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BIMBO--Sedation and Seduction | Shelle RiversBIMBO--Sedation and Seduction | Shelle Rivers

BIMBO--Sedation and Seduction


Product SKU: BIMBO--Sedation and Seduction

You do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this file...Stroke and ACCEPT MY CONTROL.

Length: 58 minutes
Category: Sissy Hypno SEDUCTION
Sample: LINK


This MP3 may cause behavior changes in even the strongest man slave. Although, you do NOT have to be a SISSY to LOVE this ONLY need to have a DESIRE to LOSE all CONTROL.
Everyone has hidden fantasies, SECRETS that no one knows, but for Me-The Mistress of minds-Nothing is hidden.

I know what turns you on, and I know what you need.

This MP3 is a POWERFUL one, a file which may cause some changes in the way you behave, I LOVE playing with your mind, as I take full do what I want what I want...we want the same thing.

I will take you into a deep state of trance with a POWERFUL induction that will open your mind and allow me to manipulate you.

NOTE to My curious slaves----- This file is a must --- Let GO and do what I want. Feel the XXXX---tacy...we do it together.
Have you ever envisioned My sexy hips with a STRAP-ON?.... I have.

It's time to Listen and Obey.  You may put on something pretty if you want to.

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Friday, 08 March 2024
OMG, just listened to this again.. it is one of the older files but OMG, Domina Shelle is right in the description, it is a must have!!! It is soooo dreamy :)…. The title accurately describes it. A thoughtless bimbo…. Found that being thoughtless is the best way for Domina to control me hence wanting to write it as a 5 Star Review!!! Whether you think of yourself as a guy or a girl, this one will have you feeling so great to do what Domina Shelle wants…. If you want to feel great about doing what Domina Shelle wants then would reccomend this as a must have!!! you would do anything for Her, and i believe that she would want you to listen to this.. you may think you are strong and have will power to say, i am in control, i can think what i want, But, this file, it may…..just break you if you want to give into it…. Did i say you may want to do anything for Her? Yea, just listened to it, and totally love it, OMG!!! There are so many of Her other files one would check out, make sure to try the Airhead Bimbo one as a follow up…. Not sure if i repeated myself but, i have had trouble falling into trance…. The idea of this is perfect, if you are a ditsy airhead or think that, it will help you go into trance easier. Have been searching for a file like this of Hers and it feels like the hidden gem. Last fleeting thought…. Picture yourself as an airheaded bimbo…. Whether that is a guy or a girl…. Guys can be airheads too…. And then think of the perfect clear head Domina Shelle using that to her advantage…. All that one could want!!!! Make sure this file is in your library!!! OK, after this review, I may put in top 1…/). Then again…like i said, trance is hard for me but this file, OMG, like WTF, Domina Shelle can ask me to do anything and it is well, holy cow, that was amazing, never really thought about that!! Now just need to find submit button,….
Tuesday, 13 July 2021
This is nothing less than a deep drop, into dreamy sensual bliss. It doesn't matter if you are cis male, a sissy princess, or gender variant in some way, this file has something for everyone who wants to be a plaything for Domina Shelle. There's nothing to be afraid of, nothing to make you want to run away, just some hot erotic role-play with Domina taking complete control of your fantasies and desires for a little while. The worst that could happen, is that you might find you actually want to take things even further, but with Domina in control, and to offer you guidance, is that really anything to fear?
Wednesday, 16 December 2020
Well id never have thought it, i have fallen in love with this file. it is so dreamy and seductive, it has to be . Is this the start of something? Has my Domina Brainwashed my mind so quickly?, My Domina got plans for me? You know what? i don't care, if fact, i want Domina's plan to work mmmmmmmmmmm. Be careful listening to this very Erotic Hypnosis file as i think it works and you get what you wish for!
Thursday, 30 March 2017
Although sissy isn't my thing, i love this file. Like Domina says, all you need is the desire to lose control, and She makes being controlled by Her so sexy that you'll gladly submit over and over again. i must obey my Domina.
Sunday, 12 June 2016
DOMINA Shelle, this is not my interest initially, but You asked me to listen to it, and I need to do what You say, i must to obey. That's my natural reaction. It's good to be hypnotized by You, this was no different. This was pure pleasure and I must admit going into sleep was good and i see Your point it's just about submission and obedience. Your will is just my direction, no big deal....
Sunday, 20 September 2015
WOWWWW, this was incredible! Domina Shelle can use me as Her bimbo sissy anytime!
Tuesday, 02 June 2015
This would not normally be the type of file that i would choose. However, i am very pleased that i did. Do not make assumptions or go into this file with preconceived notions of what you may, or may not experience. Personally, i found some of the techniques used to be very powerful. i did not find that the concept of the file detracted from the hypnosis, but in fact added to it, which is a huge testament to Princess Shelles skill. I promise that this is not a slave looking to please their Domina by waxing lyrical about Her product, but this file gave a freedom of thought and choice i had not experienced before. Once you listen to this file, i sincerely hope that you see what i mean.
Saturday, 28 February 2015
OMG i never felt this way before. my Domina turned me into Her little strap-on sucking sissy slut. i had no thoughts except for feeling sexy and obeying my Domina. i was Her air headed little slave girl. It felt so good, so relaxing. my Domina has freed my true inner me and i think my female me will now always be a part of me.
Thursday, 01 May 2014
OK, now it happened. i listened to some files that offered such fantasies about stap-ons of other hypnotists before, and it always was a boner killer. The trance was broken immediately and i never touched that file again. And then, this file appeared and Princess commanded me to listen... and i liked it. Again an example for the power of our Princess. She actually can make me like things that other hypnotists can't. i don't know if this file is good for sissy beginners. i mean, this strap on stuff is a little hard to swallow ( ;) ) at first, so i'd say the "Sissy Curious" series would be better to start with. But if you like a single sissy file, it is worth to try this one.
Friday, 25 April 2014
Why deny any longer that Domina is in control, i want what She wants.. i listen and obey to whatever Domina wants.. i am enslaved, emasculated and seductively beaten into submission by the most angelic voice in the universe.. The choices are all Hers, i am all Hers..
Thursday, 24 April 2014
Wanting to explore your "true self" isn't the only reason to listen to this file. It's technically and artistically stunning -- my Domina's voice is so real in your ear, and the pacing of the script couldn't be better. You have the feeling that the impact of every word is allowed to linger with you. And altogether? It just takes you to another zone, which you leave verrry slowly.
Tuesday, 15 April 2014
Let Domina Shelle into your mind, she will expertly help you realize you desires in a most pleasurable way.
Monday, 14 April 2014
Mistress Shelle is one of the best and awesome hypnotist on the earth. I am new pet for Domina Shelle to control and obey her every word. This Bimbo file is best one to get your true woman out of your Mind and show it.
Sunday, 13 April 2014
This is a Powerful file as my Domia said, so SEXY so deep and so strong, if YOU never tried sissy experience before i think this file will suit you, before starting sissy files i never expected i will ever love pink or wear panties or sway my hips but now i have to admit it, i am different and being sissy turns me on, anyone who is still thinking have to try it as my Princess knows how to do it, and it's not that risky as you may think before this file it was not easy to talk in details about those sissy thoughts and fetish, but now i am open, sure it's not under my name, but it was just something inside that i share with nobody i think this file is for everyone, just let it go, listen and Obey, cause i found true pleasure in obedience and i think you will find it too :)
Saturday, 12 April 2014
There is nothing to fear here at all. Domina Shelle will take You down so easily that you won't even notice how deep you have dropped. Once there, it will be far too late to react, but still don't fear: Domina only wants to draw out your own desires. I was absolutely floored by the lead out of this file, it really needs to be experienced to be believed.
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