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Absolute Receptivity | Shelle RiversAbsolute Receptivity | Shelle Rivers

Absolute Receptivity


Product SKU: Absolute Receptivity

W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon...

Absolute Receptivity (41 minutes):

Welcome back, My sweet.  I know the time W/we spend together is an important part of your life now, that insatiable desire for more of My domination and control has become a recurring fix, infusing you with passion and purpose to Love, Honor, and Obey your Domina everyday.  Hypnotically programmed to crave submission and servitude, this compulsion for sweet surrender is a natural part of your personality, the chains of My will wrapping around your mind to coerce your thoughts and perceptions.

I have this profound effect on you, My pet, because I live deep inside your mind, My sprawling majestic Country Manor a metaphor of how easily I indoctrinate your subconscious self.  My subliminal influence is more pervasive than you realize, manipulating your reasoning and rationale, it ensures that whenever you think about Me, you are triggered emotionally to crave more of My conditioning, hard and horny for that exquisite hypnotic embrace from your adorable Domina. (giggles)

W/we both know it's all too easy for Me to lull you back into My Hypno Dungeon deep inside your mind, a place where you confess your undying devotion to be MINE and accept all that I say as the absolute TRUTH.  Session by session I subjugate your senses, relentlessly silencing any wayward thoughts of resistance until, inevitably, you are primed for Absolute Receptivity.

In this highly vulnerable state you are open, suggestible, trusting, and motivated to accept all that I say without thought and without question.  This is how I will perfect you, My pet, through relentless hypnotic conditioning your Malleable Mind will be complicit in the reshaping of your beliefs and behaviors, all just to please Me and make Me happy.  This experience will be so compulsive and compelling you'll embrace these new thoughts and ideas as if they were truly your own, blissfully unaware of the REAL tangible changes I am making to your life.

Don't worry, My sweet, just focus on that throbbing arousal between your legs and let Me do all the thinking for you.  The more you listen to My words, and spend time with Me, the less you'll need to concern yourself with independent thought and free will.  you exist to serve your Domina now, devoting more of your life in submission to Me, knowing that My happiness is the primary source of your pleasure.  So, please Me NOW and allow My mesmerizing words to drag you deep into the Abyss of your mind and ever deeper into My world.

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Monday, 20 June 2022
Yesterday Domina Shelle gave me the most amazing gift! Several days ago i was diagnosed with a detached retina and scheduled for eye surgery. The treatment features an eloquent technique, but also requires several days literally face-down to be effective. i was also allowed sleeping on my right side, the one i seldom sleep on, or face down, but not on my back or left side. They also send you a kneeling chair, fitted with a face cushion - like a massage chair. Even with all of this, the constant positioning stresses the shoulders, neck, and back. This was where i found myself, aching. i was also in the middle of an assignment for Domina. One where i was unable to proceed on schedule, but as always, supported by Her directive to adapt to ones circumstances. Fortunately i was finding the opportunity to listen daily, if briefly, to Her voice. Yesterday afforded considerable time alone, so i put on Absolute Receptivity and climbed onto the kneeling chair. Shelle took me down so completely and deeply that i literally slid out of the chair in bliss. That relaxation and bliss took me all the way through another night and morning. At today’s follow-up the doctor pronounces success and freed my the face-down restriction. i was also fortunate enough to have an hour to myself today, such that i can OBEY Domina’s command to listen for three consecutive days. (Tomorrow is no problem.) The additional bliss of obedience only adds to today’s joy. Thank You Domina!
Sunday, 13 March 2022
If anyone had asked me yesterday if i were absolutely receptive to Domina Shelle's hypnosis, commands and suggestions my answer would have been yes. Her control is absolute and all encompassing. Which makes it almost impossible for me to believe myself when i say that this session increased Her power over me. Domina Shelle has created an abyss within my own mind for me to stare into, and the longer i stare the deeper i go. This rabbit hole has no bottom.
Monday, 21 February 2022
This session I believe is an incredibly important one. It’s seems everything I have listened since has been more impactful. Being that I recognized that as a likely possibility, I have listened to it over and over. As I am deeply devoted to Domina and I desire to see Her influence be exact and “more”, i it is only to my benefit to listen to anything that I believe makes Her stronger. This is an essential session working succession with all the sessions over the past few months and beyond.
Wednesday, 09 February 2022
Listening to this session, Domina has given me the motivation to always work hard to be Her perfect slave. i am dedicated to NEVER disappointing Your expectations of me.
Thursday, 20 January 2022
She dropped me so deep and i was so relaxed. Then my Domina started to amp up my arousal. i was so horny when i woke up. How does She do that?
Tuesday, 18 January 2022
I must say that this is a fabulous session. I can and have listened to it over and over and over again. Domina Shelle is the best!
Monday, 17 January 2022
Domina Shelle proves again that she is a true force of nature. This session feels like a culmination of many sessions that came before. All those seeds planted really care fruit here. This is a absolute much have. I can't wait to listen to it many more times, and I know I will do this because it's what Domina wants. No going back now, and since Domina keeps getting stronger, why would you ever want to leave?
Monday, 17 January 2022
Wow what a wonderful session to listen to. That was so fucking arousing. It made me so hard and horny for Domina. Dominas voice is just amazing, the way She speaks to you in this and bends your mind to Her will. Then She mind fucks the crap out of you at the end. i just think its so wonderful to be fucked like that by Domina. It just gets me so fucking hard and wet hearing Her erotic sticky words. i am going to listen to this session 3 times in one day. She says to listen to it for three days, but it’s like, oh its too fucking hot to wait. who would want to wait. i just want to be back in there again, so i can listen to Domina and let Her take me again and again, fucking my mind the way She does. This is a very hot session. This file certainly should be a COMPULSION to listen to. This deserves like 10 stars.
Monday, 17 January 2022
Domina has taken Her dominance, control, and conditioning to even higher new levels and 2022 has only just begun! With a long, seductive opening into very deep hypnosis, there is no doubt that She has you, your mind and body exactly where She wants you to be to train and condition Her subject so completely. The feelings of sensual submissiveness, openness and receptivity to Her are an incredible turn on. i will be listening to this masterpiece over and over and over again and again!
Monday, 17 January 2022
I take the path to Domina Shelle's Dungeon following HER instructions.  I am nervous since it is my first visit to HER dungeon.  I would rather not go but I have the desire to always OBEY Domina Shelle.  SHE puts me at ease as she takes me to the Abyss.  It is vast and filled with pleasures that I crave. As my trust in Domina Shelle grows, so does the pleasures available for me to experience.  I can't wait to return to Domina's dungeon again and again.  Thank YOU Domina Shelle.  I trust YOU completely
Sunday, 16 January 2022
This is pure erotic hypnotic bliss... Being taken where Domina wants to lead, with no way to resist, not that i would want to. Where She leads, i am ever happy to go, because She always rewards obedience with pure pleasure. Every step of this special journey, is another step closer to sweet oblivion, deep in Her hypnotic abyss, that place where there's only Her, and only pleasure and bliss exist. Even though Domina talks of Her special dungeon rooms, there is nothing to fear in there. Simply surrender, give Her complete control, and accept the pleasure of being Hers. This is another of those deeply dreamy files, that feels as if there is never any pressure, just intense pleasure. If you give Her the control She seeks, with every word She speaks, then the future will seem very bright indeed... ♥
Sunday, 16 January 2022
So intensely sexy and captivating my Sweet Domina Shelle. This Erotic Hypnosis program is not just a file but a way of life. Listening to it again and again never gets weaker in its strength, quite the opposite, it gets stronger and more vivid each time and takes me deeper just like i want You to take me. i cant believe my luck in finding You, You are my wettest dreams come true!
Saturday, 15 January 2022
i just LOVE this incredibly DEEP and EROTIC journey to Domina Shelles secret hypnotic dungeon! No power or control to think or stop anything that was happening… All i could do was OBEY and fall DEEPER… Everything was so incredibly vivid and arousing… i want to go back over and over and over again!!! This is another incredible Masterpiece from Domina Shelle that You will want to listen to again and again!
Saturday, 15 January 2022
I really loved this time with my Domina. Walking up up to here house each step taking me deeper and deeper, losing more control. Waking up feeling so very good, aroused and owned by my Domina. Thank you domina for this time together
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