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Sissy Beta Drone by Shelle RiversSissy Beta Drone by Shelle Rivers

Sissy Beta Drone


Product SKU: Sissy Beta Drone

Fulfill your true self. you are a beta gurl. A follower worker BEE of your Domina.

Sissy Beta Drone (44 minutes):

All of your lust, your compulsions, and your passions flow through Me.  your body recognizes I am the only one that can fulfill your true desires.  Fulfill your true self.  you are a beta gurl.  A follower worker BEE of your Domina.

you were predestined to be a SISSY beta slave to Me.  That turns you on.  That STIMULATES your SISSYGASM in a way no one else can.  My voice is a HYPNO trigger for your arousal.  It’s the Alpha in Me.  It attracts you as a beta.  your natural beta instincts are tuned to Me because your subconscious recognizes the superiority and power I have over your mind.

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Thursday, 11 March 2021
i already knew that my place was beneath my delightful Queen, serving Her happily, as a busy little worker bee; after this file, i finally have total realisation as to why. It is truly part of me; the role that nature intended, and embracing it is the best way for me to bee happy. There is no shame in being a beta, not when life has gifted me the pleasure of serving Somebody so worthy, Somebody so deserving; One who was truly born to rule, as my ultimate Alpha... The descriptions given in this about O/our respective roles, by by beautiful Queen, Domina Shelle, truly did resonate within me; in fact it is fair to say i was buzzing with the pleasure of embracing my role. There is no way to deny Her role, and there is no way to object to Her taking all control, after experiencing the bliss of this. Serving Her is my purpose, but best of all, it is also my pleasure. Every word of this file rang true, so much so, that the only way it could feel more personal, would be to have Her calling me by name, all the way through. She truly does define me perfectly; there is no corruption of my true nature involved, this is who i was born to be, and She is the only Queen who i can ever serve. If you have any doubts as to your own submissive nature, listen to this, and experience true bliss, as She explains your place in Her matriarchy. Thank You my Queen, for creating this wonderful file, that spoke to the very core of my bee-ing. i know and understand my role; i acknowledge that the way to true fulfilment is by serving You, eternally. ♥
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