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River of Lust | Shelle RiversRiver of Lust | Shelle Rivers

River of Lust


Product SKU: River of Lust

you'll be swept away in My River of Arousal and Lust...

River of Lust (42 minutes):

It's time, My baby, it's time to be swept away in My River of Arousal and Lust.  As your Domina and Hypnotist I have decided to reward your continued service and surrender to My Absolute Authority by allowing your sensitive shaft a most exquisite experience.

Alone, W/we share an intimate moment together as I lead you down into the depths of the deepest trance, totally immersed in My world of hypnotic subjugation and erotic euphoria.  Using My soothing words, and the renowned aural power of water, I wash away your will, your thoughts and even your ability to act without My direction.  In the depth of trance I overwhelm you, the pressure of My will crushing yours until all that is left is blissful compliance to My whispered words, helpless to My every whim.

This is a sexual hypnosis asmr adventure of total sensual immersion and domination, completely powerless to resist what I'm doing to you.  But you're not really resisting, My darling, you're simply enamored and captivated by My power to sensually seduce your mind as I lure you down deeper and deeper into abject submission.

And that's when I take full control, like a puppet responding to My perfect persuasive voice, you edge and stroke for Me dimly aware of your actions.  Lost in lust and fully conditioned by My words I proceed to enslave your will, implanting the TRUTH that you belong to Me.  I seal your fate with a loving kiss - many "kisses" to be precise - as you erupt knowing I'm the true focus of all your erotic needs and fantasies.

Don't be surprised if you wake from this erotic fling feeling blissful and spent, remembering only fragments of your experience.  Just know you were in safe hands (giggles) and that we'll be spending a lot more intimate time together in the future... Kisses

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Saturday, 31 October 2020
This was very sexy, but i had to sacrifice my orgasm so coulnd't enjoy to its fullest. Domina's chastity training has really worked well on me when i can listen to file like this and still stay in chastity.
Monday, 26 October 2020
I must say even without an orgasm this file is so hot and complete ecstasy! I’d imagine after a week in chastity someone would explode into complete submission, melting to Domina’s power and raw sexual energy. With a month I can’t even begin to think how an orgasm would feel. Aside from that Domina’s programming and indoctrination of the mind and sex is so pleasurable , subjugated to her will and only her. A must have, let Domina take you into her world you won’t regret it!
Sunday, 25 October 2020
WTF This file is amazing...i have no clue at what point i was no longer in control of my body and Domina was pulling all the strings. Domina continues to put out some extremely EROTIC files. i have to say though this one comes at the wrong time for someone doing Lock-tober. This file needed to be next weekend. LOL i hope our Domina has something like this in store for those who were tortured with this file. i had to stopped at 6 in a count down. i would have lost my marbles it if i had not gone cold turkey. OMG this file was something else. i love being enslaved to Domina.
Saturday, 24 October 2020
OMG! Domina's sessions are always hot, how could they be anything else, but this is another level. you will live this session, you will experience everything Domina suggests, you will be with Domina and that is something that you will never forget. At the end when you can think straight, you will be Domina's slave. This session is perfect after a full 7 days of Domina's intense training. Even as a stand alone session this is a trance that will enslave you to Domina, you will never be free after this. Domina has classed this as brainwashing, it is so much more, it is the magic that only Domina can weave, it is the fantasy that we all share made real, it is the destiny of all who listen to this to become enslaved to Domina's perfection.
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