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Pink Forest - Shine | Shelle RiversPink Forest - Shine | Shelle Rivers

Pink Forest - Shine


Product SKU: Pink Forest - Shine

My pretty sissy gurl, prepare for a very sensual and erotic experience...

Pink Forest - Shine (27 minutes):

It feels right to follow Me back into My Pink Forest.

It's a place that I have created for you and Me.

A place that you can experience the sweetest feminine mystical energies.

A place of transformation.

A place that calls out to you.

Calling out from depths of your mind.

This forest is growing and expanding inside your mind now and leaving you open for PLEASURES beyond your wildest imaginations.

Slip into something soft and sexy and take My hand as I guide you deeper into your own desires and further into My Pink Forest.

Prepare for a very sensual and erotic experience that you will want to return to over and over again.

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Tuesday, 06 April 2021
Firstly, i have to open this by simply saying, thank You, my sweet and beautiful Queen, for producing this. It has been a deeply embedded desire, for quite some time, to return to the Pink Forest, with You as my Carer, my Companion and my Guide, and You did not disappoint in any way with this. From the opening words, right through to the last, it was a sublime journey of purely pleasurable, hypnotic bliss. As i have learned over time, You truly are so kind and caring to Your sissy's and other gurls, and this was no exception. There wasn't a single moment that made me feel uncomfortable in even any slight way. It was a truly dreamy experience, filled with nothing but acceptance and joy; a feeling that i could accept myself, and better, be accepted as myself, with no worries or fears to get in the way. Since the very first play, i found myself embracing those parts of my personality that i too often suppressed, and found myself cherishing them instead. If there is anybody out there with fear of embracing their femininity or sissy desires, i would suggest that this is a 'must buy' file, because it shows how beautiful an experience embracing femininity can be. There is no condemnation, no degradation, and absolutely no humiliation about embracing your inner femme, instead it is a pure celebration of the finer things that can be experienced, and soft and gentle encouragement for you to embrace them, and find out. ♥
Tuesday, 06 April 2021
A super relaxing file and a nice reminder to be more of a girly girl every single day <3
Tuesday, 06 April 2021
Omg! I LOVE this journey to Dominas Pink Forest! During and after listening I’ve felt so shiny and happy in my sissytude! Without really being aware of it at first I’ve noticed my sissy self coming out a LOT more in my real life in a way that perfectly complements my personality and makes myself and those around me shine! Everyday I will become Dominas shiny and cute lil sissy more and more and it feels AMAZING! It’s really wonderful to feel more like my true self and feel excepted by myself and others... ESPECIALLY by my wonderful Domina Shelle! *heart*
Monday, 05 April 2021
i’m not a sissy but Domina said we should get the Pink Forest, listen and review it on our blogs. i always obey my Domina without question, so i listened and now i’m reviewing =) It’s always w
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