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Relief Project - 7-Day Assignment by Shelle RiversRelief Project - 7-Day Assignment by Shelle Rivers

Relief Project - 7-Day Assignment


Product SKU: Relief Project - 7-Day Assignment

Shelle's 7 days of stress-relief *wink*

This is a 7-day masturbation/edging and joi assignment that will help you relieve tension and anxiety and release all your stress during these uncertain times.  you belong to Me and I am going to take good care of you.  Spend more time thinking of your Domina and I will do everything to help you through this pandemic which tests all of O/our resolve.  Relax and unzip your pants.

Included are 2 pictures to use as encouragement.

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Sunday, 17 May 2020
Assignments for Domina Shelle are always so much fun and a way to dem that you relish all aspects of Her authority over you. They work well to cement the notion of submission, servitude and obeying Her will no matter the task and make the fantasy more real, very real for those are devoted to Her. One things that is always true, like Her sessions, the assignments will change you, convincing you that there is much more to Her repertoire of control than just erotic/femdom hypnosis. Domination and submission have many forms and one undeniable truth is complying to your Dominant's wishes no matter the circumstances. Being in trance and experiencing submission is certainly one way to do it, but doing it out of trance and being still feeling compelled to obey is quite another. As a Contracted slave completing assignments for Domina is like a test, an opportunity to show Domina how dedicated we are to submitting to Her and acting as a guide how we should conduct ourselves everyday in reverence to Her absolute authority.
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