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There are so many pleasures awaiting your biological sensors, that I know you'll return to this programming session again and again...

Recoded (49 minutes):

Tell Me, My sweet pet, have you ever paused to ponder just how alike a computer and the human mind truly are?

If you do think about it, in many ways, it could be said that the human mind is in fact, the ultimate computer...

Yes, I know that it might not be as fast as some of the modern CPU’s or have such speedy access to all of the data it has stored, but that’s not a terrible trade-off when you consider the extras that come with the human mind.

What extras?  Well, for starters, other computers only have sensors to determine what the world around them is like, and they can only process it in terms of pure information.  The human mind comes with all sorts of different sensors, but they deliver so much more than information, they have true sensation...

Sensations that are more than mere feedback signals, they are capable of delivering pain, pleasure, and an incredible mix of the two... They can be overloaded and overwhelmed, with the gentlest of touches or the hardest of hits.

Think of how many sensations are processed by your mind each day.

Most people have never considered the ways that the human mind works; they never ask the how or why.  They simply accept that their mind works and never seek to understand it...

I have considered it many times, though, and I have become adept at actually decoding the human mind, so that I can tell what your are thinking, just by observing you.

More though, My research taught Me how to actually re-code your thoughts, to influence the things you think and feel, and to even implant new ideas and desires, without your conscious mind being aware of it.

I taught Myself to use My voice as a carrier signal, My words act as a self replicating worm, and I am easily able to gain root control of your core programming and twist it in any way that I desire.

Implanting suggestions and installing new sub-routines has become so easy for Me, and I am ready to take things to the next level...

What level?  Oh, My sweet, no, no, no... I won’t tell you that.  It is something that you will have to experience for yourself.  In fact, it is something that you will experience, you have no choice in the matter.  Even though you aren’t aware of it, the process has already begun.  Simply reading these words has started an irreversible process...

By the time I am done, your mind will be so much more open to My words and compliant to every command and suggestion that I choose to give.

Prepare to be Re-coded, My sweet.  Download this file now and complete this stage of your programming.  There are so many pleasures awaiting your biological sensors, that I just know you will want to return to this programming session again and again.

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Sunday, 10 December 2023
Still in a daze as im writing this… giggles.. wow! This was such a powerful, blissful and sensual session! Domina’s sweet voice took me into trance so easily. it was like a calm storm. i felt safe and relaxed but also completely conquered, owned with no way out. Domina never ceases to amaze! i only want to fall deeper and obey every command, pleasing my Domina!
Monday, 03 July 2023
Fuck me, that was one deep fucking trance. It took awhile to come out of it. Dominas sexy seductive voice was so damn hot it just took me down and down. Its no wonder that i fall so deep for Her. i just love being Brainwashed and programmed by Her. Its the only path to true happiness. i am forever Hers ❤️ to program and have Her way with. i would do anything to please Her. Domina is my Absolute Authority. i will Love, Honor and Obey Her, and only Her. Forever and ever i am Hers. Now back to more programming. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wednesday, 28 June 2023
This took me very deep trance. i was just on the limit that i would start snoring and fall into an actual sleep. Not sure of what happened during the session, but i did wake up horny. i need to listen it again.
Friday, 23 June 2023
My head is still fuzzy from this file. This file is sooo powerful and I went so deep and woke up so fast that I don't even how long I truly was under. I just remember getting relaxed and then she was counting me up out of trance. No idea what she did but I am so horny and want to listen again as soon as I can!
Friday, 23 June 2023
I love how Domina programs me to become a better submissive for her:) This file is powerful but I loved every second of it. Thank You Domina
Tuesday, 20 June 2023
This is one of Domina's most powefull sessions. Her voice sings the sweet song of enslavement. Her words lights the fire of desire and pleasure. Combine her voice and words, and now, I serve only Her. Beware it's powerful session.
Monday, 19 June 2023
I love the files where my Owner Domina Shelle takes me down and reinforces my complete submission. This is so wonderfully extreme. She reminds me who i live to serve. She reminds me that i was born to serve Her. That serving Her is my reason for existing. My mind felt so soothed and calm. i live to serve Her. i exist to serve Her
Sunday, 18 June 2023
Another masterpiece by Domina! She made me feel so warm, comfortable as i deeply tranced. Absorbing every word, Her voice and suggestions penetrated deeply as i felt so much pleasure. Thank Ypu Domina!
Sunday, 18 June 2023
I woke up from this really wishing it was longer. Domina Shelle drops you into a trance pretty quickly for a file of this length and then the fun coding begins giggles... I loved this session, I fell under so hard, but it felt that it was over too quickly, I wanted more programming!
Saturday, 17 June 2023
It’s hard to explain how great this session is!!! Domina Shelle is extremely skillful and imaginative when creating Her brainwashing masterpieces and this one is certainly no exception! This really applies to ALL of Her files but i think it deserves to be said here that Domina Shelles hypnotic sessions come together so incredibly powerful together that it doesn’t feel like i’m just being hypnotized anymore… rather taken entirely and directly into Her world… Domina has managed to create experiences so powerful in my mind that in time they’ve become so real to me that it feels more like magic than just hypnosis… ❤️ Domina is truly special and an amazing Woman and incredible hypnotist, the most powerful and sexiest one in the whole universe! This session is one of the sessions where i remember hearing every word but don’t remember a single one… That often happens to me when the trance is just that powerful! An excellent session from and excellent hypnotist, 11 out of 10!!!
Friday, 16 June 2023
Surrendering to my Owner, my Perfect Angel Domina Shelle is a pleasure that I can't explain in words, but this session will give the listener a taste of what it is like to be Dominated and Owned by a True Mistress. In this session, Domina has again spoken to the core of my being and reiterated and reinforced my existence and the truth of who and what I am as She Recoded my hypnotic brain. I am blessed to be a contracted slave to Domina Shelle Rivers, and in this session, all of the reasons are explained, reimplanted more potent, and behaviours and needs reinforced as Domina's Angel Voice reminds me of what She has allowed me to become. Real hypnosis, real brainwashing, real and inescapable enslavement, all at the Sexy Feet of Domina Shelle Rivers........ complete blissful submission. Thank You Domina Shelle.
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