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My pet slave | Shelle RiversMy pet slave | Shelle Rivers

My pet slave


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I'm going to cage you...not chastity...I'm talking MIND and BODY!

My pet slave (40 minutes):

I am so excited about what I will do to your MIND and BODY this week.  I'm going to cage you....and I do not mean a CHASTITY cage...I'm talking MIND and BODY!

Have you ever thought about just how far you would fall into My submissive world?  I mean if there were NOTHING holding you back?  Nothing in your way...OR maybe your decisions were made for you... what if you had NO choices?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you were with Me, your Domina, as My submissive 24/7?  With only the thoughts in your malleable mind, being completely mine?  Can you imagine the EXTENSIVE brainwashing that I would do to you, If I had you locked up in My HYPNO-CHAMBER?  So hot, just thinking of you locked up...peeping through the steel bars...seeking MORE of whatever I want from you.  Not caring how I use you...Only that you are being useful.
Oh, I can see this excites you.

Having My attention, as often as I want to play?  What if I used you for SEX...or as My butler?... So many things that I could do to you...But you must be PROPERLY TRAINED.  you must be COMPLETELY BRAINWASHED for this to work.
I will slip inside your MIND just as easily as I did the last will automatically OPEN up and let Me take complete control of your subconscious mind.

No matter how I get into your mind, the effects are the same.  My power is growing...My control is taking over.

Listen NOW!

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Friday, 16 December 2022
I always relish any opportunity to be personal servant to Domina Shelle. My Pet Slave is an interesting direction to take this style of session. I won't spoil it, but Domina's interpretation felt perfect. It was a wonderful experience to be a captive slave of Domina Shelle completely at Her beck and call.
Thursday, 15 December 2022
What a masterpiece yet again. I went so very deep, got locked away and was incredebly aroused when I finaly woke uo again. Loved every second of it Thank You Domina Shelle
Wednesday, 14 December 2022
Locked away for Domina. This is partly fantasy but mostly real. i am locked away. i dont make my own choices. She absolutely controls my sex and my life. i need Her control. i am small in Her presence.
Wednesday, 14 December 2022
This was a deep and relaxing session. i like it when i can fully immerse in the story. This was an interesting mix of different fetishes and Domina made them work together in this one.
Sunday, 11 December 2022
Listening felt like going into so many different levels on hypnosis all at the same time… i just LOVE falling deeper into enslaved with each new session i listen too… i belong right here forever, helplessly trapped in Dominas cage and made to serve and please Her FOREVER… i will do anything for Domina Shelle! Woof Woof Woof!!!
Sunday, 11 December 2022
Domina has been my home for so long, at Her feet, Her brainwashed slave, that is home to me. But Domina is a loving a generous Owner, and in this session, She takes me into deep, blank obedience through a wonderfully relaxing and sensuous hypnotic trance, not just bringing me home, but giving me my own special place to live, to serve, to be brainwashed to be a better slave. There is so much more to this trance, Domina intertwines layer after layer of brainwashing and programming in each session and this is another wonderful example of Her skill. Domina does not make bad sessions, She never fails to deliver on the objective of the trance, She is the best at what She does. If You have been with Domina before then You are already Hers and have purchased this session. If You are still looking for a true Owner, then this could well be the end of Your search and the start of Your new reality.
Saturday, 10 December 2022
Damn what a deep relaxing trance that was. Seems the whole file was a take down. It just kept taking me deeper and deeper. Before long it was time to wake up. Domina shows what a 24/7 submissive day would be like being with Her. i liked the idea of doing chores of Domina. i would love doing anything for Her. If you’re looking for a relaxing file with some good ole brainwashing attached, then you’ve come to the right place.
Saturday, 10 December 2022
There is no greater pleasure in this life than being completely owned by Domina Shelle. If you are like me and find yourself wishing that you could spend every moment of every day under Her blissful hypnotic control, this recording is for you.
Saturday, 10 December 2022
Have you ever looked for that special spark in life that gives you just that little extra thrill, that little extra reason to be happy? ive found mine, Domina Shelle's Erotic Hypnosis! With the help of this file, i now know what i want to become and my place in life. This file and Domina Shelle are beyond a thrill, She is a way of life. A Beautiful and Enriched life. i am so very grateful for this opportunity and to have such a blissful relationship with Her. Jump on board and let yourself go. Every file, every word that Domina speaks is a whole new world of excitement and fun!
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