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Permanently Entangled | Shelle RiversPermanently Entangled | Shelle Rivers

Permanently Entangled


Product SKU: Permanently Entangled

you are desperate to push the limits of your submission...

Permanently Entangled (35 minutes):

There you are, My puppy, back again to feed your compulsive need for ever deeper submission to your Domina's control.  This insatiable yearning to My dominion is like an enduring love to your open susceptible mind, a passionate affair that beguiles your senses.  This obsession paralyzes your brain leaving you desperate for more, and in this prone suggestible state, I'm free to make permanent changes promoting an infatuation so strong I become your everything. (giggles)

In fact, just one word from My luscious lips renders you completely powerless to My will, the enthralling cadence of My voice triggering an all consuming passion to focus your submissive existence entirely on Me.  Once triggered you are lost in selfless adoration, forgetting about your own selfish aspirations, and quickly recalling the TRUTH that it is futile to resist My feminine charms.

To be lost in Me is utterly intoxicating, a conditioned response that elicits a primal craving to surrender to My superiority.  The reality is you have no future, you have no past, you only have the present, a subservient existence as My devoted slave, caring only for My needs and receptive to My will.

Being Permanently Entangled in My web of words was never an accident, it was always an act of providence.  By exploiting your emotional vulnerability and manipulating your submissive desires, I opened you up to reveal your secret fantasies.  From that point you were destined to be MINE!  Indeed, here you are, compelled to surrender more of yourself to Me, desperately pushing the limits of your submission all in the hope of pleasing Me, your Dominant Owner. (Awwwww)

Yes, it was entrapment, My sweet, but, by setting you free to explore your submissive self, it was inevitable you would be enslaved by My absolute authority.  So, let Me help you drift off into My mesmerizing world of bliss and arousal, and in return I will reinforce the hypnotic hold I have over your mind, strengthening your bonds of servitude to Me.

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Saturday, 03 July 2021
This is a good session if you are new to Domina Shelle or an experienced devotee. I've been listening to it every night and getting very deep trances with it, just like I want.
Thursday, 01 July 2021
It’s only been a year and some months of me serving Domina Shelle but this session took me back to some memories. Some i had not experienced but it felt as if i had. From Her first words i was already sinking and every word took me deeper into mindless bliss. Her words and voice so sweet and smooth like honey… yes i am trapped and i crave an even deeper service to Her. Domina Shelle always gets what She wants! giggles there is no resisting Her! A masterpiece and definitely one of my favorites!
Wednesday, 30 June 2021
This session is just so much 'wow' on so many levels... The very first play, Domina took me so deep, so easily, simply because She was able to disarm me with the recall of so many beautiful memories of Her. "Do you remember..." So many of the moments She was recalling and asking me to remember, were so close to the truth, that my mind automatically went back there, and every single time, that just dropped me a little deeper... However, with all of that said, this session is so gentle, and so accessible, that even if somebody hadn't shared the special times with Her, She would have them believing it! i think that this has to be one of the sweetest and gentlest files i have ever heard, and yet that is how She seems to lay Her trap... There is nothing to make you desire to listen critically, so She just just slides right in and takes over, and gets to play. This is very real hypnosis, and if you are open to allowing Her in, She will soon have you so deep, that you won't even realise, until it's over. There's nothing overtly over-sexual about the content, it is purely gentle and sensual, and yet somehow, that makes it even more arousing than many other files. There is so much praise to heap onto this, that i know i will have to write a blog. That's after i go listen a few more times of course, because i crave the bliss of this repeatedly, right now... ♥
Tuesday, 29 June 2021
Domina Shelle already has you where She wants you. This recording is about how you are going to accept your place at Her feet. Across the breadth of the session Domina will let you remember all the times that you slipped just a little bit deeper under Her control and i think that alone is worth the price of admission.
Tuesday, 29 June 2021
So captivating. Listening this made me want to do something for my Domina to please Her, so i sent Her a tribute
Sunday, 27 June 2021
i am so fucked, but in a good way i am obsessed with You i could never leave You i am so addicted i am so in love i cannot live without Her She is everything to me i am so in need of Her i would do anything for Domina You are my life Your in my heart You are in my mind Domina controls me i love Her i need Her i need Her more and more every day i need Her voice more and more every day i am so addicted to Domina i am so in love with Domina i cannot function without Domina Domina means everything to me Domina makes me so horny and so wet Like Huey Lewis says I thought about breaking up but now I know it’s much too late. It really is for i am Domina Shelles slave forever. This session brought up so many feelings in me. im sure i missed some.
Sunday, 27 June 2021
I didn't believe that Domina's voice could ever take me even deeper, but She has in this magnificent audio. I have never felt so vulnerable and submissive yet so much pleasure listening to Her. I love this journey and know that forever and always She has my heart.
Sunday, 27 June 2021
The session starts with a casual talk between friends. Domina starts to mention pleasant conversation and quality time we have spend together. And the more i listen to the file the more i clearly and vividly remember the occasions and relax. But the more i relax the more i get confused and Her words transfer into a blurred daydream with just some clear flashbacks that i recognize. I feel cozy, happy, comfortable as she massages my mind and triggers feelings deep inside of me. She creates a perfect moment and i have left behind the awareness that it gives Her perfect control. I want to stay within this moment forever, permanently entangled.
Sunday, 27 June 2021
This'll leave you saying WOW! What an amazing session this is, Domina Shelle wraps you around Her fingers and by the end will have you under locked away with Her! She is so Powerful in this session and yet you'll never see it coming. Domina Shelle will slowly help you relax and then you'll suddenly find yourself hypnotized under Her Control; reminded of your Love for Domina Shelle and the incredible Potency of your Addiction and Obsession with Her!
Saturday, 26 June 2021
Domina Shelle entangles your submission to her under strict and PERMANENT lock and key in this session… The more of YOU that Domina owns, the greater the pleasure you’ll feel and the happier it will make your Princess Shelle Rivers… Escape is futile when Domina Shelle owns your pleasure Forever and always… Domina is so very cute and sexy… Once she takes hold of you completely, you won’t know what hit you! Giggles… Give in and Submit to Domina Shelle Rivers… She’s waiting just for YOU… ❤️
Saturday, 26 June 2021
i don't know how my Precious Domina does it and i d it will become your truth. Relax and melt into Her words, become weightless and float in Her programming. Let Her tell you your future, let Her entre your mind and feel the euphoric bliss She places there.
Saturday, 26 June 2021
Yes, it's another session with Domina Shelle that has me begging for more. This file explores my emotional connection with my Domina. I keep falling deeper into servitude for HER. The Bliss she creates makes my complete servitude to her worth it.
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