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Mind Devourer | Shelle RiversMind Devourer | Shelle Rivers

Mind Devourer


Product SKU: Mind Devourer

One of My many gifts is the capability to devour minds...

Mind Devourer (35 minutes):

My baby, do I have a tasty treat for you in this session or, more precisely, you have a delicious treat to offer Me!  Confused, My pet?  Don't worry, it will all beCUM apparent to you soon... well, that's if I allow you to recall the changes I will be making to your mind. (wicked grin)

As your Domina, you revere Me as a sweet Dominant Woman, a master hypnotist that epitomizes and personifies true mental domination but, unbeknownst to you, I also have a secret identity, a personality I do not share with the lucid world. This is My alter ego, a mystical persona that empowers Me with many supernatural gifts, one of which is the capability to devour minds...

Yes, I realize this may be disconcerting for some, the concept of a MIND DEVOURER, akin to something straight out of a horror film, a malicious monster luring unsuspecting victims to their doom.  But, My pet, you should not be alarmed, My intentions are noble and good, and I would never harm you.  On the contrary, I'm here to perfect you, to make you the best version of your submissive self for Me and, you know, I only speak the TRUTH.

If you reflect on O/our journey together, you know this to be true, I only promote a relationship that is mutually beneficial.  I feed on your thoughts, your passions and desires, your hopes and dreams and, in return, I imbue you with devotion, loyalty and pleasure, ensuring you are always subservient to Me.  When I do remove thoughts and ideas from your conscious mind, they are always replaced with new, improved, perspectives, enhancing your fervent desire to serve and obey Me so that I habitually dominate your thoughts. (giggles)

So, listen NOW, relax and let go.  Allow My seductive voice to assault your brain as I immerse you deeper still into My hypnotic world, your true submissive haven, a loving home you always long to return to.  Let Me lead you into blissful oblivion and I'll show you the real ecstasy of surrendering completing to My Absolute Authority...

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Sunday, 27 June 2021
Remember the 1972 Movie "Pánico en el Transiberiano" ? The one with great Christopher Lee and the monster that feeds on memories? With Her initial teasing and warning Domina reminded me of this movie. And while i try to keep my defenses up and focus on her words i turn left and right and back and forth under Her verbal attack. Confusion is inevitable. As she takes the first bite i forget what i am fighting against as as her whispers spin in my head i spiral down into nothingness. My decline finds a lustful end when i mindlessly follow Her commands and touch myself as She feeds on m thoughts and induces complete amnesia. I feel empty in every way as i never felt before - very deep very erotic roleplay! *****
Sunday, 27 June 2021
What an incredibly deep and powerful trance! i can't stop listening to the sound and Power of Domina Shelle's sweet seductive voice!
Saturday, 05 June 2021
Domina fully devoured my mind on this magnificent audio! The trance was among the deepest I have every experienced and so incredibly enjoyable! Don't miss out on hearing Domina's voice.
Wednesday, 02 June 2021
Did i listen this? i think i did? i have a vague memory of it being very erotic. Might need to listen it again... and again.
Tuesday, 01 June 2021
I feel great and i know that Domina Shelle is responsible for that. Is it possible to know what Domina Shelle devoured? I would willingly offer up all of me.
Tuesday, 01 June 2021
Domina have devoured my mind over and over for so long, i'm addicted to it. i'm addicted to Her. i forget i remember, i forget, what ever She says remember, or forget, or remember. She devours and controls my mind and thoughts absolutely.
Saturday, 29 May 2021
I LOVE this session… Mmmm… OMG… All I remember is how good it felt and going VERY deep for Domina Shelle… mmmm… it’s hard to explain but I feel like I’m STILL deep in a mindless trance for her… like MORE of my mind can only think of her… no that’s not it… like my mind can ONLY think about Domina now in addition to whatever else I may be doing… mmmm… but it still feels even deeper than that… Ohhhh… I just don’t know… but it feels amazing and I just want to think about Domina more and more… Having my mind devoured by Domina Shelle is a pleasure beyond imagination... I feel changed forever... ❤
Saturday, 29 May 2021
The session now left me back mindlessly numb as with Her words Domina Shelle did exactly what the title is called. She devoured my mind and She made it feel so extremely pleasurable. Though i have never been into horror devour themed things, it still draws me back to the help to fed up the hunger of my beloved Domina Shelle
Friday, 28 May 2021
Wow 35 minutes, where did it go. im lost at what happened or what was said. i did wake up spent though. So, at least something sexy and erotic happened in the file. i will have to listen to it again to see if i can pick anything up next time around. i hate that my mind is just BLANK right now. That makes it so difficult to write a review. But it was nice...LOL i know how do i know it was nice. Just take my word for it and buy this and listen.
Friday, 28 May 2021
Even after the first play, i had to say, i think even Domina's own description was underselling the extremely intense, hypnotic erotic bliss, that this file gives! The effect hasn't gotten any less after 3 plays. Even after that first though, i could barely remember a word that Domina had said, but honestly, i didn't really care... The words didn't really seem to matter, so much as the feelings that She gifted me with, in exchange for my surrender. i was left with a truly blissful, post hypnotic fugue state, and all i can really recall, was having to simply lay there, shaking with the pleasure She gave me, after the file was finished. All i could do, after recovering enough, was make a quick trip to the kitchen and get a drink, which roused me enough to quickly post a tweet, praising Domina for this, and then i needed to listen to Her soft sweet voice again. Still, that experience proved those old words to be true: always start the day as you mean to go on. In this case, they very much apply, i've already experienced this 3 times today, and the day has many hours remaining. This is going to be a very good, intensely pleasurable day, as i simply surrender to the bliss that Domina will give, in exchange for my surrender. It sounds like a wonderful trade to me! So now, if you'll excuse me, i have just experienced a few more thoughts that need to be consumed by Domina, the most beautiful Mind Devourer... ♥
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