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Hypnotic Hood | Shelle RiversHypnotic Hood | Shelle Rivers

Hypnotic Hood


Product SKU: Hypnotic Hood

Embrace the sensual bliss of being enslaved by your beloved Domina...

Hypnotic Hood (32 minutes):

My baby, bondage is commonly viewed as an erotic pleasure where the act of sacrificing mobility, and perception, adds to the overall sensation of being powerless and vulnerable to the wicked whims of the Dominant.  While this is certainly true, one important element that is often overlooked is that through sensory deprivation the Dominant can control, and significantly accentuate, the intensity of the submissive's sensual experience using the other remaining heightened senses during the bondage experience.

Take a leather hood, for example.  Imagine what it would feel like if I place earbuds in your ears and then proceeded to place a leather hood on your head, a powerful form of sensory deprivation that leaves you focused on Me and My actions.  The smell of the leather would initially overwhelm you as your vision and hearing diminish until all that is left is a heightened state of anticipation.  As I lace up the hood, buckling it closed, you feel the exchange of power, from you to Me, savoring My every touch until you feel it, the locking of the padlock, binding you to this compromised state, dependent on Me for your freedom and unaware of what I will do to you next...

And then, My sweet intoxicating voice erupts into your ears, consuming you.  Like a tidal wave of passion it breaches your defenses and quickly you succumb to the aural torrent as it relaxes you, entrances you, and stimulates you to the very core of your being.  There's no escaping the power of My Hypnotic Hood just like there's no escaping your own desires for Me.  I have captivated you, imprisoned you, and what little resistance you have quickly evaporates under the incessant barrage of My honey coated words.

The TRUTH is you are hungry for My control and My devious programming, and whenever you hear My voice you are open and suggestible, compliant and receptive to My every word, wish and desire.  Each and every day you feel this growing compulsion to submit to Me and all you have to do is to embrace this craving, press PLAY, and surrender to the euphoric feelings of being MINE!  My Hypnotic Hood immerses you deeper into the power of My voice, and My words, until they beCUM a natural part of who you are, a gateway to your submissive desires that only I can open deep inside your enthralled mind. (giggles)

Hmmm, you love it when I take control, My pet, and in this session you will appreciate just how weak and vulnerable you are to My all consuming words.  I'm a permanent part of your life now, so relax, let go, and embrace the sensual bliss of being enslaved by your beloved Domina, accepting the reality that your submissive mind exists to absorb and integrate My conditioning as you fall ever deeper into My world of sensual domination and control.

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Thursday, 20 July 2023
Bondage hoods are such a huge turn on. i love how when you wear one it's like you lose your identity and become just a slave. Listening to this file with a hood on was amazing (though it's not in leather). But i have no doubt it would be great without one too. Domina cannot fail.
Tuesday, 10 January 2023
Sensory deprivation can be a great way to experience trance. Normally i satisfy myself with the noise cancellation on my headphones, but this session made me want to at least put on a blindfold. Domina Shelle is perfect and the execution of this recording is also perfect. I would say more, but i fear I would only be repeating myself. This is a must listen file.
Tuesday, 10 January 2023
Yes I'd loved this session never knew it was so much fun smelling the leather her voice deep inside my head just a dream come true
Saturday, 07 January 2023
Domina knows what is best for me. She is always right. I can't wait to put the hood on with HER voice in my head.
Wednesday, 04 January 2023
I dont own a leather hood but after Domina planted Her seeds for a new fetish i may have too. i love that Domina has made me Her toy that She can plant anything thoughts, fantasies, or fetishes in my brainwashed mind
Tuesday, 03 January 2023
i never knew just how badly i needed a leather hood! Domina Shelle has succeeded in planting yet another incredibly sexy fetish into my open and suggestible mind! What a sexy way to start off the new year!
Monday, 02 January 2023
Wow i really need to go buy a leather hood. This session was deep and so frickin hot. The take down was amazing. i just loved how Domina started off with it. Her voice is oh so sexy., Then it just kept going, taking me down even further until i was where Domina wanted me. Thats when the programming started. i love being programmed by my Domina in Her dungeon. What a great place to be. i long for it more and more. You will too.
Sunday, 01 January 2023
Listening this was great way to end year 2022. Sensual bliss is good way to describe this one. i really liked this dungeon my Domina has set up in my mind.
Friday, 30 December 2022
This is an incredible file, the induction is so soft and sexy, so hypnotic but the then wrapping in a leather scented hood is real. i Adore this programming file. This is the darker side of Domina Shelle and i LOVE it! It is so strong that i fell asleep after listening to it twice in a row and woke up in the morning still playing in my ears. God only knows what went into my head over night but i feel so wonderful. This is real Erotic Hypnosis!
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