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Rebecca Series by Shelle RiversRebecca Series by Shelle Rivers

Rebecca Series


Product SKU: Rebecca Series

The Rebecca Series - Four progressive "Rebecca" sessions plus three assignments.

Series: 197+ Total minutes
Category: Sissy
Level: Moderate to Strong
Sample: LINK

This is a series of files that will smoothly and gently release your feminine side and “allow” you to experience feeling like a woman, first mentally and then in reality. ***Such a pretty sissy pet for your Domina Shelle Rivers***

This package includes the 4 full length PROGRESSIVE Rebecca files---and (3) Rebecca-Part 3 ssignments.  Instruction: Complete the (3) assignments before listening to the Rebecca-Part 3 mp3.

Warning: ***This ends in STRONG feminization and is not for everyone.  If you have limits, contact your Princess before purchasing this Series.***

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Saturday, 15 May 2021
I am really enjoying this series it make me feel better and enjoying being my natural self. I find my self feel smooth and sexy the more I listen to it
Thursday, 26 November 2015
OMG this series is sooo important for any. The single files i reviewed all by themselves, so please take a look, but i can ensure You that if you want to be more feminine or just playing with the thought of being a sissy, this saving pack is perfect as it includes the 4 main files and 3 assignments that are fun and WILL change your life and help to cement rebecca inside you. i love to let rebecca take over... giggles... i have become a lil sissy puppy for my beloved Domina Shelle and an obedient handmaiden for Lady Helena.
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