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Mouthwatering | Shelle RiversMouthwatering | Shelle Rivers



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My darling sissy girl, take My hand and follow Me into the center of your GIRLY lil mind...

Mouthwatering (24 minutes):

My sweet, you've been so accepting of My instructions and training, and you are doing so well recognizing your own needs, that I thought you deserved a little treat.

I promise you, My sweet girl, you will love what I am about to do to your sissy mind.  I am forever changing you.  Perfecting you as MINE!  Bringing you PLEASURE and Happiness as you LIVE and LOVE your TRUE self more and more with every step of this beautiful JOURNEY for two, you and Me.

Now... Follow My instructions, and prepare yourself before listening.

For this session I want you all dressed up (if possible).  Sexy and soft, just the way you love it.  Maybe your favorite outfit, or sexiest panties.  I'll allow you to decide.

My darling sissy girl, take My hand and follow Me into the center of your GIRLY lil mind.  I know that you have dreamed of you and Me being even closer in very intimate ways.  So many layers to our relationship.  So, trust me and follow Me on this sensual SEXUAL journey to obsession and addiction.

Believe Me, you're going to vividly remember this incredible experience and you will find that it replays in your mind over and over again.

For a moment IMAGINE Me, taking a bit of a strawberry, and the holding it to your lips for you to finish... How sexy would that be, My sweet girl?  It would be a MOUTHWATERING gift and sweet kiss, all wrapped into one for you.

Now slip one hand inside your panties and DOWNLOAD this session with the warm and wet, isn't it?

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Friday, 05 January 2024
O M G!!! What a SEXY SEXY Sissy Session!!!! One of my absolute FAVORITES so far!!! Thank You Domina Shelle for spoiling all Your sissy slaves with this SWEET and CREAMY taste of Your erotic hypnotic perfection! Mmmmm… This one’s not JUST for this sissies, boys!!! giggles
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