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Power Exchange | Shelle RiversPower Exchange | Shelle Rivers

Power Exchange


Product SKU: Power Exchange

This session with serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.

Session Length: 29 minutes

A Masterful Mind Fuck

“Power Exchange” is an instructional session about learning the right way to obey, to fall into trance with a soothing, arousing MASTERFUL COVERT induction.... Another spellbinding session that with some serious repetition will convert any man into a compliant slave.  This session is POWERFUL and you will love the REINFORCEMENT techniques.  you will find yourself blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of My web of EROTIC control.  Admit it, that thought is incredibly SEXY, wonderfully DOMINANT and wickedly PROVOCATIVE to the submissive you!  Open your BRAINWASHED mind to the possibility of relinquishing ALL control of your CLIMAX to a Dominant Woman, Me, releasing only at My command.  No, you silly boy, this is not Chastity where I control if/when you stroke and whether you C*M, this session is about training your subservient mind.

Now that may sound a bit scary but let Me assure you I have your best submissive interests at heart and you do want to CUM FOR MY PLEASURE, don't you?  Just imagine the erotic pleasure of being conditioned to only crave release when you listen to My voice, blissfully lost in the intense euphoria of wanting and waiting for My command to RELEASE.

Tightening My dominion and authority over your sex adds to the control I have over all of you!  With repeated training you will quickly realize that the right way to obey Me is effortlessly and automatically, understanding that My control pervades both your waking world and in the deepest of trances.

I offer you this incredible opportunity knowing that you will still retain the capability to sate your own hedonistic urges, cu*ming as often as you wish provided it is triggered by My voice.  This is true unadulterated power exchange and with this control I will demonstrate the depths to which you will submit to My will.  So, if you are still alarmed that this is some way related to Chastity, or another form of orgasm denial, it isn't.  Those submissive perks CUM later in your training, silly boy. (Giggles)

Now, prepare to surrender to this truth and allow Me to erase any doubts you may have about submitting further to My power, control and authority.  Remember, as you relax to the sound of My soothing voice that you TRUST Me and, as your last conscious thought flickers and fades away, know that I will be with you always...

NOTE:  Good boys will listen to the session every night for 7 consecutive days and frequently thereafter until your only desire is to C*M at My command!

If you LOVED Law Of Hypnosis you will LOVE "Power Exchange".

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Sunday, 30 May 2021
i loved this file. What a powerfully erotic file. Following Dominas commands has never been so easy. The up and down of the trance. The up and down of...well you know. Followed by the command to wake up. Then Domina demonstrated Her true power over me while i was awake. Of course, i followed Her commands without thought or question. i just obeyed which was the whole point of the file. If you want to feel the real power of Dominas hypnotic control. Buy this file and enjoy Her control over you.
Friday, 30 November 2018
Intense training session from Domina Shelle. She has so much power over me. Even on those moments when so woke me up, i was still completly under Her control.
Sunday, 21 October 2018
As a chastity slave for Domina any session that helps to reinforce Her control over my ability to release is a must listen because we all have our moments of weakness. Its sessions like this that help to ensure that Domina's control is always in the forefront of one's mind whenever there is an urge to release without Her explicit permission. Every session like this adds another layer of reinforcement to ensure i ONLY release in Her honour and with Her prior approval. Permission is the key because it strengthens to D/s bond and with time will become second nature. That is my aspiration and this session helps with this goal.
Thursday, 04 October 2018
i needed this. Domina has achieved thorough c
Sunday, 23 September 2018
This file is a perfect one to train to cum for Domina Shelle. As my beloved Mistress and Owner She does decide when i cum already. It is only logic that She has to decide how i cum for Her.
Sunday, 23 September 2018
Orgasmic obedience! Following Her commands was never easier but listening to this file in short repetition or even on loop can be a very draining experience. I feel how very deep and sustainable her conditioning is as I follow her rhythm and commands in this anti-chastity experience. Usually I am a chastity fan and like “to keep the champagne fizzy” but I realize that for complete control this type of training is necessary. It is not release for my pleasure – it is strict obedience training. I forget what I want under this exchange of power – I just go on and listen again to feel truely controlled in every way.
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