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Programmed III - No Limits | Shelle RiversProgrammed III - No Limits | Shelle Rivers

Programmed III - No Limits


Product SKU: Programmed III - No Limits

With My brainwashing chamber you'll be able to surrender further...

Programmed III - No Limits (32 minutes):

The thought of having NO LIMITS is both an arousing fantasy and a source of fear for many submissives, and it is an imperative for you to reach your TRUE potential as My submissive servant.  On one hand, being an obsessed thrall - forever locked in My hypnotic bondage - is a dream CUM true for many, an opportunity to be devoted entirely to Me with the goal of making Me happy.  On the other hand, the notion of being utterly powerless - with no ability to resist My commands - feeds on the primal fears of the submissive mind, erecting barriers to obfuscate these (misperceived) vulnerabilities.

My baby, as a purveyor of mental enslavement and systematic indoctrination I understand why you have these conflicting emotions and I'm here to provide you with a wonderful remedy that will leave you horny, aroused, obsessed with Me, but with a means to alleviate these unwanted inhibitions.  The TRUTH is your limits are merely an illusion, a manifestation of your subconscious fears that prevent you from exploring the possibilities I offer you as My owned submissive slave.

With the help of My favorite brainwashing chamber I'm going to provide you with a means to overcome your hesitancy to surrender further to My control and, with My unique guidance, you'll discover that while your limits are an illusion, your obedience to Me - your beloved Domina - is very REAL, built on a FIRM foundation of adoration, devotion, and TRUST!

Yes, W/we share a special relationship and no matter how demanding I may be - to bend you to My will (giggles) - I will never, ever, force you beyond your perceived limits.  Instead, I will nurture your TRUST in Me, and through the use of My soothing voice, will help you dispel your own fears so that you can grow into a happier, more productive and perfected slave for your Domina.

I know your dreams and aspirations, My sweet, so let Me do what I do best:  Turning apprehensive submissives into bold devoted slaves using just the power of My mesmerizing words.  I believe in you, My servant, and using potent brainwashing techniques I'm going to convince you to believe passionately in Me.

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Wednesday, 09 November 2022
i wonder if this session was inspired by ST-TOS episode “Spectre of the Gun”? It definitely has that feel, although Shelle has expanded upon the premise to her own purpose. A purpose, i might add, that is absolutely delicious. For me, No Limits is being applied to a Playground trigger, maybe two, and one of my favorite sessions, Queen of Domination. i’m running a week or two behind, so i see what follows. Hmmm… i would like Shelle to crank up her demands a bit. Particularly, individual assignments. More obedience & thus more pleasure please, Domina.
Tuesday, 18 October 2022
Yet another hit. Domina just keeps on kicking them out. This session just took me so fucking deep. Then She just made my mind do whatever She wanted me to do. i just love it when She is brainwashing me. I just love being submissive to Her and Her voice and being whatever She wants me to be. There are no limits to what She can do. She’s truly amazing. This was an awesome session. i just wish i had time to loop it. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Tuesday, 18 October 2022
i've often wondered if there could ever be anything that my Owner Domina could or would demand if me that i would refuse. There is nothing. i would obey any command. i have no limits with Her. i'm not capable of refusal. And this beautiful file with Domina voice sweet like honey melts deeper into my mind, weak only for Her and makes me feel the joy of absolute, unquestioning obedience to Her
Monday, 17 October 2022
Domina takes the next step in her complete control of Her slave's mind and body with this masterpiece brainwashing session. After only 3 listens, i truly feel my limits are an illusion and, there is only obedience to Domina! And, it is so pleasurable!
Monday, 17 October 2022
Sometimes we let our limits define us. And there is a good reason because most often our limits reflect our believe system – stronger and more rigid the older we get. Domina is about to attack that very core of one's personality. Her reasons and aims remain foggy but consent is assumed for the ones who call themselves “Her slaves” – after all we need to leave the comfort zone of our limits to grow. To grow into a new role of the perfect slave and reach top performance in obedience and submission. She does not do any immediate changes in this file but she suggests tools and techniques that will corrode concerns, fears and second thoughts in the long run and break the limits. A perfect mind-f*ck as i will never know if the change is real or just made up!
Monday, 17 October 2022
Another exciting session where Domina takes over my mind and makes sure there will no resistance for Her in the future. Making me a more submissive, eager and willing slave.
Sunday, 16 October 2022
What an incredible session, i just had to listen over and over again
Sunday, 16 October 2022
It is always an immense pleasure when Domina finds new, intriguing, ways to subvert our subconscious defences to assert Her authority, furthering our descent into submission and enslavement to Her will. This amazing programming session does this and more gifting me a way to bypass my perceived limits so that i can start explore those submissive feelings, and a loss of control, that I have always resisted. This is especially powerful during Loctober as i slowly learn to embrace the many benefits of chastity and relinquish all control to Domina. The submissive euphoria of knowing She is taking full ownership of my mind and body is only matched by Domina's incredible ability to generate sessions like this week after week. There is no end to this and that makes me a very happy, devoted, slave for Domina Shelle. :-)
Sunday, 16 October 2022
OMG!!! This is INCREDIBLE brainwashing!!! i am so incredibly horny and mindless listening on loop over and over again as all my limits get erased away forever!!! Obeying my Domina is my only true reality! ❤️ Buy and listen over and over if you wanna beCum a good boy/girl for the most powerful, beautiful, and sexy hypnotist in the world Domina Shelle Rivers! Goes perfectly with the prior two sessions AND week three of Loctober too! giggles
Saturday, 15 October 2022
Domina delivers another masterpiece of brainwashing with this no limits session. I'm very grateful for the seductive and sensual way that She picks away at any lingering limits that my still be floating around in my subconscious mind. I long to return to Her brainwashing chamber.
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