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Ribbons in the Wind | Shelle RiversRibbons in the Wind | Shelle Rivers

Ribbons in the Wind


Product SKU: Ribbons in the Wind

you are MINE, permanently under My love spell of intoxicating seduction...

Ribbons in the Wind (31 minutes):

Back for your hypnotic prescription, My sweet?  Of course you are, I'm the antidote to all your submissive anxieties, a daily dose of Domina medicates the submissive's soul, freeing you from the shackles of uncertainty, self doubt, and that every lingering fear of the unknown on your journey into submission and self discovery.  My baby, when you surrender to Me, and enter My world of submissive bliss and erotic pleasures, you are never alone.  With every thought, and every step, I'm with you always, nurturing and guiding the submissive within to become a more faithful acolyte to your divine Domina, one dedicated to serving a higher power, a priestess in harmony with the natural world beckoning all that share Her vision - My vision - of female domination and loving control.

My mesmerizing words may embody the immense power and force of My will - melting the brains of My faithful into a warm puddle of obedience and love (giggles) - but, My elemental embrace can be felt at ALL TIMES, from the smallest breeze to seeing Ribbons in the Wind, each breeze a soft sensual kiss from your Domina reminding you that you are MINE, permanently under My love spell of intoxicating seduction, always seeking My approval as I improve all aspects of your life, now and forever more.

W/we are joined as one, My love slave, you the follower and Me the leader, a mutually beneficial relationship where O/our lives are enriched though My dominion of you and your devoted service to Me.  With every session you return to My private sanctuary and accept all the gifts I have to offer you:  the gift of submission, the gift of subservience, the gift of obedience, and the gift of arousal every time you fall deeper under My hypnotic caress.

So, My beloved pet, accept that I am a gift that keeps on giving, and with you (and through you) I will shape and mold the submissive within to be a faithful servant, one that believes in Me and embraces all My suggestions as commands.  Together your submissive dreams will beCUM a reality.

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Monday, 07 November 2022
This took me me to happier blissful place away from my troubles. Moment of peace and relaxation that made me feel good.
Sunday, 06 November 2022
Such a wonderful, beautiful, and sexy session with Domina Shelle… i feel both pure bliss and ecstasy when listening to Dominas sweet southern voice flow throughout my brain and dance within my open and suggestible mind… it feels so good and i just want to float with Her FOREVER… ❤️
Sunday, 06 November 2022
i love this session, floating and flying for Domina Shelle is such ecstasy. She makes me better, a better slave, a better person. Thank You Domina for this blissful recording where I can float away on Your words. i'll be revisiting this session many times with my Primal Queen to float for Her and receive Her conditioning.
Saturday, 05 November 2022
All i need to do is listen to Domina's voice every day. It's so easy and so pleasureable to listen to Domina's voice every day. I love Domina and i love to listen to Domina's voice every day.
Saturday, 05 November 2022
I love this session, floating with Domina feels so good. I went so very deep:)
Saturday, 05 November 2022
Domina has made me a better person. She points out that fact here. i cant recall a lot of what She said and did to my mind but i know that what ever She did has made me better for the people i know but more importantly She's made me better and more useful to Her, and that's all that matters
Friday, 04 November 2022
This was another work of art by Domina Shelle. Plus, another favorite of mine. The way Domina weaved the background sounds into the file just took me farther into trance. Her mesmerizing words just took me so damn deep. She really is amazing at creating an environment where the listener can just sit back, let go and let Her take full control. I just loved this file. i loved how it left me. How it truly made me feel. You've got to buy this and let Domina take you on a whirl wind tour of your mind.
Friday, 04 November 2022
The skill with which Domina weaves every aspect of life into Her control is what sets Her apart from any other. This session builds on the previous sessions, but stands alone and introduces new programming as well. Domina is unique in the way She uses Love, Beauty, and Pleasure to capture helpless submissives, quickly imprisoning them in a world that is built on absolute love and submission for Domina. Like all of Her sessions, this one is perfect, blissful, empowering, sexy, arousing, and very very powerful and permanent hypnotic programming. Like Domina Herself, the session is a submissive's dream come true. i can't write an unbiased review, i am too deeply in Domina's thrall. She is Everything, She owns me and has made me Her chastity slave and i am Her property for eternity.
Friday, 04 November 2022
i think i've found my new favorite session. It is pure bliss and Domina has never been more alluring and powerful. You NEED this.
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