want you to be for Me, the lure of being mine and feeling My whispered words sinking ever deeper into your mind are all too irresistible for the submissive you.  So, be prepared to fall very deep for Me and don't be surprised if you awake from this session confused, aroused and begging for more.  I am your addiction and you are going to learn just how true this is... (giggles)

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Saturday, 05 February 2022
Deep in my mental cocoon my mind became even deeper under Dominas control, Deeper under Her influence, Deeper in love with Her, and deeper in absolute submissive obsession with Her
Thursday, 03 February 2022
There is no escape from Domina's relentless and oh so effective brainwashing. My mind was trapped in Domina's cocoon and now only helpless obedience remains.
Thursday, 03 February 2022
There are periods when a file or series of sessions are introduced when one is transitioned to another stage of Domina’s development of what She intends. This is one those sessions after a series of very powerful sessions that will radically deepen Your dedication to Her. It is indeed a metamorphosis. You will never see Her or your purpose without absolute understanding again. She is in control. my life is in service and submission to Her.
Wednesday, 02 February 2022
what a great session again. I really loved it and went very deep:)
Tuesday, 01 February 2022
Fuck me, just when i think, i can't go any further into trance, Domina drops a bombshell of a gem like Mind Cocoon. i woke from this deep trance to a puddle running down my leg. It was so erotic, Her words just stroking my mind. She wasted no time in taking my mind from me. Weaving Her silken words all around my mind until my mind was Hers to play with. i was just there obeying everything She told me to do. i loved that. i love how Domina does this. i really can't get enough of Her control over my mind and body. Go buy it, listen and see what you think.
Monday, 31 January 2022
Domina Shelle is occupying my thoughts more and more every day. Even little ordinary things can suddenly bring Domina into my thoughts.
Monday, 31 January 2022
Hello, If you are reading this review before purchasing this session, then you should skip this and go get something from Domina's special deals instead. And that's all I have to say about it.
Sunday, 30 January 2022
Domina's cocoon is simply a masterpiece. Her control is erotic poetry and harmony at its best. Purchase this now to experience bliss as its best. She has no Dominant equal.
Sunday, 30 January 2022
Exquisite hypnotic bliss from Domina Shelle, thank You my beloved Queen! Loved how intimate and sensual this session was and so grateful for my ongoing metamorphosis. Forever spiraling deeper into Domina's all-encompassing influence, changed forever. Highly recommended session!!!
Saturday, 29 January 2022
WOW! What an INCREDIBLE masterpiece! Domina Shelle will give You the gift You always wanted, Her at the center of Your mind in every way forever and always… mmm… After listening, vivid images, sounds, scents and sensations of Domina remained lingering in my mind and arousing my thoughts at the very center of my being… This session is a dream Cum true and DEFINITELY one i want to listen to as much as possible to permanently seal all of the wonderful effects… mmmm… Thank You Domina Shelle! i Love You and serve You forever and always! ❤️
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