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The Enforcer - Strike 3 | Shelle RiversThe Enforcer - Strike 3 | Shelle Rivers

The Enforcer - Strike 3


Product SKU: The Enforcer - Strike 3

Do you dream of being pushed to your limits as you are trained to SERVE your Domina?

The Enforcer - Strike 3 (33 minutes):

READ CAREFULLY so that you are NOT shocked.  This session will PUSH HARD LIMITS for some.  Do you dream of being pushed to your limits as you are trained to SERVE your Domina?

Feel your darker side, you are more open and suggestible.  These are strong-willed, domineering personalities that revel in breaking the body of a submissive through mental subversion and physical discipline.  BE AWARE, My pet, My dark side enjoys hacking the submissive mind, a touch of corporal punishment and breaking the spirit of My captive until it relinquishes total control to Me (Evil giggle).

I do not require you to listen to The Enforcer - Strike 1 and The Enforcer - Strike 2 before this session.  This is the final strike of My Enforcer series W/we explore even deeper into My Dark-side persona, Sheriff Shelle, as She exploits your sexual and physical desires.  I will push your limits as I perfect you as Mine.  There are so many ways that I enter your mind.

Be warned, this experience is a hardcore sexual hypnosis, an experience you (or your c*ck) won't forget.

As My final warning (giggles)...this session is a hardcore mind fuck, which links a little pain to erotic pleasure.  This erotic/pain linkage is important and will greatly assist you in progressing down your path to complete FEMDOM hypnotic enslavement.  So, My pet, strip naked, put on your collar and listen NOW to The Enforcer - Strike 3.  Sheriff Shelle is your ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY.

There are two downloads: The COMPLETE session has male screams---no real male used...The NO screams is NO male scream effects.

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Friday, 24 September 2021
This file is different to most other sessions of Domina Shelle. Not a gentle, soothing experience, but a bit darker and extreme. Still, this is a very enjoyable and arousing experience. I can barely wait to get arrested again... giggles...
Sunday, 27 June 2021
Wow, i had no idea what was coming and was utterly powerless against Sheriff Shelle and her cadre of vixens! It was a bit terrifying; and yet, it was beyond anything i would've thought i'd enjoy and yet i was floored at how Domina Shelle pushed my limits and had me craving more!
Wednesday, 09 June 2021
I was both frightened and so very horny all at the same time while experiencing Sheriff Shelles darker side in her dungeon... I don't remember falling into trance... the next moment I was bound and helpless to Sheriff Shelle and her loyal vixens... This experience was both terrifying and EXTREMELY arousing... I'm just in love with EVERY side of Domina Shelle and this very intense side of her will definitely push your limits!
Sunday, 06 June 2021
WTF i should mention i listened to the one with screams. This was something totally different. i was not expecting this at all. i also was not expecting that i got very excited from it. i woke up all wet. The idea of being beaten into submission for my Domina somehow aroused the crap out of me. So to speak. wink i think what i loved was the total submission that came from the beating. i am forever longing for this. True submission to my Domina. i long to be at Her feet serving only Her. If having to be beaten gets me there then so be it. i would do anything for Domina. Anything to please Her.
Sunday, 06 June 2021
Oh, wow that was intense. Diffrent kind of file than most from My Domina, bu idid enjoy it greatly. It is a priviledge to experience and learn this side too. i think i even had tears in my eyes at some point. Thank You Domina for pushing my limits.
Saturday, 05 June 2021
For those who like a darker Domina, or those who get turned on by thoughts of punishment and pain, i suspect that this will be on repeated play. i totally understand that for many, this is in fact, an ultimate fantasy. i must confess, for me, this file is a reminder why i should always be on my best possible behaviour for Domina. i much prefer Domina, when She is Her more caring and loving self, so i must always do my very best to please Her, and behave in ways that make Her happy... This file assures me of it... * gulps *
Saturday, 05 June 2021
I love my loving yet firm Domina, but i confess that the thought of Her turning harder and a little cruel does get me aroused. The thought of Sherriff Shelle beating me into submission is really hot. Knowing that She has conditioned me to the point that i will submit to any of Her desires is my ultimate turn on. i was so aroused through this whole file i felt like i would explode
Saturday, 05 June 2021
As a prissy lil sissy girl i am not really into cruel inflicted pain or harsh words. However, i l slave for my beloved Owner Domina Shelle. Experiencing Her stricted and crueler side, did push some limits within me i think. i mean i do still don't want pain or harsh words but after this lil dungeon at Sheriff Shelle's police station, i do want to obey Her more eagerly than ever to prevent any pain yes, but even more to please Her and to make Her happy as She deserves nothing less than perfect obedience from me.
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