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Blind Trust | Shelle RiversBlind Trust | Shelle Rivers

Blind Trust


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you will listen because it excites you when you don’t know how I'm going to mind fuck you...

Blind Trust (45 minutes):

If you are looking for some provocative indication how I'm going to stimulate and mesmerize you in this session I'm here to state that no such details will be provided.  As a true obedient, and faithful servant you are going to trust in Me and take a leap of faith accepting that whatever I have planned is in your best interest as I train and indoctrinate you to be My perfect slave.

As the session title states this is about BLIND TRUST, your opportunity to demonstrate to Me - your divine Domina - that your trust in Me is both implicit and unconditional.  your belief in Me is not contingent on a rousing description or even emotive artwork designed to play on your many erotic fantasies of Me, it is based on the firm foundation that where I lead you follow.

So, My pet, you will listen because I want you to, you will listen because I tell you to, you will listen because it excites you when you don’t know how I'm going to mind fuck you!  The truth is you love, honor, and obey Me, and by blindly trusting in Me you are taking another important step to be closer to Me and being mine.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2022
I will always trust my Domina Shelle. This session is something of a rollercoaster ride, but it is a ride that will take you on your knees to Domina's feet.
Tuesday, 27 September 2022
This was exciting. i trust my Domina but it is good to have little fear since She has so much control over me. And little fear can be arousing.
Sunday, 25 September 2022
Domina knows what's best for me even if it's fears me sometimes. I will follow here without thought and without question, trusting Her where ever She leads me
Sunday, 25 September 2022
OMG this was an incredible file to listen to. i have another new favorite. BLIND TRUST. Yip that's what this is all about. Domina's voice was oh so fucking hot to listen to. After being taken into an very deep trance. Domina just took me and started Her programming. She asked a question and before She says, don't answer, i had already said Yes. i Love, Honor, and Obey Her. i will always trust Domina. Even Blindly. She is my Absolute Authority and will always be that. Buy this session and She will be yours too. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sunday, 25 September 2022
i Love, Honor, Obey, and Fear my incredibly Beautiful and Powerful Goddess Shelle! This masterpiece had my heart beating fast at the realization of what Domina is truly capable of… i’m far too gone to resist Domina and she could easily do ANYTHING to me… *gulp* i LOVE this session and am reminded of just how vulnerable and at Dominas mercy i truly am… i will be a good good sissy for You Domina! i PROMISE!!!
Sunday, 25 September 2022
I trust Her, but i fear Her. i know She always knows what's best for me, even if i'm to stupid or to afraid to know it. She leads me where She wants me and that's where i want to be
Saturday, 24 September 2022
If you have been listening to Domina Shelle's sessions for a while, as i have, you may realize that Domina's power is vast. In this session she opens the aperture to her power a little more and it blows me away.
Saturday, 24 September 2022
i would follow Domina where ever She leads me, blindly, faithfully, and in the full knowledge that whatever She has planned it will be mutually beneficial - to further my subjugation and to make Her happy. This is a remarkable session speaking TRUTH to reality of my situation as a real submissive that has been enslaved by a powerful Domina. Fear and fascination go hand in hand as i surrender more of myself to Domina Shelle because giving up control and learning to trust in Domina is something that has to be learned and accepted. This is why i'm so enamoured by Domina, Her hypnotic spell suppresses My fears and replaces it with intense (addictive) pleasure and all i have to do to experience more is to surrender more of myself to Her will, to believe in Her, and to accept that She is the key to my submissive desires. And She is, in every way conceivable, and this session just emphasises why i now closer than ever to blindly trust Her, to accepting Her as the sole authority figure in my life, and that i exist to serve and obey Her as a selfless, forever faithful, servant. Buy this session, it will open your eyes to the many possibilities of submission to this truly inspirational Domina!
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