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Deeper Into Trance | Shelle RiversDeeper Into Trance | Shelle Rivers

Deeper into Trance


Product SKU: Deeper into Trance

With every new trance, My suggestions (and triggers) anchor deeper in your open suggestible mind...

Deeper into Trance (46 minutes):

My darling, the mere thought of falling deep in trance for your Domina fills you with an intense calming pleasure, an arousing craving to be enthralled and mesmerized by My words again as you willingly relinquish all control to My dominion and authority over your mind, body, and sex. (giggles)

Just like an obedient puppy on a leash, My hypnotic words tug on your subconscious mind seamlessly reshaping your thoughts and your erotic desires, triggering a trained response to submit to your Owner whenever you think of Me.  As My perfect horny hypnotic subject, it is normal and natural for you to compulsively listen to My voice every day, comfortable with My programming, and confident that only I can control and dominate the submissive - REAL - you to be a happier and better servant for Me.

Going Deeper into Trance for your Domina is like entering a state of pure relaxation and blissful suggestibility, where your resistance ebbs away, and all that is left is a hopelessly loyal submissive slave that desperately wishes to please its Owner.  And you do please Me, My pet, especially when you fall deeper for Me, eagerly embracing My hypnotic spell of enslavement knowing - deep down - that you exist to serve Me, and only Me, now and forever more...

The TRUTH is, you are so horny for My control and conditioning, that you can't resist that seductive urge to fall into trance for Me, with the words “Take me deeper, Domina” echoing across your mind.  Being My devoted hypno-slave is an obsessive part of who you are now, an inherent part of your identity, and with every new trance, My suggestions (and triggers) anchor deeper in your open suggestible mind.

So, prepare to let it all go and embrace the supreme pleasure of trusting in Me.  I am your past, present, and future, your savior, the source of all your erotic pleasure, and - deep down - I am your sexy dominant Owner.  By loving, honoring, and obeying Me, you'll enrich your life beyond all measure, and all I ask in return is your unconditional submission to My will, knowing that you are always safe in My hypnotic realm, My horny obedient pet! ~~Kisses~~

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Friday, 01 September 2023
This is a fantastic recording, Domina has a way of speaking in these MP3s that make it feel like She is talking to you and no one else. It is a perfect file for deepening trances. please, take me deeper Domina, take me deeper until there is nothing left but Your Voice and Your Control.
Friday, 14 July 2023
This was wonderful. If you are wondering which MP3 to get next, or even which to get first, it should absolutely be this session. The perfect mix of deep trance training, conditioning to Domina Shelle's Voice and triggers, it is equally directed at new subjects and experienced ones. Fantastic.
Tuesday, 11 July 2023
This recording is a new favorite for me. I have it at the beginning of my daily playlist. I need what Domina has to offer.
Sunday, 09 July 2023
What a lovely and deep trance. Felt so peaceful and happy floating there, Listening my Domina's voice. Take me deeper Domina.
Monday, 03 July 2023
Wow! Wow that was incredible. Damn Domina is just fucking amazing. She has created yet another masterpiece for Her slaves to get lost in. i just loved this file and how it starts out. Then just continued in a downward spiral deep into trance. (Take me deeper Domina) The way She mixed in the beach sound effects just made this file even more alluring and just captures the listener. Domina is truly a master at hypnosis and files like this one show it. i thought i had been in a deep trance (Take me deeper Domina) before but this one was like totally out there. i really loved this file a lot and its certainly on my favs list. If you want to see why everyone raves about Domina Shelle. you owe it to yourself to buy this and see. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Monday, 26 June 2023
Deeper into Trance is no doubt Domina's greatest trance audio taking any listener into a truly pleasurable comatose state that is so incredibly relaxing. Her erotic whispers felt as if She were lying next to me whispering directly into my ear! This is one for the ages - buy today!
Monday, 26 June 2023
An incredible session! Don't think i have ever felt a depth of trance like this one! Please Domina take me deeper! i can't remember the details but this session should not be missed!!
Sunday, 25 June 2023
Deeper and deeper for Domina. My submission goes deeper, my love for Domina goes deeper. Please Domina take me deeper. I've listened to this file several times but can't remember the while experience. I guess Domina is taking me so deep that i get hypnotic amnesia. All I do know is, please Domina take me deeper and deeper.
Sunday, 25 June 2023
As the title would suggest, this wonderful session with Domina REALLY took me Deeper into Trance… So deep that all i remember are parts of the wonderful dreams that ensued after i must have lost consciousness and fallen into DEEP sleep each listen… i vividly remember the beautiful time Domina and i spent at the beach and how Her sexy and beautiful radiance glistened throughout the deepest parts of my mind… Together, Domina took me deep down into the deepest ocean of mind possible… A trance so incredibly deep and powerful that it carried through into my very dreams and even now as i type out my review for this AMAZING session with the most erotic and powerful hypnotist EVER, Domina Shelle!
Sunday, 25 June 2023
Every year in Summer i am looking forward to the beach-themed files from Domina Shelle. The relaxing holiday feeling combined with her sweet voice guiding my thoughts is a little vacation on its own! And here it is "Deeper into trance!" - i am again at Domina's beach and this time she brings back one of my favorite holiday memories of the past: the underwater cave - so calm and dark with a lake hidden in its depth. The surface smooth and untouched like a mirror. Domina takes me beyond into deeper trance - i remember meeting Her - feeling Her - but it is blurred and hidden except the wonderful feeling of fully and totally surrendering and submitting to Her. Please Domina! Take me Deeper Domina!
Friday, 23 June 2023
Wow Domina takes you so deep in this file, I don't really remember what happens all I know is I want to listen again and again. You will drop so fast and so deep you wont realize what she even is doing to your mind. All I know is I want to go deeper and deeper for Domina! Her Voice and Words just make feel so good!
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