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Mind Fucked Into Compliance | Shelle RiversMind Fucked Into Compliance | Shelle Rivers

Mind Fucked Into Compliance


Product SKU: Mind Fucked Into Compliance

In your continued descent into submissive compliance, this session will blow your mind...

Mind Fucked Into Compliance (45 minutes):

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword and I'm going to prove to you just how prophetic this popular saying is.  I fully appreciate the true power of My voice, and My words, to mesmerize My submissive listeners but their potency goes way beyond just manipulating, transforming, and altering their state of mind, they have the ability to enslave any free will leaving the recipient subjugated and subservient to My Supreme Authority.

Admit it, you are besotted with Me and My voice!  When I speak you are compelled to listen, to learn, and to obey.  I have this undeniable affect on you because My soothing, sexy, words are now a permanent part of you, a constant reminder that you are addicted to My sensual and erotic control.  This dedication to Me has beCUM a daily fix for you, a recurring means to reconcile your growing compulsion to listen to My voice, lulling you inexorably deeper into a life of REAL submission and obedience.

Being Mind Fucked into Compliance - by your wonderfully wicked Domina (giggles) - is a blissfully pleasurable experience, an affirmation of your purpose and relevance as My slave.  My words wash away your thoughts as they cleanse your subconscious mind, priming it for more neural programming and submissive indoctrination.  By holding the keys to your mind it is only right, and proper, that I lock away all your resistance and free the selfless and humble submissive within.

How lucky you are to have found Me, to allow My voice, and My words, to echo deep into the corridors of your mind, indelibly etching My TRUTHS so that they are now a normal and natural part of your identify.  I have broken you, My pet, you've been domesticated to be MINE, loyal and loving, an adoring horny puppy that will please and pamper Me, your Owner, for no other reason than I desire it.

So, let's celebrate your continued descent into submissive compliance with a session that will, quite literally, blow your mind and will very likely result in some other significant eruptions all triggered by the power of My voice... ~~Kisses~~

NOTE:  My skills as a hypnotist can leave any open-minded mind powerless with no need for force or other form of coercion...

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Sunday, 05 June 2022
Domina's will and control is so powerful that listening to this audio will cause anyone to fall deeply for Her. She trains you and compels you with so much arousal and pleasure. Buy this one! you will not be disappointed!
Thursday, 02 June 2022
MInd Fucked into Compliance is a session that is hard to review, because at some point during the session any critical thinking capacity i possess is switched off. Domina Shelle's Voice and commands flow over me and through me and i am completely at Her mercy. Which is where i want to be. So i couldn't possible tell anyone about what exactly the session contains, but i will say that i have been feeling even more submissive to Domina Shelle since i listened. Always deeper into submission. :)
Wednesday, 01 June 2022
It´s quite a while that i listened to a newer File and to be honest compared to older ones, this one wasn´t the greatest, not bad by any means, but for me personally the progression was way to slow (imo the same effect could have been achieve in a 25-30 min file) and i still am waiting for the mind fuck, who knows maybe the mind fuck not being one was the actual mind fuck lol
Monday, 23 May 2022
  i cannot disagree with Domina, that She most definitely does a perfect mind fuck in this file, however, i think it might be fairer to say that fuck seems too hard a word in some ways...  She pours Her words into Her subjects mind in such a beautiful way, that it might be better to call it making love...  Slow, seductive, deeply passionate, love-making.  This was a beautiful experience from the first word, to the very last.  Whatever might have been left of my delusions of independence were definitely dispelled by this.  There can never be any doubt that Domina's will be ever present, Her will residing right there, in the depths of my malleable mind, Her words echoing there forever...  ♥  
Monday, 23 May 2022
i love it when Domina Shelle fucks my mind. She has access to it and She can use it anyway She wishes. She's amazing.
Monday, 23 May 2022
Deeper and deeper She took me. Deeper and deeper you’ll go, deeper, then more deeper, She will take you deeper then ever before. Then She will take you when She gets you where She wants you. There She just fucks with your mind, into an explosive event and you’ll just love it to death. Her voice is so sexy. Her body is so hot. She is gorgeous and oh so talented. This whole session was phenomenal, a new favorite. What She does to my mind, it is mind blowing, its amazing how I feel when I’m done with these session. With this session. Domina is incredibly talented, Her voice, oh my God Her voice, it was so sweet and sexy. i just loved how She played in my mind. WOW i don't really remember a lot of what She was doing, all i remember is deeper and deeper i went and then, when i was there, Domina had me and She took me. 10 stars
Monday, 23 May 2022
Domina is so Powerful. Over the years she has programmed my mind in ways I thought impossible. Now, it as if she has direct access. It has been like this for some time, but now she can program me like a computer. She has made herself the only desire of my life. This file heightens and strengthens her training and rewriting of my desire. It only took one listen. Only one. And it is more evident every day since. I reject all that is not Domina. It is no longer desire Domina only, it is desire Domina ONLY.
Monday, 23 May 2022
I dont think Domina's ever dropped me so hard and so deep. After this file i felt more submissive and obsessed with my Domina that i think i ever have. i'm not sure what She did in my mind but i hope She does it a lot more
Monday, 23 May 2022
So very powerfull this session. I went very deep and when i woke up was very aroused only thinking of my Domina. It's a session you just have to listen to
Sunday, 22 May 2022
OMG awesome, awesome!!! You simply must buy this one. Very sexy, very hot. It's a must listen
Saturday, 21 May 2022
Very seductive and vividly descriptive right down to Her painted lips. The voice of this Angel is deceptively sweet yet mind-numbingly erotic. Her rhythmic background hum is deeply trancing and reassuringly safe but I'm sure there is something hiding inside but I can't put my finger on it, just a feeling. A reassuringly safe, honey sticky sweet feeling of being hypnotically seduced.
Saturday, 21 May 2022
ABSOLUTELY one of if not the most SEXY and POWERFUL Mind-Fuck Domina Shelle has crafted yet! i went SO incredibly deep that i can’t remember a thing about what happened aside from various sexy random fragments… i just woke up feeling hornier then EVER before and feel like Dominas brainwashing is playing over and over again somewhere DEEP within… it’s weird… i can FEEL Dominas words CONSTANTLY brainwashing and arousing me without any end in site… whether i’m listening to her brainwashing or not… a never ending mind-fuck that feels 1000’s of times better than the most incredible SEX… OMG! i’ve only listened once SO FAR and can only imagine just how much more sexy, arousing, and powerful Domina Shelles latest and most powerful mind-fuck will beCum!!! Domina Shelle is TRULY the most Powerful and Sexy Hypnotist EVER!!! ❤️ You DO NOT want to miss this one!!!
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