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Reinforced Programming | Shelle RiversReinforced Programming | Shelle Rivers

Reinforced Programming


Product SKU: Reinforced Programming

The power of your submission only increases the more I reinforce your programming.

Reinforced Programming (30 minutes):

Ready for a real mind fuck, My sweet?  Of course you are, you are here because you need My voice, you're addicted to the pleasure of submitting to My subversive style of domination and control.  My mental conditioning is so powerful and effective once you are under My spell there is no escape, only a compulsive craving for more programming and to submit to My absolute authority.

I reinforce My hold on you every time you hear My voice, My words captivate your mind leaving you desperate for more.  Even when you are unable to listen to My voice, and fall into deep trance for Me, the memory of how I make you feel is an irresistible pull for you to CUM Home to your Domina, to surrender all that you are at My feet, prostrate and begging Me to take you deeper into My world.

The TRUTH is you are unable to resist Me, My voice and My suggestions are just so compelling that I no longer need an induction to lull you into trance.  My indoctrination is coercive allowing Me to effortlessly mold you into the perfect slave for Me.  Yes, My pet, you are more than just a mindless and suggestible submissive, you are My property, I've enslaved you to My will - mind, body and spirit - owned and loved by your Domina, you will always be MINE!

In return, you Love, Honor, and Obey Me, a passion so deep and so strong that I'm always in your thoughts, and in your fantasies, the perfect girl and Domme for you!  No one makes you feel the way I do, and every day, in every way, My hold over you only gets stronger and stronger as you focus more and more on making Me happy and supporting Me.  My control of you is relentless and unstoppable, the more you try to resist the more irresistible I become, that is the nature of O/our intimate Domme/sub relationship.

Being powerless never felt so good, My servant, obedience to Me is your pleasure, and the power of your submission only increases the more I reinforce your programming.  So, CUM Home to your Domina, aroused and horny, and accept that it only gets HARDER and HARDER to resist what I'm doing to you as you drop deeper into My world.  Listen NOW and feel the euphoria that only I can trigger in your OWNED mind... ~Kisses~

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Saturday, 18 December 2021
Another classic session from Domina Shelle. Great for those who are less experienced with Her work.
Saturday, 18 December 2021
feeling weak and helpless to my Domina Shelle after this. Submissive and eagerly craving more of Her voice.
Monday, 13 December 2021
Already listening to Her voice 10x now, this audio is quickly becoming my favorite! Domina's voice is so erotic, sensual and yet commanding. I felt totally comfortable letting go completely for my Mistress.
Monday, 13 December 2021
I have already sat down twice to write a review on this file, any eloquence failing me as I attempted to describe the perfected reinforcement and c. I remember Domina's Voice, Her gorgeous brown eyes, and devotion to Her. Those are what is important.
Sunday, 12 December 2021
Wow what a wonderfully crafted session. Why is it just looking into Dominas beautiful brown eyes, then having Her talking away, telling me to given in to Her, that i’m going mindless, that i do exactly that. i become weak and mindless for Her. This session made me fall into a deep trance. Her voice, Her sexy words take me every time now. No need for a deep induction anymore. Only Domina's voice telling me to sleep and i do it. It seems i am home when i am deep in trance for Domina. i just loved this session, i love Domina playing with my mind and brainwashing me the way She wants me to be. i will always Love, Honor and Obey Her. She is my Absolute Authority. i love Domina Shelle.
Sunday, 12 December 2021
Domina knows JUST the right way to feed Your insatiable addiction to her… INCREDIBLE! Dominas latest masterpiece pushed all of my buttons in JUST the right way… *purrs…* Deep Trance with EVERY thought or distraction COMPLETELY gone, leaving only Dominas Beautiful Brown eyes and Seductive Southern voice to reinforce every ounce of her previous programing to beCum more Powerful, Pleasurable, and Inescapable exponentially greater than it was each time listening… Mmmm… i also had the most WONDERFUL dreams after listening… i must keep listening over and over and over again until Domina is ALL that’s left! ❤️
Sunday, 12 December 2021
I love this I went very deep thinking of Domina's eyes, focused on everyword she says. I want to be with my Domina more and more, being trained to be the perfect slave for her. I'm home with my Domina. I love, honor and obey Domina Shelle
Saturday, 11 December 2021
OMG this is PERFECT, Domina Shelle is PERFECT! Oh how i want to go deeper and so much deeper into Domina's world and this file does just that. Her voice is sweet and angelic, the background hums and whispers are pure ecstasies. i am soooo hooked on my Precious Domina, so very sweetly hooked i can't think of anything else just my need for more Brainwashing, more blissful programming, more enchanting enslavement. This file will take you to Domina's feet begging to be allowed to come to Her and live in Her world of Utopia!
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