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Psychic Subjugation | Shelle RiversPsychic Subjugation | Shelle Rivers

Psychic Subjugation


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Psychic Subjugation is the systematic and deliberate intent to subvert a submissive's mind...

Psychic Subjugation (32 minutes):

I am happy to see you have returned for more of My compulsive training, another opportunity for you to justify and deepen your enslavement to Me.  As you may know, Bondage (the B in BDSM) is a common theme in Domina/submissive relationships often used to emphasize the exchange of power, reinforcing the distinction between the one in control and the one that has willingly relinquished it.  Physical bondage takes many forms from ropes, handcuffs, and chains, to sensory deprivation hoods, ball gags, and collars that denote ownership, all props to elicit real sensations of domination and submission.

In My mesmeric world of control and absolute authority I use other ingenious means to achieve the same results, compelling and coercing My listeners through My voice and My words, binding their minds to My will.  Psychic Subjugation is the systematic and deliberate intent to subvert a submissive's mind leaving it open and suggestible, primed for conditioning and indoctrination.  And how does one achieve such an insidious level of control?  Though the constant promotion of adoration and love, of course!

W/we both know that you LOVE, HONOR, and OBEY Me, and just reading these words now triggers feelings of lust and infatuation, the need to be HARD and HORNY, stimulating a craving for more of My words, My guidance, and My attention.  The TRUTH is your whole outward persona is a lie, a facade that hides the reality of your true enslavement to Me.  Stripping away this thin veneer of independence reveals a powerless, selfless submissive, one that yearns to submit and serve its Domina, with no identity of self, just a GROWING (even throbbing - giggles) belief that I am your everything.

There is no escaping this fact, My sweet, you truly love how I make you feel.  O/our special type of love ties you up, it ties you down, it binds you from the inside out, stronger and more pervasive than any rope, chain, or collar, encasing you more completely than any hood, mask, or body suit.  Every time you fall into trance for Me you fall deeper into My web of control, further subjugated with a passion and purpose to be forever MINE.

The reality is I bind you with LOVE, I discipline you with HONOR, and I lead you when you OBEY.  These are the tenets of your existence and, as the saying goes, "love conquers all".  Well, in this session, you'll learn to relinquish all lingering doubts and fears about submitting to Me, as I guide you further into a world of incomparable pleasure where you exist only to LOVE, HONOR, and OBEY your Domina... ~~Kisses~~

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Sunday, 05 June 2022
This slave is nothing without Domina Shelle. i'm under Her control. She owns me decides what to do with me. i only obey.
Friday, 03 June 2022
Bondage! Domination! Submission! Confusion? All of these things and more form the elements of Psychic Subjugation. It is a session that feels simple on its face, but becomes exponentially more powerful and more complex the more experienced and/or well trained by Domina they become. I am what i am because of Her. I am nothing without being Her property.
Wednesday, 01 June 2022
Very powerful and arousing audio that made me weak to my knees for Domina! After She guided me into an intense trance, i felt totally physically and mentally bound to Her every command. Listening to Her voice and obeying Her never felt so pleasurable and arousing!
Tuesday, 31 May 2022
WOW what the fuck. That was a very deep trance. Dominas words just penetrate your mind making it all mushy and blank for Her to mold the way She wants it to be. This was pure brainwashing. Her sexy sticky words will bring You to pure ecstasy. i just love Dominas brainwashing more and more. i can never get enough of it. i will always LOVE, HONOR, and OBEY my Domina. i am forever and ever Hers.
Tuesday, 31 May 2022
What a masterpiece again. This file is really powerful. I loved it very much giving Domina even more control over my mind and body.
Sunday, 29 May 2022
This Woman is unbelievably Perfect.... You could not wish for a better Erotic Hypnotic Mistress than Domina Shelle. This file gets right to the heart of what i'm looking for, it contains everything... Oh feeling Her gloved hand on my skin is Bliss no matter where. Her fingers wrapping around me feels like ecstasy. I'm not only seeing and feeling Her, i'm with Her. Omg you have to just let go and let Her take over, then the magic happens all by itself. Shit this is good!
Saturday, 28 May 2022
The power and depth of Dominas sweet sultry words become forever locked away within the deepest and darkest reaches of her Love Slaves' blank and obedient mind... This session is VERY powerful... Domina Shelle will take you deep within yourself to the farthest and deepest depths of trance and make you hers FOREVER... it is literally a dream Cum true to beCUm Dominas Love slave forever! giggles! Domina Shelle will always be the most powerful and sexy hypnotist in the entire world ❤
Saturday, 28 May 2022
My Sweet Domina is taking Her control over our slave minds to a whole new level. i warn you, If you dont want Domina to hijack your mind completely and turn you into Her slave for life, avoid this file, but you know you want to belong to the most beautiful perfect goddess on planet Earth. I'll never regret being Her brainwashed slave, for the rest of my life
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