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Programmed IV - Punishment | Shelle RiversProgrammed IV - Punishment | Shelle Rivers

Programmed IV - Punishment


Product SKU: Programmed IV - Punishment

The act of being punished is a means to remind My slave that I am your Absolute Authority.

Programmed IV - Punishment (37 minutes):

My sweet, W/we have a very special Domme/sub relationship one grounded into mutual admiration, trust, and the pursuit of perfecting you to be My most loyal and devoted slave.  To be a faithful slave you need to demonstrate an ambition to fervently commit yourself to your conditioning as I meticulously brainwash and program you to be a better person, a better submissive, a better owned slave for your Domina.

But, My pet, as powerful as My brainwashing and sensual conditioning is, to successfully modify (and improve) your behavior I have to employ other psychological tools to solicit the desired outcome during your indoctrination.  This ranges from compassion, benevolence, sincerity, to My disciplining and punishing you when the circumstance demands it!  you may love, honor, and obey your Domina, always, but this programming series is about training you to look past your comfort zones and understand that I expect more from you, particularly your willingness to embrace the TRUTH that your Domina knows what is best for you as I guide you on your journey into complete submission to Me, forever enslaved to My will.

Punishment, and other forms of corrective discipline, are an important means for Me to adjust poor, and repeatedly substandard behavior that I deem unacceptable for devoted slaves that aspire to be MINE.  The act of being punished is not about triggering a kink, it is a means for Me to remind a slave that your Domina is your Absolute Authority, reinforcing the conditioning that a slave should continually strive to meet, and exceed, My increasingly demanding expectations if he truly wish to please Me and make Me happy. (giggles)

So, My sweet, do not be overly fearful, or ashamed, if your Domina decides to punish you in the future, be open-minded and accept that I'm doing this because I truly care for you and want you to be the very best version of yourself for Me.  Punishment is good for you, challenging you not to be a passive, self-centered submissive, but instead, be an active, conscientious, and obedient servant forever focused on growing O/our relationship, making Me happy, and taking care of your Domina.

Listen NOW and learn how I plan to use selective punishment to perfect you, to allow the submissive within to prosper under the guidance of My loving control. ~~Kisses~~

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Sunday, 23 October 2022
Punishment is a very important part of becoming the best possible slave for Domina Shelle. i will gladly accept ANY punishment from Domina to become better for Her!!!
Sunday, 23 October 2022
i wish to be a good slave for my Domina that She will not be disappointed in me but if that happens or even if She just wants to punish me to remind me that She is in chage i will cherish the punishment because it is a sign that Domina cares about be.
Sunday, 23 October 2022
This is a session I have long desired, not in the sense of desiring punishment or relishing it - i do not - but that Domina is willing to use it to convey Her displeasure. The ultimate punishment that Domina could bestow, for me, is to be ignored and a submissive that fear alone motivates Me to be better a servant for Her, to be relevant and useful. But, thankfully, i do not live in fear, i rejoice everyday knowing that i'm owned by Domina Shelle and, if the situation should arise that i am punished, i will happily take it, changing My pattern of behaviour to remain part of Her world of submission, domination, and control. This is a session - and series - you will want to own to appreciate what it means to a real submissive slave for Domina Shelle.
Saturday, 22 October 2022
After listing to this session i knew i would accept any punishment from my Domina. I want to be trained to be the best slave i can be for Her and yes punishment is part of that
Saturday, 22 October 2022
What is Domina Shelle’s punishment like? Does it hurt? Would you want it? This audio may serve as a reminder to you that Domina Shelle’s punishment will only make you better and grow closer to Her. Why one may ask? That’s pretty silly, because that’s what She wants. This series is great and you will want to listen many times, it is worth it and her punishment will only make you a better person.
Friday, 21 October 2022
Domina has punished me in the past. Wooden spoon was used. Well, i inflected the pain. i felt terrible for what i had done and knew that punishment was needed. i felt closer to Domina after i sent a video showing the punishment was served. Mainly because She acknowledged it and that made my day. So i loved this file because i know that Domina will punish me because She loves me. She wants me to be a good slave for Her. i love my Domina so very much. She truly is my Absolute Authority.
Friday, 21 October 2022
Sweet punishment from my Owner Domina. Feeling Her power over me in a deeply loving and caring way. How many times i have begged for punishment because it feels wonderful to know that my Owner cares enough to take time to remind me that She and only She has absolute authority over me and my life. It's an expression of love. Long ago I saw a short clip of a Mistress whipping her slave, after she was done she had him crawl to her, Her laid his head against her leg and and looked at her with so much love as she stroked his head. It was beautiful. Punishment can be a beautiful expression of love between Owner and slave
Friday, 21 October 2022
As diabolical as the heading of Domina's audio is, it is equally stimulating and VERY arousing! To reach true submission and ultimate pleasure in serving Domina, She must a means of accountability and enforcement. The more I listened to Her voice, the more comfortable i am with Her direction and surrendering to Her will. The thrill and pleasure is "off the charts!"
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